Lombardi interview

Cliff notes: He’s satisfied he did everything he could do. The Adam Foote deal with Colorado probably impacted what the Avalanche would offer for Blake. For Stuart, he did the same deal as what Brent Sopel brought last year. There was some contract talk with Stuart and the Kings decided based on that to move him. Thornton, who also had a no-trade clause, gave him a list of four teams to which he would accept a trade. They almost had a deal with one but it fell through because of a bigger deal the team pulled.

On how the day went: “Whenever you’re in these situations, you have to make sure to do the best you can in terms of getting in the market and talking to everybody over the last 3-4 weeks. You’re satisfied in that you looked at every angle and did everything you could.

In our situation, it’s a little easier to say did the best you could because, essentially, you’re not trying to make hockey deals. You’re certainly not improving your team immediately. You’re trying to do something for the future. It’s a little easier to walk away and say you did the best you could than when you’re going the other way and trying to add players or make straight hockey deals.”

On if the Adam Foote deal affected his dealings with Colorado: “It did affect Colorado’s ability to make a legitimate offer, probably.”

On the Stuart deal: “You do your best in terms of what the marketplace is there. It’s pretty much in the ballpark. It’s similar to what (Brent) Sopel brought last year. That’s the kind of touchstone we set.”

On if there was an attempt to sign Stuart to a long-term deal before trading him: “That is one of the things we were weighing in terms of whether to pursue it. What we’re doing there is saying, `This is the marketplace in terms of what we can get, and here is the cost to sign him. We decided the best thing was to go this route at this time.”

On piling up picks for the next draft: “I think its fairly well known that this, as it stands now — no one knows for sure until 5-6 years from now — but most hockey people look at this as a strong draft, yes. Much stronger than last year, thats for sure. Obviously, there are some top players at the top. I think the fair terminology is that it has some depth. It’s a much stronger class than last years group.”

On the first-ever Kings trade with the rival Ducks: “Obviously, we’re breaking it in slow. We just put our toe in the water to see if we like it and, if we like it, maybe we’ll try antoher one and get up to the fifth round. Its a good chance for J-S. We originally signed him on two-way contract. They’re looking at him like most teams that are looking for a third guy just in case heading into playoffs. It will be good to see if he can extend his career.”

On attempts to move Thornton: “Thortie had a no-trade, dont forget. He wanted to go to four teams that he thought had a legitimate chance to win the Cup. We tried to accommodate him. We were close on one team but then they did a big deal that kind of got blocked and crowded him.”

On his general thoughts of the day around the league: “I think the more telling thing was last year there were 20 trades leading up to the day and this year there were only four. When you’re taking into account the trade deadline, it’s not only the day itself but a lot of deals leading up to it. Overall, I would consider it slow, all-by with some big names and all the big names were generated by contract situations. These in a lot of ways werent hockey deals per-se based on hockey player for hockey player. Campbell was clearly an inability to sign, Richards an example of what we see in the NBA where you have to change the salary structure and invest, as did Boyle in back, and try to get some goaltending.

“If you look at it other than those big names, I think it was kind of slow. The other thing you didnt see in the past, and it’s a product of free-agency, is that a lot of players have no-trades. It’s something that, as free-agency comes down to the 27-year age and it’s harder and harder to acquire players, sometimes you dont have a choice if you want a player. There’s not a lot of good players out there and it’s almost becoming standard fare (to include a no-trade clause in a contract). That clearly had a huge impact on the market that we havent run into before. Before the lockout, this never was an issue.”

On if he will try to re-sign Rob Blake in the offseason: “It’s certainly something that needs to be discussed. I think Ive made it clear since I’ve got here that one of the biggest challenges is bulding that back with the goaltending and defense. I think we were very fortunate, thank God, where would we be without Jack Johnson now? I think that’s why we took a swing with Hickey. We need to keep focusing on that and say what fits here with the young guy. Certainly, if Rob performs like he did there when he got healthy, its hard to imagine he wouldnt be a fit with hopefully some other younger players. But the most important thing for us is to try and get that back similar to how we look at the front. I think its pretty good that we see some younger players that are here — we had some additions with boyle and Purcell. I’d like to see us get the same feeling on the back. That still remains a huge priority. Then we go on the veteran side of the equation and see what fits in terms of player and character and that sort of thing.”

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  • CBGB

    Bye Bye Stamkos

  • Anonymous

    Seriously Dean, no more NTCs for old, mediocre hockey players.

    If Blake isn’t willing to play next season for about $2.5M without the NTC, then pass on him. It should be an easy negotiation for you since LA is the only place he really wants to play.


    “I think Ive made it clear since I’ve got here that one of the biggest challenges is building that back with the goaltending and defense”

    it is hard when Dean trades every defense-man away for draft picks

    “On piling up picks for the next draft :…..no one knows for sure until 5-6 years from now”

    what is the team supposed to do in those 5-6 years while we hope these pick work out and develop into something.
    it seems to me that you would want a healthy pool of players all at one time in three stages
    1)young/developing players
    2) players in their prime
    3) veteran players.
    that way you can have consent flow of talent and development moving though the whole system. but what seems to be lacking is that middle piece, defense-man in there prime or close to it.

