Brown with new high

With two goals Sunday in Chicago, including the game-winner in overtime, Dustin Brown set a career high with 18 goals. And we’re not even at the midway point of the season.

“You look at my goals this year and a lot of them are within five feet of the crease,” Brown said. “Its just a matter of sticking around there and youll get rewarded type of thing. Ive been getting a lot of goals off the rebound or bouncing off me.”

Brown, in his fourth year, scored 17 goals in 81 games last year. It’s looking like the Kings were well-timed in wrapping up the 23-year-old to a six-year contract extension in late October.

“I think hes making the natural progression players make from year to year, especially in the first four to five years,” Crawford said. “Now the big improvement I see in his game is hes trying new things offensively. Some of the moves he makes one on one, we didnt see that before. He comes down with pressure on him last night, makes a great in-tight move and puts it upstairs. Thats as nice a goal as you’re going to see.”

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  • petey

    Brown has quickly become my favorite player on the team, with Kopitar coming in a close second. I saw the highlight of the game winner on NHL Network last night. That was a sweet goal.
    I see a C or an A on Brown’s sweater within the next year or two.

  • anthony

    can anybody send a link showing the highlight of Brown’s goals.

  • Maverick


    The only place I have found any highlights is on the NHL’s video viewer (the same one that you watch NHL Center Ice Online with and all highlights from If you goto the first tab (NHL TV) and select the “NHL Rewind 12/31/07” box it has the highlights of the previous night and shows one of the Hawk goals, Calder’s goal, and Brown’s OT goal but not the others =/ That is the only highlight reel I have been able to find since the game was blacked out -_-