The other side…

OK, I just got off the phone with Pat Brisson, Rob Blake’s agent, who presented his side (and Blake’s side, by extension) of what took place over the last few days with the Kings. There are some differences and it should make for interesting reading. As I told Pat, my whole goal here was to present both sides of an emotional, complicated issue, so I’m really glad that I got to talk to Pat. I’ll be putting together a post some time tonight. Hang tight, I’ll get to it as soon as possible (or start your 4th with it tomorrow!)

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  • Anonymous

    Uhg.It would be nice if we could talk about someone who wants to play in LA that we just picked up. Maybe next year? It seems the only way we will get players is via trade.Can not wait to see who we sign just to fill space!

  • Matt George


    Thanks for this site.

    You da shizzy.


  • Captain Material

    Rich, is it really that emotional between the team and Blake? I kind of figured most of the emotion was from fans being concerned over what happened. Does one of these sides actually feel wronged in some way?

  • JDM

    As excited as I am to read the interview, for God’s sake man get some sleep! You rock Rich.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the up-to-date info Rich!! This is by far the best site to get Kings news.

  • gumlegs

    It is clear the kings are behind the eight hole under lombardi.
    He waited for months to fire crawford. The result was that he had no time to conduct a search for a new coach because he was involved in the draft. After the draft he had no time to search for a new coach because he was “busy” with free agency. His “busy” free agent period includes failing to make an offer to O’Sullivan prior to the July 1st deadline while down the road burke had perry locked up. It is possible that lombardi has not extended offers to any of the kings rfa’s at this time. Rob Blake needed a decision by the kings who again under lombardi were unable to reach a decision to offer him a contract or wish he the best with his new team.
    The only way lombardi’s inaction makes any sense is to assume that aeg is involved in more than real estate and heavily involved in the day to day, make that days to more days, operation of the kings. The kings dumping of lubo and cammi to save money and the result that the kings will have to struggle to reach the minimum cap is further indication that aeg is heavily involved in the kings decision making. Spin it all they want, anyone who believes that “rebuilding” and a miniscule payroll go hand in hand probably thinks thebeer price at staples is a good deal.
    Fellow kings fans it is obvious that aeg’s interest is in its bottom line and not in providing kings fans with a quality team. This approach is short sighted and mistaken but there are way to many bozo’s on the kings bus who think otherwise.

    On the question of a new captain and assistant captains, the way things are going the the los angeles aegs will probably go with a rotating system and wait to name individuals until after next season because it will be busy while the season is in progress.

  • Someone

    I am beginning to believe that Dean will only be able to get the Kings half way to the promise land. I think his skill in drafting and trading for prospects is top notch. But he treats veterans like crap. Say what you want about each situation individually, but combine Cammy, Cloutier, Lubo, Blake and others I’m probably missing and I can’t see how any veteran would ever want to play for him.

    It’s becoming very clear why DL can’t land a decent free agent.

  • Anonymous

    Tease! Kidding, of course. Thanks for all the hard work and info, Rich.

  • JDM

    I share your concerns gumlegs, and the only logical AND positive possible reason for purposefully spending as close to the floor as they can is for signing Kopi and Johnson next year (and Bernier? or is he the year after?) and ultimately Doughty. Hopefully we’ll see KOpi getting like 7mill for 8 years and Johnson 6.5 for 5 or 6. If that’s the case, which we can only know next season, then good job and yippee…

    If not and we lose these guys or only sign them for 2 or 3 years at a mid-range salary, then I’ll be a very sour fan indeed.

    But I’ll still watch because I don’t have NHL network or whatever the ice package is here, because I love hockey more than any other sport by leaps and bounds, and because I can’t stand watching the dufus ducks play.

  • 24diving

    I don’t understand how people can think that AEG wants to ice a bad team. If the team makes it to the playoffs that income is gravy for the ownership. The farther the team goes in the playoffs the more gravy they get. Why would they not want this money?

  • metalmaster

    It takes money to make money. At the pace the Kings are
    “rebuilding” they will be back to the point they were
    under Dave Taylor in about 3 or 4 years. What Lombardi
    has actually done is the opposite of what he wanted to
    do and that is create a culture of losing that the kids
    will be playing in. He likes to bring up the Wings all
    the time as a model for comparison. Do the Kings look
    anything like the Wings?

  • BringBackKingston

    the wings of the late 70s and early 80s or the wings since the very late 80s? gotta start some where. And the Taylor team of 3 or 4 years ago sucked with no up side. The closest thing to success the kings have had since 93 is ONE 1st round series win over the red wings and two hard fought series against the avs. At least this team while it may suck has up side.