  • Eric K

    my guess is that thornton might have been in pittsburgh.

  • Scott Pearson

    Stuart told me at Tip-a-King that he had NOT been offered any new deal. Matt, are you sure Lomardi said he had explored an extension with Stuart? I don’t read the quote here as saying that, and unless there were extension discussions at the very last minute, it seems pretty clear to me that there weren’t any. Unless Stuart lied to me or his agent didn’t keep him informed.

  • Bob Bobson

    I agree about no more NTC’s for overage players. If we re-sign Blake next year (and I hope we do so we won’t have to rebuild the defense again like this year) then I hope he will take a severe pay cut.

    I wonder if dealing Blake to COL was on the table before
    Forsberg signed. Considering what CMB got for Foote, I can only imagine what we could have gotten for Blake.


    He’s got an excuse for everything! Can’t move Blake cause of Foote. Can’t move Thornton cause of the no trade (gee who gave him the no trade Dean?). It’s amazing. Can’t get anything done, has to “explain” what he did with Stuart and kingfans buy it. Holy crap. This guy is the worst GM ever.

  • anthony

    Two years as Kings GM.
    1st year we ended 4th place in the division.
    2nd year we’re last in the division and maybe last in the league.

    I really want to give this GM the benefit, but it looks to me that this platinum plan of his will take at least 5 years before we see significant improvement. Players like Bernier, Hickey, and all these picks will take time to develope.

    This stock-piling of draft picks is a loser plan. He had enough of these picks prior to this deadline to play with in the up coming NHL draft.
    GM’s with rings, like Brian Burke, Lou Lamareillo, Glenn Sather, Scotty Bowman never stock-piled with these many picks. THEY TRADED FOR PLAYERS AND PICKS.
    With this type of plan, he’s certainly not going to attract any noteable players at free-agency and all his trades, except for Sully & JJ, were worthless.

    We as fans deserve better. We’re tired of waiting. 40 years is long enough. 5 more years is just asking for too much. Especially, when the GM is unproven.

  • Anonymous

    enough with the Stamkos already

  • petey

    From what he says about Stuart, all I have to say is, “See you back in an Kings jersey July 1st Brad.”

  • Matthew Kredell

    Scott, there is a difference between offering and exploring. Sometimes you have to read between the lines with Dean. I believe he at least sent out feelers on what Stuart was looking for and didn’t like what he heard back.

  • Anonymous

    “GM’s with rings, like Brian Burke, Lou Lamareillo, Glenn Sather, Scotty Bowman never stock-piled with these many picks. THEY TRADED FOR PLAYERS AND PICKS.”

    There you go talking out your arse again- care to back that up? As if you’ve kept tabs on what these guys have done in building their teams.

    FYI- Scotty Bowman was a coach, not a GM.

  • the voice of reason

    The GM unproven, anthony?

    You might want to take a look at mssr lombardi’s track record with san jose.

    and perhaps consider just how rotten this franchise was when he took over.

  • Anonymous

    Many of you seem to forget that the kings originally tried to sign stuart to a multi-year contract, and he turned it down in favor of a one year. Do you honestly think that after this season, he would want to re-sign here, before or after the trade, in light of his choice at the beginning of the year?

  • Reaper

    I’ve followed this team for 24 years now, but jesus do they make me want to turn into Randy Quaid from Major League 2. Starting turning my jersey’s inside out, or x them out with tape and then just go to the games to heckle them.

  • Reaper

    I’ve followed this team for 24 years now, but jesus do they make me want to turn into Randy Quaid from Major League 2. Starting turning my jersey’s inside out, or x out the Kings logo with tape and then just go to the games to heckle them.

  • socalking

    I was disappointed that only one player was moved, and the return was nothing spectacular.

    This off-season should define Lombardi’s fate. Time to work on the D(package some of those picks and Cammy). We will have two good foward lines and a decent grinding line.


  • Ed


    I have a trade proposal for you.

    I have this slightly used $20 bill. But I really would like your shiny $100 dollar bill.

    To make it interesting, I will throw in a couple of newly minted state Quarters, and a handful of Stanley Nickels.

    That’s a lot I am willing to give up, for that single piece of paper you have…

    What do you say…

  • anthony

    San Jose fired Dumbardi.
    They got tired of wating for his plan to work out. Which never did, by the way.

  • sanity

    Anthony, you my kind friend….are not very bright.

    Players drafted by Lombardi in San Jose include Patrick Marleau, Brad Stuart, Scott Hannan, Marco Sturm, Marcel Goc, Evgeni Nabokov, Jonathan Cheechoo, Vesa Toskala, Mark Smith, Ryane Clowe, and Christian Ehrhoff.

    He also traded for Owan Nolan, Selanne, Kyle McLaren, Mike Ricci, and a host of other quality players.

    Oh, and the Sharks were garbage for his first two seasons before anything happened.

