Crawford interview

He gives injury updates, talks about how the players handled the trade deadline, that defensive pairings will probably be fluid other than Blake-Johnson (once Blake returns) and the reasoning behind pairing Harrold with Visnovsky.

On Nagy: “It doesnt look real positive with him. Well see. Hes got neck problems. I think hes going to see another doctor tomorrow and theyre going to decide if he needs to do something more radical or continue what hes doing. He still has limited mobility and movement, and the procedures hes done have not had the desired effect. Were not looking to him being available to us unless some procedure works for him. None of the injections theyve given him have worked, so I think theyre looking at other options now. If surgery becomes an option for him than, yeah, he will be lost for the season.”

On Blake’s status: “Rob is a professional guy and knows his body better than anyone else. He has to be the guy to decide when hes ready to come back and help this club. Were confident hell be back soon. If its the next game, its great. If not, well take him when he comes back.”

On if the team will call up another forward after sending Purcell down: “Not at the present time. Were going to go with the 12 forwards weve got, and I havent heard otherwise.”

Other injury updates: “Armstrong is not coming on the road trip. He tried today and theres still too much pain for him to even be an option. Theyre thinking it will be at least another week until he skates again.

“LaBarbera there is nothing new. He is going to stay back on this trip. In the interim, I think Ersberg is staying here. Dan Cloutier is starting tomorrow in Edmonton.”

On moving past the trade deadline: “I have to compliment our guys, theyve been terrific. There was only one game where they lost their focus. You hear about it more than anything. You hear about it from people around the room, what the banter is. There was one game where I heard a lot of stuff about people wondering whether they would be here or wouldnt be here. But other than that, weve addressed it and our guys have been real professionals. Thats all you can ask for. The deadline for a team that is sellers is not a fun day for a lot of guys. We cant lose sight of the fact that theyre humans, they have lives, they have children, and when trades are made they affect a lot of people. I think our guys have been very good with how theyve handled things, how theyve composed themselves and compartmentalizing their worries and anxiety. Weve played well. Were five games over .500 since just after Christmas.”

On defensive pairings: “One thing I will say is I will keep Rob paired with Jack. I just think thats a great thing for Jack. Were in a huge developmental phase with Jack and you want him to be paired with the great defenseman and mentor that weve got. From that standpoint, thats the one thing Id like to do. I think it will be a mismatch of partners other than Rob and Jack.”

On pairing Harrold with Visnovsky, and if there is a developmental angle behind putting the similar-style players together: “Theyve both got speed, they both have the ability to join the attack. Its more a case of this is what weve got, and you have to make the best of what you got. Wed like to have Lubo with a bigger, stronger, stay-at-home defenseman. The same thing with regards to Peter. Youd like a stronger guy with him whos reliable, but we dont have that. Weve got what weve got, so you have to make the best of that.”

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