Golden Corral coming to San Bernardino

Circus Vargas and the giant pumpkin patch/Christmas tree lot are going to have to find a new home.

That’s because a Golden Corral is planned for the southeast corner of Waterman Avenue and Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino — right where those temporary businesses are usually located.

It’ll be the fifth Southern California location for the buffet chain, following Hesperia, Industry, El Centro and a planned Bellflower restaurant.

No opening date has been set.

  • Amy

    It’s about time. I love to eat there but I had a gastric bypass surgery 2 years ago.

  • Roxy

    We can’t wait thank you my kids are going to love it

  • John Johnson

    Just saw the sign the other day. Looking forward to Golden corral in San Bernardino I will be there. Just right down the street from the terrorist attacks.

  • Richard B

    Will be a nice addition to the San Bernardino Area

  • Susan Melling

    Thanks for bringing Golden Corral to our city and far as the comments made by the other person about the terrorist attack our people believe in our community and our police department and they’re ability to protect us at all times. So again welcome to Dan Bernardino and can’t wait for the place to open.

  • Ramses Gonzalez

    The terrorist attack along with Sandy Hook Elementary School we’re all a hoax encourage gun control look into a people research read…… yay Golden Corral

  • Mark Dickson

    Wow, this is adressed to the author john plessel.
    John you make quite a statement. Nice way to interject your feelings in such a polite yet durogatory so to speak. Next time you feel like talking try getting the story correct and leave out your two cents. That tree lot has been there longer than you have. Temporary bussines’ ? Hardly. Can you count ? Its obvious you knew someone that helped you get an editorial job because you suck at researching. The tree lot has been a family tradition for me and my family for over 40 yrs. They have provided for this city in many more ways than you care to speak of. For the record the tree lot is still there and will continue to do so as long as the owner sees fit, despite you and your comments. Circus vargas ? You should really think about a different profession. Get your facts straight !!

  • Mark Dickson

    Again to set the record straight, jon you had nothing to do with the golden coral coming to san bernadino. Taking credit for something you had no part of is something a clown with no morals would do. The city is no better with you or your misinformed two cents.