    Maybe do just the bare minimum of research before you decide to weigh in next time, k? Thaaaaaanks.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, for all of those people who are being critical of DL you must not pay attention very well. Take a look at what he did in SJ. He did the same thing, stockpiled picks and got players like Cheechoo, Nabokov, Ehrhoff, and Pavelski, who are very good players, and were all drafted after the first round. I mean come on, Nabokov was drafted in the 9th round and he is an absolute stud in goal. Besides, would you rather have Dave Taylor back (who is one of my favorite hockey people of all time, so don’t take this the wrong way). At least with DL we are moving in a direction. The man absolutely is the master of the NHL draft, he knows what he is doing, so just sit back and wait a year or two more and I can guarantee that we will be playing for the Cup.

    Did you ever once think that the reason guys like DL are GM’s of NHL teams and not the rest of us is because they are THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT THEY DO? Its not a fluke that he keeps getting hired by NHL Franchises to help build up there young talent and eventually make them into cup contenders.

    One more thing, maybe DL is unable to lure any big names in Free Agency because of how critical LA fans are when things are not going absolutely the way that they want it, and not because of the youth movement. Players do not want to come to a place that is not a hockey market and have people throw them under the buss when expectations are not met immediately. So please, stop being so critical of everything that does not go to your liking.

    Sorry for the length of this. It just frustrates me sometimes that people can be so critical so early on in at GM (and players for that matter) tenure with a team. Trust me, I want a Cup to come to the Kings more than anyone, but I am willing to wait a few more years for it, even if it means a year or two more of loosing in order to let the men up stairs build up the young talent, and give the Kings a chance at more than 1 Cup. Look at it this way, we could all be Toronto fans!!!

  • anthony

    Scotty Bowman was a GM for the Sabres.
    Do some research before ripping on a fellow fan.

  • aplusdrywall says

    Good job Dean! You did a good job! Just don’t sign anyone over 30 years of age this off season.

  • aplusdrywall says

    Good job Dean! You did a good job! Just don’t sign anyone over 30 years of age this off season.

  • matt

    sanity, thank for helping to re-enforce the point that I was trying to make in the post below yours, I appreciate that I am not the only one that sees what DL is doing, and that it works.

  • steve

    I love you guys that talk about Dumbardi like he has some great track record.

    what did he do in San Jose? No Cups, No Division titles. They had to fire the guy and they still havent won anything.

    This situation is getting very bad. I really question our NHL level scouting. All of our FA’s have had a prior relationship with Dumbardi or Crawford and they all have been flops. Furthermore, we now have 3 NHL level defenseman under contract for next year. The first is 20 and the next two are both under 6 feet. Looks like we are in the same place we were last year. Nice progress Dumbardi

    Also, thought we should have dealt for someone around 23 or 24 who would have fit in with our core. Instead he shows no imagination and gets more picks. These players are 4 years away.

    Also, it looks like Dumbardi is the worst GM in the division. Every team improved including Pheonix and we did nothing which will improve the team in the next 5 years.

    I for one have been a fan for 35 years, I am just about done waiting.


  • Brokeback LA Kings

    Did he (DL) not also trade away Mikka Kiprisuff for a draft pick.
    Brilliant, once again.

  • brianguy

    “One more thing, maybe DL is unable to lure any big names in Free Agency because of how critical LA fans are when things are not going absolutely the way that they want it, and not because of the youth movement. Players do not want to come to a place that is not a hockey market and have people throw them under the buss when expectations are not met immediately. So please, stop being so critical of everything that does not go to your liking.”

    dude, this is LA. not Toronto, not New York, not Philly or Detroit… not even Calgary or Dallas or Colorado. it’s freakin’ LA. dedicated fan base yes. but every player comes here and one of the first things out of their mouth is how great it is in the great weather they can walk down the street and nobody really ever recognizes or bothers them. the biggest paper barely mentions the team, has no beat writer on the road, and the Daily News does what it can with a smaller budget, but nobody here is really under the microscope. there is no talk radio dealing with hockey, there is no TV outside of the Kings’ and Ducks’ broadcasts on FSN. so give it a rest – if a player can’t deal with the pressure here they simply don’t have what it takes to be in the bigs. instead we get s-bag excuses for hockey players like Roenick and Cechmanek and Anson Carter and Grant Fuhr, the list never ends. it’s an absolute joke how badly players who come here outside of maybe Gretzky, Palffy or Deadmarsh come here and completely forget what it is to even lace up some skates or pick up a hockey stick. and it’s definitely not central to So Cal, the Ducks have the Cup don’t they? certainly drafting well and developing, keeping those players instead of chasing loser D-list free agents on the cheap or trying to make a comeback, will help.

  • Anonymous

    “Scotty Bowman was a GM for the Sabres.
    Do some research before ripping on a fellow fan.”

    Maybe you should follow your own suggestion- none of bowman’s rings are from the years he was gm/coach of the sabres.

  • brian

    Hey anthony, how many cups have the Buffalo Sabres won again?

    Oh yeah, and for those of you who still can’t get it right… Dean Lombardi is NOT responsible for drafting any of San Jose’s goaltenders.

    Lastly, Dean Lombardi most certainly did not hurt the Los Angeles Kings today. I promise

  • steve


    did you say you like the direction we are headed.

    You mean last overall in the NHL????????

