Stoll/Greene quotes

Here are the comments from Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene. I also expect to have an update on the Dan Cloutier situation shortly…

On initial feelings after the trade…
Stoll: “I was a little shocked. I was excited but shocked. You hear a lot of different things. You hear your name in trade talks but I don’t think you can totally prepare yourself. I was excited at the same time. I was in L.A. when I got the call and I live here during the summer so I was pretty excited to join the Kings. It’s a great organization with great ownership so I’m really excited about the future.”

On familiarity with current Kings…
Stoll: “I’ve golfed with three or four of the players already. (Assistant coach Nelson) Emerson, I know personally. I’ve run into the guys around town. It’s good to have that comfort zone coming in. It’s a short drive to the practice rink, which is nice.”

On feelings about the Kings’ current situation:
Stoll: “I’m not quite sure. I haven’t talked to Dean yet. They have to fill some holes and get a coach but I’m going to talk to Dean and see what role he envisions for me. I’m just going to try to play a solid game.”

Greene: “I think it’s a good core of young talent. There’s a ton of young talent and there’s a lot of big names: Kopitar, Frolov, Brown, O’Sullivan… They can do it all. There’s a lot of high-end offensive skill.”

On their feelings about the Kings organization, as viewed from the outside…
Stoll: “Playing against them, it’s a tough group to play against. Obviously they weren’t in the position they wanted to be in, but it’s never an easy game against them. They’re always tough. They have grit and they show that. Dustin Brown is going to be an unbelievable player. Frolov and Kopitar and those guys, they’re all stars, and the great thing is that they’re all young. Look at Edmonton that year. We just got in by a point or two and then we went on a run to the Finals.”

On going to a team without a coach and an established goalie…
Greene: “There’s a lot of unknowns. I don’t really know too many guys or any of the coaches. It’s not a big deal. The team is going to fill that gap. They have a lot of money to spend and I’m confident that the GM will do a good job of picking the leadership and the coaches.”

Stoll: “There’s a little uncertainty but that’s normal around the league. Everyone has positions to fill. I’m sure decisions will be made. I’m jacked about being here and excited to be skating with these guys.”

On what they bring to the Kings…
Stoll: “I’m a solid two-way player. I’m going to work hard and give 110 percent. I used to play on the point on the power play in Edmonton. I’m not sure if I will be doing that here. I take pride in my faceoff ability and I try to play solid at both ends.”

Greene: “I’m a stay-at-home defenseman and I try to be physical. That’s about it.”

Stoll, on his contract situation, being a restricted free agent this summer…
Stoll: “I’m going to talk with Dean and have a good meeting with him. I’m sure he will see where I’m at. I have one year until unrestricted (free agency). Hopefully I can sign a long-term deal and hopefully we can turn things around and get back into the playoffs. But like I said, I haven’t really talked to them yet (about a contract).”

Stoll, on coming back from his concussion problem two years ago…
Stoll: “It was a battle. That’s the best way to describe it. In the first half, I struggled to get my game back. A couple years ago, I had the best year of my career at both ends. Last year I just struggled until about the halfway mark but I got through that. It’s gone; it’s in the past. I’m for sure ahead of that and putting it behind me.”

Greene, on the transition of moving to a new city…
Greene: “I have no idea what’s going to go on there. I’ll try to talk to Stollie, the real-estate baron that he is, and try to get settled as quickly as possible.”

Stoll, on his experience living in Los Angeles…
Stoll: “I lived (in L.A.) last summer. That was my first summer down here. My girlfriend is down here full time and we’ve been together about two years. I came down here for her and to train. Now it’s my home and I’m excited about it.”

Stoll, on his desire to bounce back after a tough season and prove people wrong…
Stoll: “I don’t care if I’m traded or not or who I’m playing for. I always want to bounce back from a tough year. I’m always going to work hard and get myself ready for camp. You always want to improve as a player and as a person. I had a tough year but I made some strides as the season went on. I’m confident that I will be better next season.”

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  • I post my first and last name because I think I’m really important.

    i freaking HEART, LOVE, <3 Jarret Stoll.

  • ianmonsta

    sounds like Stoll is pretty excited to come here and has a good head on his shoulders. I’ve always liked his and Greenes game so it will be exciting to see what they can bring.

  • KingsMissLappy

    if the kings end up bringing avery back (unlikely), it’ll make for interesting practices.

    -seeing how stollie’s girlfriend is avery’s ex.

  • mrk

    Yeah, isn’t Stolls girl an actress? He should be pretty excited becoming a King.

  • Anonymous

    Stoll: “I was pretty excited to join the Kings. It’s a great organization with great ownership.”

    Great ownership? Did AEG sell?

  • Harry


    RE – sully

  • AmaysnKingsfan

    yeah what is that all about haven’t even offered him anything i must say if sully goes else where this will be the most disapointing week as a kings fan. after all the excitment i had after our great draft i don’t think i can handle losing Lubo and sully in 48 hours. Come on Dean maybe you should take the lawyer off the job and handle it yourself. He didn’t not call Lubo cause he was on the phone with sully at least we know that much.

  • mrbrett7

    Amy/Harry…Sully can’t go elsewhere unless signed to an offer sheet. He is a restricted free agent, and if he does sign one, we have the right to match that offer sheet. If we do not, I believe we will receive somewhere in the neiborhood of 3 draft picks in return, although I imagine Lombardi would match the offer sheet.

    There are 2 general managers in the NHL who have signed players to offer sheets. Kevin Lowe in Edmonton and Bobby Clarke in Philadelphia. Bobby Clarke is no longer Philly’s GM, so the only one you need to worry about is Kevin Lowe. Lowe isn’t in any position to sign Sully to an offer sheet right now, as he needs to trade away a defensemen to bring in a top 6 forward right now because of the deal he just made with us.

    All will be fine.

  • Phillip

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