Dodgers agree to terms with …

… I’ll give you a hint, it’s a guy who played a key role for the 2004 Red Sox as the team ended it’s 86-year World Series title drought. But no, it’s not Manny Ramirez. The Dodgers have agreed to terms with … Doug Mientkiewicz, according to two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. Did I get you excited? It’s not official yet because he hasn’t passed a physical, and I believe it’s a minor-league deal. But he also might have a good chance of making the club to fill that role that Nomar Garciaparra filled last year. He is supposed to arrive in camp sometime today. He hit .277 in limited action (285 ABs) with the Pirates last year, but he also had a .374 on-base percentage and walked 44 times while striking out only 28 times.

  • karmabad

    HAHA! I hate you, Tony. Kidding. Well sort of…I got excited, which is rare at this time of the hour in the cube.

  • krpballer

    You’re killing me Tony!!!!

  • Andrea

    Almost as challenging, spelling-wise, since Grudzielanek joined the team …

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Mark Sweeney has officially been replaced (talk about a guy who was allowed to stick around one year too long). Decent lefty bat. Let’s see how he does as a pinch-hitter.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Andrea, the first guy with the nickname of Eye Chart was Doug Gwosdz, played briefly for the Padres, early 80s. This guy has the same nickname.

    Grudzielanek was a good last name, also Billy Grabarkewitz, a Dodger from the early 70s.

    Just a little MLB Polish surname trivia history for you…

  • Blue Princess

    Totally thought you meant Manny. I got really excited. But, alas, it is not to be. So sad…

  • Andrea

    Hey Sleepy, at least Grabarkewitz is pronounced pretty much as it’s spelled!

  • Sleepy LaBeef


    Yeah, good point. Gwosdz was pronounced “goosh” for cryin’ out loud. Go figure.

    Those others were tough to fit on the back of a jersey, as will be Mientkiewicz, who finally gave up the ball he held onto after the Red Sox won the Series in ’04..

    Good pickup for the Doyers.