The pyramids of Teotihuacan

50869-mexicocity 088.jpg

Friday’s column is about my experience in Teotihuacan outside Mexico City. Above is the Pyramid of the Moon, the smaller of the two pyramids.

50870-mexicocity 101.jpg

Above is the larger Pyramid of the Sun.

50871-mexicocity 106.jpg

World’s best Stairmaster.

50872-mexicocity 109.jpg

You have to scrabble up a mound to get to the summit.

50873-mexicocity 116.jpg

From the summit, the Pyramid of the Moon looks small.

50875-mexicocity 122.jpg

If this looks steep, it is.

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  • Ted Melendez

    Is that David I see there in photo 1? Did you drink the water in mexico city?

    [I took the photos so I’m not in any of them. And I drank purified water. — DA]

  • Ed Streuli

    I’m thinking that by the time you get to the top of the “Sun” you’re ready to be sacrificed.