    Last year under the Dumbardi we broke a Franchise record for most points out of a playoff spot. This year we will break that record.

    I say we fire Dumbardi now. Ottawa had a number of GM’s as they moved up the ladder. Lets get rid of this clown before we spend the next 10 years out of a spot.

    Also, why does everyone point to San Jose as a model. They have won nothing and appear no closer.

    just drafting players like the the Islanders did is no longer the answer because of the cap and Free Agency. you have to build through a mix of trades, FA’s and picks like Brian Burke did with Anaheim. Look at the D he picked up in two years Pronger, Neidermeyer, Beauchamen,

    Look at Dumbardi’s track record

  • Anonymous

    I love how so many of you moaning that the Kings shouldn’t give any no movement clauses to players, will turn and complain that no one wants to sign here.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t give credit to lomardi for nabokov or toskala- though he was with the sharks organization, he wasn’t GM yet when they were drafted.

    Besides, the sharks drafted nabokov without having ever seen him play, in person or on tape: http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=349039.

  • sanity

    let’s see here…

    scotty bowman was GM of the sabres and accomplished nothing while he was there. skin him alive!

    the sharks won a pacific title 2002 and again in 2004 (with a team assembled by lombardi).

    the sharks did not have a winning record in the five seasons before lombardi took over. he built that team from scratch and it is still a contending franchise.

    under the taylor regime we won a single playoff series and finished above .500 only half of the time. and yet people are screaming to…i dont even know what. you guys calling for lombardi’s head should start thinking of what kind of side you’d like with your crow.

    lastly, “dumbardi” is about as clever a nickname as i could possibly imagine. top marks.

  • Anonymous

    So when are all of you “35-40 years of losing/i’m leaving if the kings do this or that” haters going to back it up and leave already?

  • Matt George

    UH yeah i gotta agree with brianguy ..

    if you can’t hack criticism in LA … you need to go home and have mommy change your diapers

  • BerniernextRoy

    Look you guys, DL is doing something that this FRANCHISE has NEVER done in it’s history! How many times have we had to watch these stupid patch up jobs by incompetent GMs while other teams select the Ray Bourque’s with our freaking draft picks?

    DL is building a TEAM. This team is NOT one or two players away from contending for anything, this is why they call it a rebuild.

  • Brain Burke

    Yeah, Brain. That’s what I have. Dumbardi doesn’t have one. He has 4 or 5 guys that are leaving in 2 months and he could have traded them for ANYTHING. All of them for a 6th rounder would have been better than KEEPING THEM FOR NO REASON.

    And the idea that he’s doing here what he did in SJ is ridiculous. First, SJ never won ANYTHING and second of all DUMBARDI has produced nothing. He’s done nothing. Manchester is WORSE and LA is worse. LOOK AT BERNIERS numbers in juniors, girls. He’s getting his ass kicked by 17 year olds.

    You can bank on his “great farm system” all you want. I’ll bank on his HORRIFIC NHL MOVES THAT HAVE HELPED RUIN THIS FRANCHISE.


  • sanity

    DL did trade kiprusoff for a draft pick.

    i know this may come as shock, but sometimes a second round draft pick is the best you can get for a backup goaltender. especially a backup goaltender who had gone 5-14 with a 3.25gaa and a .879 save percentage.

    the market dictates the terms.

  • YES


    did DL really give Blake a 2year 12million deal???

  • anthony

    Thanks Steve, for hitting the hammer on the nail.

    Its refreshing to see somebody else (other tham myself) on this site with more than just half a brain.

  • Anonymous

    Hey steve-

    Out of all the trades today look at those that would fit your “thought we should have dealt for someone around 23 or 24 who would have fit in with our core” idea. The kings had no high impact vets, like hossa or richards, to deal (blake is the closest). Other than the trades involving those players, the only thing close to your what you’re looking for was the yotes-blueshirts trade involving a pair of unproven ahl goalies and a bunch of mediocre, though still developing, forwards.

    Because of the CBA, teams hold on very tighly to their good young players (who are many years away from being UFA’s)- you’re not going to get a young, core player without giving up something major in return. Thankfully, lomardi didn’t mess with the young kings core just yet. They’re as dynamic and gifted a set of young players that ever put on the kings sweater.

  • Moondoggie

    OMG…Evidently you didn’t know George Maguire….

  • Daniel

    Anthony, Bowman did not win a Cup for the Sabres so your analogy is worthless. And don’t tell others to do research. Your opinions are consistently the least informed of all the posts here.

    Also, one can’t point to what DL did in San Jose because that was a different experience. He is changing the culture here. Moving from a consistently mediocre franchise to a perennial powerhouse.

    Yes, they have not been as forthcoming about their plans as we would have liked but they also need to sell tickets. I think this year the Kings have had more sell-outs than last year. This is a good thing for the young players. They now know that the King fans have the fortitude to stick it out during the lean years and will be there for the glory. Like Wayne and Magic have said, there is nothing like winning in LA. They will truly be Kings.

    (Can’t wait to see Kopi arm-locked with the former Hannah Montana at a Soderbergh premiere in 3 years.)

