Column: Some dining recommendations for you to chew over

For Friday’s column, I go back through my Restaurant of the Week blog posts of 2013 to single out the best spots. Hope that proves useful, especially for those who don’t read my blog — and if some of them get intrigued and visit here, well, that would be cool. Also, I present Culture Corner items about events taking place in the next few days.

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  • Lois Robbins

    David: thank you for remembering the Sociable. You’re my hero!

    • davidallen909

      You’re welcome, Lois! Also, look for a Betsy-Tacy column soon.

      • Lois Robbins

        I can’t wait!

  • SAWZ

    I was told years ago by my daughter, who lives in Claremont, that there is a very good Mediterranean fast food place across the street from the Library, I decided to stop in a couple weeks ago–what a mistake–it has shot my Weight Watchers diet all to “you-know-where”! The beef sandwiches (stuffed in pita bread) are delicious! The baklava is to die for. They also have falafel, doma, hummus, chicken, lamb, and even fries. Beware, if you don’t want to get hooked.

    • davidallen909

      Yeah, Saca’s has good, cheap eats.

  • DebB

    Wow, even going back to 2012, Rancho Cucamonga still loses out!

    • davidallen909

      Gosh, you’re right! How embarrassing. Maybe 2014 will prove better for RC.