The last holdout finally arrives in camp

Spring training can officially begin now. This morning, as I was walking from my car to the building, I saw Troy from West Virginia, clad as always in a Joe Beimel No. 97 Dodgers jersey. And no, the still-unemployed Joe Beimel wasn’t with him. Amazing to me that Beimel is still out there as a free agent and the Dodgers are still trying to find a situational lefty. But Joe’s inability to be effective in that role last year, coupled with the fact there was a new coaching staff on board that hadn’t seen him be effective in that role the previous two seasons, served to hasten his ouster from Los Angeles. Anyway, here’s hoping Troy can stay out of trouble in Glendale.

  • JLS23

    I love how TFWV is like part of Dodger lore now…

  • LASteve

    For those old enough, remember “Rompin Roy” with the Cowboys back in the 70’s?

    or the Dude with the Rainbow Afro Wig at everything…check out where he is now.

  • TimboAg

    Tony, Any word on if the Dodgers are still in the market for another bullpen arm? Beimel, Ohman, Chad Cordero?

    Or is the team basically set?

  • Realist

    Maybe Honeycutt should teach Beimel the old ” thumbtack in the bandage trick”. Who knows how long it worked for him?!

    Yes, the one upgrade we have yet to address is a new pitching coach.Last year I just assumed that no suitable replacement was available that Torre cared for .This year? C’mone Joe ! Isn’t Colbi available?


  • BruinFBBB

    Uh, before Manny arrived, isn’t the pitching staff what kept the Dodgers in most games last year?

  • Steve the Fan

    I don’t think it was Beimel’s lack of effectiveness, it was Torre’s lack of understanding how to use Joe and a bullpen. Beimel was money the two years before and now, when Torre come’s in, he’s poo. I think Proctor stuck a scaple in his elbow just to get the heck out his bullpen. Torre has never been able to use a bullpen effectively.

    PS I hope the harsh language has not offended any of the moralist’s on this comments section.

  • Realist

    Uh ?

    Pitchers in general do not get “better” because of Honeycutt. Torre could do MUCH better.


  • BruinFBBB

    Yeah, guess you’re right. Bills and Kershaw have really plateaued since being called up. Haven’t developed at all…


  • Realist

    C’mone Faker. you can do better then that.

    You picked one pitcher who had a break out year. I will give you that.How much of that was Honeycutt we can debate all year.

    And then Kershaw who was brought up in May and went 5-5 with an 4.00+ era.


  • BruinFBBB

    Yep. You’re totally right. W/o Honeycutt in the way, I just know Broxton would have gone from a set-up/ 7th inning type of guy to closing games for a team expected to win the west by now…

    Consistency is next on the list for Rick to teach young Clayton. One thing at a time. An oracle like Rick knows this…

  • Realist

    Oracle=Rick? lol. Thanks Faker, that gave me a good laugh !

    Nothing against Broxton, I think the kid is great. But unless he can establish another “out” pitch, and that certain something that all closers need, and no one can teach, Moto will be the closer by May/June.


  • BruinFBBB

    Closers develop that thing you speak of with experience. It grows inside them like a newborn, waiting to pop out at the right time. Broxton has the stuff; the rest will come in time.

    There will be some growing pains for sure, but you’ll see. It took Gagne a couple of years, for example. Then it was Game Over and off to the supermarket for some cookies and juice…

    But yeah, pitchers really only need one “out” pitch. The rest of a pitcher’s stuff is used to set a hitter up for the aforementioned “out” pitch.

    Where did the Dodgers rank in team era last year again?