Roundup of recent closures

Even as there are new restaurants popping up here and there, closings also seem to be happening fairly regularly.

In downtown San Bernardino, long-time (since 1953) establishment Nena’s Mexican Restaurant (their website is still up), 642 N. D St., has ceased operations.

The restaurant, which was sold by Nena herself a few years ago, had recently only been open at lunchtime and for special events.

At one time, the eatery was home to many a county employee birthday lunch. We used to do the same for Sun staffers, too, when we were still located downtown.

I can think of only three other sit-down restaurants downtown — Molly’s Cafe, Yum Yum, and Mardi Gras — when once there were many.

Speaking of Sun staffers, former Sun staffer Julie Farren wondered about a frequent haunt, Casa Sanchez, at 265 W. Highland Ave., in San Bernardino.

The restaurant closed abruptly and already has a real estate advertising banner stretched across it.

Signs advertising restaurant specials still hang in the window, but nothing to indicate why they closed.

So, if your dream is to own an old-school IHOP restaurant, now’s your chance!

The Spires Restaurant at 9781 Sierra Ave., Suite A, in Fontana has closed, but has already been transformed into something else.

Leo’s Country Kitchen has replaced the former round-the-clock chain location. It, too, is open 24 hours.

Thanks to reader Steve, who sends us information on a semi-regular basis, for that update.

A different kind of situation is happening over at Canton Bistro in Redlands.

I had heard a while back that the Asian fusion restaurant, 9980 Alabama St., Suite A, was no longer serving lunch.

A few weeks ago I drove by at about 7:30 on a Friday night and it appeared that they were no longer serving dinner, either.

I figured that they were just closed, but last week I drove by late on a Friday and they were blaring music and there was a line out the door.

As with Nena’s, the website remains unchanged.

It seems Canton Bistro, The Restaurant, is no longer, but Canton Bistro, The Nightclub, is doing a booming business.

So, hey, who needs Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom when you’ve got Canton Bistro!