Mayfair Hotel, Pomona


The photo above of the Mayfair’s lounge (I think?) is from a postcard loaned to me by reader Charles O’Cathey. There’s no date on the image, and I couldn’t find it on the Pomona Public Library’s online archive of Frasher postcard images, but it looks plenty old, maybe the 1930s.

The Mayfair Hotel itself has been on the northeast corner of Third and Garey in downtown Pomona since 1915, first as the Avis, then as the Edgar and finally as the Mayfair in 1932. Clark Gable is said to have once had lunch in the hotel dining room.

The building is currently empty and awaiting renovation, but it’s a subject of developer interest, especially with the Fox, on the southwest corner, back in business. The photo below was shot Wednesday for me by Richard E. Nunez, photographer about town.

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