Closeout store to close

How bad is the economy? Even stores devoted to liquidation are closing. Everything must go from the everything-must-go store at Base Line and Archibald in Rancho Cucamonga. Reader Andy shot the photo and says his first reaction was a startled, “Is the liquidation store liquidating itself?”

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  • Matt Munson

    Another one is liquidating on Haven near Chaffey College (near Trader Joes)

    • davidallen909

      I wonder if this is a good sign or a bad sign.

    • Andy Sze

      that store next to TJ sells overpriced junk. I’m amazed that they are still building on Foothill (next to the new Bakers) when stores on baseline, foothill, and elsewhere are closing. Is this an unavoidable shift of retail towards the 15 and baseline or poor use of existing assets.

  • Wendy Leung

    Two negatives make a positive. The economy is improving!

  • Don Simkovich

    Yes, I’ve noticed many vacancies in Ontario-area industrial parks while marketing on behalf of Montero Consulting.

    • Billy jack attack

      What do you make of that? Is economic Armageddon upon us?

  • Andy Sze

    I lived near the corner of Towne and Arrow for many years in P-town. For 5-6 years (if not even more) on end, the Ken Mart (next to the 99 cent only store) proclaimed it was having close out and liquidation sales. I drove by it last week and saw it was finally closed. Was it’s bluff finally called? Longest liquidation sale ever!