Fox Theater gala


I took a few photos at Saturday’s Fox gala and, at the risk of setting back the cause of photojournalism through my fuzzy, poorly composed images, decided to risk sharing ’em.
Above is the marquee as seen during the dedication ceremony. Wow!


This is the theater post-dinner. Too dim to give you much of a view, but you get a sense of it.


This is the view from the mezzanine. Pipe the grand staircase and the ornate carpet.


The Fox balcony is bigger than a lot of entire theaters these days.


The rooftop deck overlooking Garey Avenue was a convivial place and provides a new angle on the tower sign.


At right, the VIP deck, which most of us will likely never tread again. Wonderful while it lasted, though.

Now that you’ve suffered through my attempts at photography, make sure to read my special column in Monday’s (!) newspaper about the event, in which I play to my strengths by using, y’know, words and punctuation and stuff.

You can also find a boatload of photos at REN’s Images of Pomona blog. Scroll down his page to find ’em all. Your columnist/blogger even pops up in one, in a characteristic pose. They give a good view of the scene outside.

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  • Monty Seay

    My Dad and Mother met each other at the Fox Theater in 1957 and as they say the rest is history. I would like to take my mother to see the new theater the next time we get out to California. Thanks very much for the pictures and article. Monty Seay

  • Shirley Wofford

    It was the first theater in CA that my husband and I went to. My husband was a smoker in those days, and the back section of the first-floor auditorium was a smoking loge with big, loungy-type seats. We had to pay extra to sit there. I can hardly imagine now how I tolerated the fact that my husband smoked. It’s a wonder they did not have more fires in the theaters in those days.

    I also remember that we took our children there to see “Mary Poppins,” and it was packed. The renovation pictures show that it looks beautiful. I hope the theater has a happy, new life.