    Forget about Thornton. Think positive:

  • Anonymous

    WOW brianguy you make a lot of sense. It really sucks there isn’t more kings coverage out there. This is the only place ive found anything worthwhile

  • Josh

    Im not on DL’s side but it doesnt seem like he can do anything right for you guys. He has made some great moves and all you guys do is jump all over him for the few that have not worked out. There is not one GM in the league without blemishes on him resume.

    His track record in San Jose is great. They got better every year with his moves and draft picks. This year many experts picked them to win it all. I know they are having a mild season. But most of that team is his work. And he looks like he is doing the same here in LA. I hope it all works out in the long run for his sake and ours.

    GO KINGS!!!

  • metalmaster

    Lombardi did not draft Nabakov-that was before he was GM. I would not call drfting Scott Hannan or Marcel Goc with first round picks good draft choices either. In fact look who else was on the board when he drafted Stuart #3 in 1997 after
    trading what became #1 pick
    (a guy named Vinny L.)He did brilliantly draft Mikka
    Kiprusoff with a lower round pick as well and he
    was later traded after DL
    was fired. DL has had his hits and misses like every other GM. He is not the genius some up here make him to be nor is he the
    villiage idiot that some up here make him up to be.
    The truth is that he lies somewhere in between and it is my guess that this offseason will define his tenure here. Kings need to make progress next year by
    any means necessary or trust me both his and MC’s
    heads will be on the block.
    As much credit as some of you want to give him for San Jose turnaround they
    never got out of 2nd round while he was GM so he still has a lot to prove.

  • Dorian

    in reference to what steve said, SJ did win the division in 01-02 just for accuracy’s sake. Also Kipprusoff was ready to challenge for a starting job and it would hurt his development if he continued backing up Nabby. Would you have wanted DL to put him on waivers like Burkie did with Bryzgalov and get nothing? You impatient mofos are gonna eat your words very soon.

  • anonymous

    Sign Blakey to a multi year deal with NTC if it will get Anthony to leave.
    Actually good post Brianguy
    you get it. Any player who
    cannot handle “pressure” in
    L.A. is a joker. All anybody has to do is hit boards of Toronto,Chicago,
    ect. to see what really
    critical fans are like.
    There are people in Chicago
    ripping Kane for example.
    The Quacks lose a game and 50 no-nothings think they
    are doomed. With the Fakers
    winning again the Kings are
    barely relevant.

  • Eric K

    brianguy, you’re absolutely right. but players still don’t want to come to LA, that’s the biggest problem with lombardi’s situation. and so many people refuse to see that on this site… every idiot that bashed lombardi for not being able to get drury, than lauded him for making the best of a limited opportunity. how quickly we forget…

    i swear, you guys act like you can press a button and make brilliant trades at no cost to us. did we not just fleece philly for modry? did we not get rid of a meaningless goalie? lombardi is doing more with less than any poster on here could possibly do… so get used to what we’re doing, and we’ll be enjoying the results sooner than you think.

    oh, and the sharks? 5th in the conference with games in hand, and Cup favorites before the year started. i doubt any of you would object to being in that position.

  • mrk

    A little pinch of reality here: We’re not gonna get the cup if we keep this GM. The poor guy has an excuse for everything and won’t own up to anything. Give him 10 years and he still won’t get us anywhere close to the cup. Half a century and still no cup. That will not change unless we get rid of this GM. Mark my words. And if he proves me wrong-which I hope he will-I’ll eat ’em.

  • Della

    In the late 80’s/early 90’s, the Devils, Red Wings, were all last place teams in their divsions, laughing stocks if you will…their respective GMs believed in drafting and developing their players so they could continuely be competitive, 18 years and 6 Stanley Cups later, they are still the top of the west and east. Give DL time, he wasn’t perfect today, I’m disappointed as well, but we have the right person for the job. And brianguy…Selanne was washed up when Burke signed him, worked out well, Bertuzzi lost his game a long time ago and has been a big time bust, so you can stop giving credit to our rivals…and steve, we’ll finish with a better record this season, we won more than 3 in a row on multiple occasions (not once last year), we’ve had a decent second half despite injuries, when was the last time you could say that about the Kings…have a little patience and faith, this will take a little bit of time, but we will be better team every year and a championship isn’t too far away.

  • brianguy

    with all due respect I live smack dab in the center of OC and have to deal with listening to all that Duck homer crap day-in and day out. I work too much, curse radio only, and still drive up for half the games because I bleed Kings colors. I’d never give those jerks down the freeway any more credit than was due and I hate Burke etc with a passion. just need to set the record there. but Teemu wasn’t D-list just old.

    btw, “Can’t wait to see Kopi arm-locked with the former Hannah Montana at a Soderbergh premiere in 3 years” – funniest I’ve read in a week!

  • Luis

    I can’t wait to see everything that DL has done for this “Lowly Franchise” work out. All you hear is people bashing DL about how he didn’t do enough to help this franchise at the trading deadline or at any other time for that matter. Well, last time I look no other GM or owner has really helped the Kings get a chance to play for the cup other than McNall. Even with Gretzky, the Kings still couldn’t win the cup. I for one think he will get the job done and I think he has done more for this franchise than alot of other previous Kings GMs. After everyone is done bashing DL, they’re going to kissing his rear end for making this all work out and competing for the Cup every year.


