Which Ontario?


Reader Ken Lineberger was in the airport in Lubbock, Texas, waiting to board a flight home to Ontario when he began to wonder just which Ontario he would end up in (see photo).

“The gate agent said the city provides the info on the screen, not the airline (nice excuse),” Lineberger reports. “Note that the background is even a famous landmark in Ontario, Canada.” As he was emailing me a few days after his flight, I trust he got home all right.

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  • http://empoprise-bi.blogspot.com/ John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    Once I went to a taxi website to figure out what the taxi fare was from Ontario airport to my Ontario home. The website page was specifically for Ontario, California. But by the time I got to the taxi calculation screen, I was presented with a journey of several thousand miles – and a fare to match.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    That landmark is not famous to me, but I’m somewhat of an old fuddy-duddy who hasn’t seen Canada since early 1995, and Ontario since 1975 or thereabouts. One might think Niagara falls with the CN tower would be more iconic.

    For me, a Fox40 whistle from across the lake works, too.