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Ducks captainChris Prongerwill be featured tomorrow morning in a segment of The Early Show on CBS. The networks national morning news program visited Honda Center a few weeks ago with their new correspondent, boxing champion, American Gladiators host and Dancing with the Stars alumLaila Ali(daughter of Muhammad Ali). Pronger is featured in Alis story on elite athletes. The segment is scheduled to air just after8 a.m. (approx. 8:05)tomorrow morning on CBS (channel 2).

Selanne: No decision, but a timetable.

I caught Teemu Selanne today as he ran out of Anaheim Ice. He didn’t have a ton of time, but when I asked if he was any closer to a decision, he gave me this:”I’ll take this week and next week and we’ll see how it goes. I feel pretty good.”

It’s the most specific time frame Selanne has offered for ending his unofficial retirement. He began his skating program earlier this month, said he would have a decision sometime in January, and Burkie has not pressed him to make a decision.

He looked good, too. The three guys he was practicing with were rec players, but still, it looked likethe same Teemu that hoisted the Cup.

More from the morning skate…

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Miller up, Parros down.

Drew Miller was brought back from Portland on Monday for George Parros, who went on IR because of his bruised knee. Brad May obviously doesn’t have nearly as large a fan following or moustache as Parros, but he can act the tough guy in Parros’ stead on the fourth line.

Parros was hurt on a knee-to-knee hit by Toronto’s Wade Belak last Thursday. That was, immediately and predictably, followed by a fight. Neither Parros or head coach Randy Carlyle said the other day if they thought Belak’s hit was intentional, but it’s certainly keeping the ‘stache out longer than either had hoped.

Two big days in Duck-land.

Tomorrow: The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Anaheim for the first time since November, 2003. Canada’s most recognizable franchise (unless you favor Montreal) is like Halley’s Comet in these parts. Get a front-row seat to the game, and maybe you’ll be seen by millions of Canadians on CBC’s nightly highlights package!

Thursday: All-star reserves are announced. Expect Ryan Getzlaf to get his first all-star nod and a trip to … Atlanta. (In diametric opposition to an outdoor game in Buffalo, an all-star game in Atlanta just seems wrong.)