    How did we not get AL MONTOYA? COME ON DEANOOOO

  • John Strachan

    Anthony said, “”GM’s with rings, like Brian Burke, Lou Lamareillo, Glenn Sather, Scotty Bowman never stock-piled with these many picks. THEY TRADED FOR PLAYERS AND PICKS.””

    Yeah Anthony, Burke likes to tell everyone what a mastermind he was. That way, they forget that he picked up a team that was a season removed (albeit a horrible season) from the SC Finals, was able to convince Scotty to come play in Anaheim to win a championship with his brother who had been brought in by Murray, was able to nab Pronger because of Lupul who Murray had drafted, and lived off of the draft picks that Murray had made like Perry, Getzlaf, Kunitz, and McDonald. But hey, he did manage to trade Federov for that impact player Beauchemin!

    Sorry, but Murray did all of the grunt work in building the reserve list that ended up getting the Ducks the Cup, and Burke is so modest in taking all the credit for that. After all, just look at the championship team that he built in his 5 years in Vancouver!

  • John Strachan

    Brokeback LA Kings said:
    Did he (DL) not also trade away Mikka Kiprisuff for a draft pick.

    Gee, that sounds pretty good, since Burke had to waive Bryzgalov and saw him go to a division rival without any return.

    San Jose’s goaltending depth was not affected by DL’s move, but Anaheim had to pick up JS Aubin to fill their holes …

  • Anonymous

    Just remember also, Dean Lombardi was not the head coach of the Sharks, he can only do so much to get the players the coach needs to win.

  • andre norway

    You can blame DL all you want for not making that trade or that trade, why didnt we got him or why didnt we got him. It takes two to tango and two to make a deal. We have some players that some of us, me included was hoping another team would have jumped into the ocean to get their hands on but that didnt happened. Some players will be gone in the summer and some players will stay because every team need to have veteran players. We cant have a team with an average age of 22-24
    we need to have players that have been out a winters days before. Blake is that kind of player we gonna need for next season, army also and maybe thornton. Players who can teach the youngsters and lead by example. We have a lot of draft picks that we can use to sign players that have 5-7 years of experience and can come in and do a good job. But we also have to think about the salary cap. DL did resign Brownie to very good deal for us and he going to do the same thing to sully and kopi so we have those players for the next 5 years or more. Cammy will get traded next season or in the summer because of the arbitration at his age he is not worth his salary- he could have sign a long term deal with the kings that will pay him a lot of money in years to come but he got greedy after one good season.

  • Anonymous

    wow i cannot believe what i am reading! anthony (and others that are spewing hate), really i respect that you are (kinda) sticking with the Kings through a REBUILD, but what did you expect? seriously????? ITS A FREAKING REBUILD!!!! The goal of last season and this season is to start over and, well, RE-BUILD a new team. That rebuild starts with an overhaul of player development and re-stocking the pipeline with promising young players. Before Lombardi came in, the farm system was pretty barren for talent, much like the Kings were. The team had Demitra and Norstrom – and after that not much else. He kept the promising prospects like Frolov, Cammalleri, Brown, and Kopitar and pretty much scrapped the rest. He added Johnson and O’Sullivan and there will many other young prospects ready to step in soon. Lombardi has a great nucleus of young talent that he is building around. That is the focus – to develop this nucleus into a team that will win the Stanley Cup one day.

    This rebuild may seem like something new to go through – probably because it is!!! This is the first time in team history that Kings have gone through a complete rebuild . Lombardi is doing what is unpopular, but this will be soooooo worth it when it is done. I applaud Lombardi for staying the course. The many years of winning and being a top team in the NHL and possibly winning the Stanley Cup will make us forget about these couple of years of pain and frustration. All of this will be the result of stockpiling young talent for the depth we currently and have almost always lacked.

    In closing, the “quick fix” that past Kings GMs loved to try NEVER worked in the past, what makes you think it would be any different this time? Change is good. The Kings have at least learned that after 40 years. If you can’t stomach the rebuild, go cheer for the other team down the 5 freeway that already went through this “building from youth” movement several years ago that is experiencing success now.

  • therealhipcheck

    I would have liked more moves made yesterday but we had assets that were hurt and below average assets to start with and a marquee name who limited his trade value by only wanting to be moved to 2 select West Coast Teams-thats a bit of a handcuff. If Doug Weight and Keith Tkachuk didnt mind moving to help the St Louis Blues theres no reason Blake couldnt have done the same for the Kings but thats water under the bridge at this point.

    That said-anyone who has followed the team for any length of time has no reason to be pessimistic. We have the best group of young forwards we’ve ever had in our franchise history and some more who should be on the team next season. Weve got arguably the best goalie we’ve ever drafted in Bernier and even Zatkoff to some extent, we had 2 players who made the Junior Team Canada Squad.

    Can anyone really say the team is not moving in the right direction or really make a valid comparison to say the 1996 team?

