Andruw Jones signs minor-league deal with Rangers

If he makes the big-league club, he’ll get a base salary of $500,000, with up to $1 million in additional incentives. Not sure how that affects the Dodgers. My understanding was that anything he makes with another club this year is subtracted from what the Dodgers owe him, which is slightly more than $3.5 million this year (and every year through 2014). But if that were true, it wouldn’t make sense that the Rangers would offer him incentives, given that he was going to receive that money regardless. So I’m trying to find out how this all works. Here’s the link to the Dallas Morning News story on the singing, which was posted on the paper’s web site a couple of hours ago:

Also, thanks to the boys at the Associated Press, we now have the details of Randy Wolf’s incentives: he’ll get an additional $500k for each of 170, 180, 185, 190, 195 and 200 innings pitched, for a max. of $3 million. That’s on top of his $5 million base, which is guaranteed.