Wednesday’s practice report

–Klemm was called up from Manchester.

–Nagy could be done for the season. He had a third shot and there was only little improvement. He’s going to see another doctor to get a second opinion. He says if it’s not better in 2-3 weeks, he will have surgery.

–Nagy, Armstrong and LaBarbera will not make the trip. Armstrong tried to skate today and there was still too much pain. It is officially a knee sprain for Armstrong.

–There no longer is a roster limit. However, the Kings still only have 21 active (22 once Blake comes off), and that includes LaBarbera.

–I’ll have Crawford’s interview as well as interviews with Harrold and Nagy coming up after I get home and transcribe them.

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  • Anonymous

    Let me be the first to assume that “anthony” will have a problem with something here….

  • Guzman

    Klemm? Klemm?

    What is this the Plan B of the rebuild?

    More than ever it’s time for the D-kids to make a couple of mistakes in the show. That will be a couple of mistakes they won’t make next year when it might actually count for something.

  • Handzus

    Seriously, does anyone give a rat’s ass about Nagy? The guy has been useless to us all season. Please tell me it was only a one-year contract…

  • mask0425

    Matt, could you please enquire on Richard Petiot’s status? Given that his contract is expiring, I am very surprised that Klemm and not him got a call up. It’d be great to get more scoop on other d-men in Manchester as well, at least get some idea of what’s in the pipeline if anything at all… Also, curious if DL would consider talking to Euro UFA’s such as Danny Markov and Ossi Vaananen. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Gord

    Anthony, we all know its coming, so for Chrissake just be quiet this one time.

  • Gary B

    I agree, Guzman, it’s time for as many kids as possible to have some experience. It’s the last year for Nagy, Blake, Thornton, Willsie, Giuliano, Klemm and Dallman, let’s see some new faces.

  • anthony

    I’ll be quiet.
    Just this once.
    See I’m not all that bad.

  • Bobby Delmas

    Dallman isn’t all that bad. He rarely turns the puck over, he plays the body, he’s aggresive, and he gets his shot thru from the point. IMO he is much better than the turnover king Preissing.

  • nykingfan

    Way to go Anthony!

    The Klemm call up makes little sense to me unless they want to leave the kids down there to gain playoff experience. Is Manchester even in the playoff hunt?

    Good for Nagy…He can join Bure and McCauley. I hope he ends up out of the league, but you know someone else will pick him up next year.

  • Nick

    Matt, if you get a chance ask Lombardi or Crawford why they didn’t give Petiot a shot. He is 25 and going to be free agent….Why call up Klemm and take away veteran leadership in Manchester…We are rebuilding…Let’s see what Petiot, Bagnall or Piskula can do…

  • Sam Gilbert




    Boy, am I glad I did not renew my season tickets! I can’t imagine paying $85 per seat to watch the Kings and Klemm and LaBarbera give up soft goal after soft goal.

    How ’bout we take half the money going to Beckham and spend it on a handful of good young players on the Kings?

    AEG should be ashamed.

  • kingkongkorab

    The fact that they brought up Klemm shows what they think of the other young kids down there, we are very weak in the backend of this organization.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, some people have very disappointing backends, but their fronts are very nice.