  • Maverick

    Its been 40 years! … It is time we waited a little longer and stop bitching. We have very good personnel working for us now and working hard to make LA a premier hockey town. These guys are trying to build us a dynasty. I think it is time we let them do it and stop bitching about the quick fix. Lombardi is the reason the Sharks are a playoff contending team today. It is their fault they were not patient enough to wait for his plan and keep getting shown the door year in and year out. I think with all the waiting we have done we should trust in this guy, give him his time, and end the waiting.

    Lombardi is the first GM the Kings ever had that is not looking for the Gretzky fix. I think too many fans are going crazy because of how bright our future is. We have an extremely good core of youth that love LA and are willing to sign their futures here and everyone wants them to be successful right this very second and it is hurting the team.

    All of our veterans are out at the end of this season let Dean clean it up, get some new leaders on the team, and allow him to develop this team into a contender. He has said all along that most of the prospects and picks are trade bait. Only a select few will be held and developed for the actual team. Let the man work… Jesus.

  • sanity

    do all you munsons really think that DL is going to build a team consisting solely of homegrown talent? you need assets to make trades. at this deadline there was no point in moving any of our young minor league talent because now is not the time to trade for a richards or a hossa.

    soon we can start packaging a cammi with any one of our stud prospects for a proven talent.

    the team DL inherited was plain garbage from top to bottom and those of us with half a brain knew it would take a couple years before we were in a position to compete at the nhl level.

    i find it funny that the only place DL gets slammed is here and letsgokings.com. if you go to tsn or espn or any hockey publication they all praise DL and say that the kings have as bright a future as any team in the league.

  • JB

    Some numbers for people that just believe the hype. Here’s Bernier playing against TEENAGERS this year:

    Bernier is 13-13 with .898 save percentage and 3.03 GAA. He’s being outstarted and outplayed by his Lewiston teammate Peter Delmas. He’s ranked 13th among goalies in the Quebec major seargent junior sophmore colonel League (an 18 team league).

    Add another year to whatever “2, 3 or 5” year plan you guys are hearing from Lombardi.

  • metalmaster

    A year from now we will be in a better position to
    evaluate the job DL has done or not done. To say he
    took over a team with no talent in the system is not accurate. Most of the players in the system
    Moulson, Boyle, Brown, Cammy and Kopi were already
    here having been drafted by Taylor. The year before he took over they did have 89 points-not exactly a bottom feeder. The development of Bernier in the next couple of years is
    the key. Franchise type
    goalies do not grow on trees and are rarely
    available on the open market.
    To dispel a few myths about DL that have been perpetuated
    1. He did not trade Kiprusoff to Calgary as I
    myself once thought. That
    move came after he was fired.
    2. San Jose became a legitimate Cup contender after his departure. They
    were never less than 15-1
    in Vegas during his tenure.
    He built a solid playoff team in his years there but
    not a championship caliber
    3. Since he has come here he is responsible so far for Sully,JJ, and Purcell
    and some draft picks that
    may or may not make it.

  • Mcpuck

    Look at our goals against vs our goals for. Dean is right on. We need to improve the blueline. Bring up the some Manachester defense see how they perform. Draft mobile defense (hopefully with some size) who know how to get the puck out of our zone. Dean’s plan is good. It is much easier to develop offense than defense in this game. By the way our +/- for our forwards is way to high.

  • Our owner lives in Colorado

    Here’s a question I hope someone asks at the March 9 Breakfast with Lombardi since I am sadly unable to attend – with the salary cap creating a level financial playing field so all free agents get basically the same offers, the weather here in L.A. should give us an advantage over most other NHL cities. Could our uncaring real estate developer owner and his scheming assistant have anything at all to do with the fact that every July 1 top free agents turn down our proposals for the same money that other franchises offer? There’s got to be a reason that year after year good players do not want to play for a franchise in a model city. Stop bashing Lombardi for a moment and look at his bosses. How many Clippers billboards and newspaper ads do we still see even though they are dead last as well? AEG spends no money on the team and we all still show up and set attendance records for a 30th-ranked team. I know we all love hockey but at some point a line must be drawn to say enough is enough. I’m just saying.


    I used to love coming to this site because it was always insightful and professional and everyone with differing opinions still respected that. There’s some people on here that need to chill. If I wanted that crap I post on LETSGOKINGS.

    Anyway, I think Deano did all he could yesterday and I personally think we’re on the right track. With our players anyway, I know our record still sucks. BUT, since December we’ve been playing pretty consistent. No more seriously long losing streaks, wins on the road and young players stepping it up and showing their potential.
    Keep it up Deano! Hey, that’s just my opinion.

  • Old Man:

    First time blogger.This is a great site to vent express our opinions.I don`t think we should try to out smart each other stats.I have had my fill of Blake hitting everythng and everybody with his slap shot except the back of the net, also we needed more out Blake than screening our goal tender, and guarding the right goal post. Please Dean don`t bring him next year. Thank You! GO KINGS!

