Fox cake


Photo by Sally Egan

The anniversary of Pomona’s Fox Theater was Friday, the first night of the Smogdance Film Festival and the first public event at the restored theater. The theater opened April 24, 1931, or 78 years to the day earlier.

To mark the occasion, three Fox-themed cakes were displayed and two of them were cut into during the festival’s intermission. Everyone who wanted a slice got one. (My cheap friend Pat took two.)

I’m told the cakes were made by New York Delight, a nearby deli and caterer. The cake pictured above was the one that wasn’t cut into. Not sure where it went although I watched from across the street as it was carried out by two people.

Maybe it’s in someone’s freezer and will be wheeled out on April 24, 2087, 78 years to the day of the reopening.

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