Taylor recalled

Daniel Taylor has been recalled. I certainly hope they didn’t put the poor guy on a plane yesterday. Safe to assume that Cloutier isn’t ready to go, or at least that the Kings don’t think so…

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  • Harry


    we want CLOUTS in net 🙂

    Hint – Stamkos

  • Chazz

    our last three games are against the Sharks and Ducks arguably the best two teams in the league, I think last will be ours.

    Oh and the dodgers kicked ass today!

  • Anonymous

    Give the kid a start. We got nothing to lose.

  • Kevco

    “Safe to assume that Cloutier isn’t ready to go, or at least that the Kings don’t think so…”

    Does anyone besides Dan think he has been ready after about his 5th game in King’s jersey?

  • PSP

    Not only DID they put Taylor on a plane, but they put him IN THE GAME in Reading, PA yesterday for a mind-numbing 36 seconds in the first period.

  • Bob Bobson

    PSP I blame the Kings for putting him on the plane but I would think the decision to put him in for 36 sec is more a Reading coaching staff decision than a Kings decision.

  • -J

    Now that Lewiston’s season is over, any word if Bernier is going to see time in Manchester? Perhaps bringing Taylor back up opens a spot to bring Bernier in.

  • Anonymous

    why is there such a hissy over is? injuries to multiple players, especially the goalie position, always screw up who plays where. and if the kings want Taylor to be part of the Royals for the playoffs he has to get in the minimum # of games. Taylor plus whoever is in goal for the Royals right now will be the playoff tandem. Quick and Ersberg for Manchester (Darling = warm body for the time being).

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me if I’m stating the obvious here but shouldn’t the kings have check the status of Cloutier first prior to shipping Taylor back rather than sending him back first then later realizing that Cloutier isn’t ready? It’s just common sense right?

  • Moondoggie

    Hey Rich/Don…J posts an interesting question….Could the Kings bring Bernier up to Manchester for the playoffs? I believe their roster is set but it would be interesting to see.

    Looks like Taylor is racking up the frequent traveler miles but not much playing time….Beats the heck out of Reading tho….

  • Anonymous

    These coast to coast trips for Taylor are to make him eligible to play in Reading in the playoffs. He needs to appear in 5 regular season games. Having only appeared in 3, the Kings flew him to Reading, where he was put in net long enough to count as an appearance. You can expect the same roundtrip for poor Taylor again on Friday for Reading’s game. Makes sense, but really poor planning.

  • Tim

    They didn’t put him on a plane, they put him in a Motel 6!

  • dan cloutier’s wife

    that sure beats a super 8

  • Kevco

    I wonder if he had to share a room with Cloutier at Motel 6 or Super 8?

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