  • Anonymous

    Our owner lives in Colorado said:

    Here’s a question I hope someone asks at the March 9 Breakfast with Lombardi since I am sadly unable to attend – with the salary cap creating a level financial playing field so all free agents get basically the same offers, the weather here in L.A. should give us an advantage over most other NHL cities. Could our uncaring real estate developer owner and his scheming assistant have anything at all to do with the fact that every July 1 top free agents turn down our proposals for the same money that other franchises offer? There’s got to be a reason that year after year good players do not want to play for a franchise in a model city.

    I dont think you can really blame AEG for this. First off, why would we sign a top flight free agent to a contract high in dollars in years when we need to lock up players like Kopitar, Johnson, and Sully. Was Scott Gomez or Chris Drury really going to make that much of a diffence? Last time I checked neither one of those guys can stop a puck or will sacrifice their body blocking shots. Why dont we start with basics first, let this team win on their own with their young core group before we kill ourselves in the UFA market.

    Also, anybody want to fill me in on the last UFA we obtained before AEG took over? I’m pretty sure the weather was just as nice then as it is now, and we also had more money to spend back then than most teams do now and still I cant think of one.

    LA might be a model city, but the Kings are not a model NHL franchise, not yet. DL and the kids have lots or work to do, no doubt. But when the team is consistantly winning, which just happens to be the master plan everybody on here keeps bitching about, then those things will play themselves out. No top flight FA goes to Ottawa or Detroit for the weather, they go there to for the chance to win a cup year after year.

  • son of old man

    Trade deadline is over and we ain’t got “jack” on defense! Actually, let me rephrase that, all we got is Jack on defense!
    Blake didn’t get picked up by anyone? Figures, he wouldn’t get picked up off a shelf at an after Christmas sale at a 99 cents store!

  • Drew

    Anonymous said:

    Was Scott Gomez or Chris Drury really going to make that much of a diffence?

    I’ll chime in here (and invite others to weigh in as well) and in my opinion, better than Handzus, yes. And DL must think so as well since he has said that he attempted to sign them both as well as Briere and all 3 turned the Kings down. The money was the same, just like for Chara the year before when he said no to the Kings.

    Do you really think the owner makes no difference? Angels love playing for Arte Moreno and he gets involved in all aspects of the organization. Mark Cuban is loved by his player and he fights for the Mavs tooth and nail. I am sure players want to come to franchises where they are a priority. Can anyone say with a straight face that the Kings were and remain anything other than an entry into the LA real estate market for AEG???

  • angela

    I do recall head salesman/chief fabricator Tim Leiweke telling us season ticket holders back in the ’90s that Staples Center would allow them to compete with the other franchises with new buildings and sign all the best free agents with the new financial resources. I am pretty sure that Staples Center remains the only building in the country with not 1, not 2, but 3 rows of suites yet the accumulated revenue seems not to have filtered down to the Kings. Year after year before the cap the Kings never spent close to the max. And guess who was just listed in Forbes as the wealthiest NHL owner? Yep, our own Phil Anschutz.

  • SuperSonic420

    Drew, of course Gomez would be a better addition than Handzus, thats pretty damn obvious, but the Rangers are barely a playoff team and hes surrounded by much better established talent, especially in goal. And as you say, we offered him the same amount of money as NY did, so if thats the case, then AEG didnt exactly handcuff DL into not being able to sign a player like that. FA’s dont come here because we dont win consistantly. When we do make the playoffs we only last a round or two. Its not the owners fault anymore, its not the weather. Consistantly winning teams usually keep their top flight FA’s. Top FA’s from other teams who dont win as often are going to go to a team they think they have a chance to win a cup with, not check out movie stars and bask in the sun (although we have managed to attract those kind of players in the past).

    This is what DL deals with that some of you just dont get, or cant accept. You need top FA’s to win a cup, I will concede that. Maybe not superstars if you already got some, but key players nonetheless. You need to win to compete for top FA’s to come to your team. Sounds pretty screwed up I know, but the only way to really do it right and make it last, is to build your team from the ground up. Most of the time it is painfully slow, just ask Quebec. That team suffered so long and didnt even get the payoff when the Avs won the cup in ’96. This will all be worth it, and I think sooner than later. But if a few of you want to jump off the bandwagon, then just go and quit bitchin, because really your just being selfish and this team would be better off without ya. I’m gonna stick around tho, cause I believe this team will be something to see and believe in very soon.

  • clee

    Oh and on a side note…Bernier..(the guy we were going to get from San Jose for Blake), had 2 goals and an assist for Buff last night…
    sigh 🙁 I am so mad i can hardly stand it! I wonder if Anshutz knows about this?

  • tim chaney

    remember mitch kupchak? i wanted to kill this guy for his lack of ability to build my team. now look at him. if he doesn’t win executive of the year something is worng… as painful as it is, let’s give this guy a chance… the coach is another matter. i would like see a scotty bowman coach a proper mix of these kids and some steady vets. with stamkos and another clever draft, we might have a team for a decade instead of the one shot deal in anaheim…

  • metalmaster

    Other tham myself
    I think that says it all.
    Hopefully DL signs Blakey
    to a long term deal and you
    can take your idiotic rants
    to Lets Go Kings.com
    Maybe you can hook up with
    Carla. Between the two of you you would have 1/2 a

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