Danny Markov

There was a report that the Kings might sign defenseman Danny Markov out of Russia. A Kings source said the team talked to Markov but that Markov declined to take a physical in advance and Markov declined. So it seems that unless Markov has a change of heart, he won’t be coming to the Kings.

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  • johnjm22

    So any word on what other defenseman the Kings are looking at now?

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious? This is almost comical…. No veteran D for us next year.

  • anthony

    The reason why he’s not interested in being an LA King – because players want to be part of a team that has a plan for them. Not just a STUPID “bridge player”.

    The problem with Dean Lombardi is that he sent a message to the rest of the NHL and overseas that he’s not interested in a player long term, only the players services for a short term.

    Players would like to think of themselves as something more valuable than that. And don’t like tag as bridge player.
    Would any of you guys like to be called that.

    DL is just ruining his reputation. And he’s taking the Kings down with him. I don’t think too many players want to play for him.

    He’s even having trouble signing his own players (sully & Stooll) to contracts.
    Reason being is that he doesn’t want to pay these players what the going rate is. Which is over $3.5 Million.
    RJ Umberger and Michael Ryder, who had average seasons (RJ had a good playoff though), are getting paid $3.75 & $4 Million.
    DL doesn’t want to pay Sully and Stoll that because he doesn’t want to piss of Brown. And when Brian Boyle and Teddy Purcell (after next season) make even more money than Brown, Brown (feeling screwed over) is gonna either demand a renegotiation or a trade. Just wait.

    DL, please get your head out of your rectum. Get rid of this “bridge player” nonsense, so other players won’t ignore signing with LA.
    Also pay these free agents you have what they’re worth already. Before you’re good players decide not to want to play for you too.

  • Good2BKings

    Sounds like Markov is hoping for more offers from other teams before he commits to the Kings. A Michigan based blog said that the Russian club made a statement regarding Markov’s out-clause in the contract and that they expect to know where things stand by July 25th.

    If Markov is fishing for more offers, we’ll find out how badly he wants back into the NHL when the Kings are the only offer he gets.

  • Tim

    You just know someone will say this is all DL fault……………….hey Tikk

  • Anon

    Since when do the Kings ask for physicals from players? Don’t we usually sign players w/ known injuries? At least Markov’s might be a surprise compared to McCauly, Handzus, Cloutier et al. Joking aside, Good2BKings, you make a valid point on fishing for offers. I wonder what else may be the reason iif there is one. Hmmm.

  • nykingfan

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, but the next time the earth shakes on the west coast, somehow it’ll be DL’s fault.

  • Moondoggie

    Geeze, can we please give DL just a little break??? The man just had by far the best draft out of all the teams in the NHL in one of the deepest drafts in years; analysts are saying that shortly (within 2-3 years) this group will be playing together on the ice and will dominate for years to come. He’s well stocked for next year as well. For the first time since I’ve been a Kings fan I honestly feel good about our future which has always been a year to year thing since the club began. The future is bright, very bright.

    Personally I’m thrilled he didn’t pay the money that Finger, Ryder, Redden, et al received, focusing on resigning our core instead. This is getting ridiculous, don’t beat up the guy who has practically killed himself building a staff and a team from within. We all knew this was going to be painful, be patient. If we sign Markov, great but not for an over inflated price, not long term and not if he isn’t healthy. Why do you ask yourselves would Markov decline a physical if he was healthy?? Just curious. DL has stuck his neck out (McCauley) trying to better the club with bridge players where he shouldn’t have. He’s gotten burned before; now he has enough youth in place where the team can develop its talent from within. No, I don’t blame him for holding back and not spending money frivolously.

    Thank you DL, for sticking with “the plan”. We’re a better hockey club because of your fortitude.

  • Nick

    “The problem with Dean Lombardi is that he sent a message to the rest of the NHL and overseas that he’s not interested in a player long term, only the players services for a short term.”

    This of course isn’t a problem for a player like Markov who needs to re-establish himself in the NHL (kind of like Stuart last year). So yeah…that’s perfectly acceptable.

  • Steve-O

    I might need to get my head examined.
    But does Anthony make a little sense.

    I can’t imagine Markov leaving Russia, traveling around the globe to LA, only to return back to Russia in a year or so, when the prospects are ready. Kinda like Thanks, but No Thanks.

    C’mon DL, you’re smarter than that.

  • Captain Material

    “The problem with Dean Lombardi is…”

    And the problem with you Anthony is you seem to be in love with your own voice to the point of not knowing when to just keep quiet and not remove any question as to whether you’re a fool. Even in text.

    Get real. You have no clue what Markov is thinking. You have no clue on Stoll or Sully or DL’s approach to negotiating with them. If you just came here and said, “I’m frustrated these signings haven’t happened yet”, hey that’s perfectly respectable. I’d certainly agree with you.

    But instead we get you analyzing things that didn’t even happen. I mean, if you have some take on something that actually occured based on facts around it, that’s reasonable. This is just you making stuff up about something that hasn’t even happened. You’re actually criticizing DL here on a mistake that hasn’t been made yet.

    Take a deep breath, step back, and maybe you could at least give some credit to DL for going after Markov (the guy is a warrior) and for being cautious not only because this guy hasn’t been in NA to know what condition he’s in first hand and also for learning from past mistakes. You don’t think it’s reasonable to get a physical before you sign a guy? I have an office job and I know it’s required before someone hires me. What happened to that Anthony that seemed to be getting in touch with sanity a week or two ago?

    I’m a professional too, and every time I run into a guy like you in a respectable position who should by the nature of that position be intelligent, reasonable, logical, etc., it’s a stark reminder that it isn’t just cream that floats to the top.

    Look, if you’re not happy the team’s approach is to build a foundation for long term success instead of winning today, just say that. You’d sound a lot smarter and not be bringing your own reputation down (if possible considering where you’ve started here), because just wildly ranting about how everything (including things that don’t even happen) is so terrible constantly isn’t insightful. Even a stopped clock has the correct time twice a day.

  • Shakes

    @ Captain Material & nykingfan – can i buy you two a drink? you guys are spot on.

    I’ve gotta say, I’m all for being critical and all when it needs to be, but dude Anthony, it’s July and somehow everything is our GM’s fault? what’s interesting is the number of people who are buying into his youth movement as judged by the backlash from those who would be upset if the Celtics ownership came and wanted short-term gains (which is a theory which hasn’t even been proven yet…i mean did you guys ever notice how bad the Celtics were 2yrs ago?)

    At some point it becomes annoying to read that every move the Kings make is the end of the franchise. If they keep a young player it’s the end of the franchise. If they miss a veteran with a big contract it’s the end of the franchise… i mean c’mon.

    I’m a big believer that we’re not as far away as people think we are. The one thing we really lacked last year was some grit (and a D and goaltending, i know i know…) people felt that they could just run us over…and at least we got some kids who can hit besides Brownie.

    It’s interesting b/c the fact that we can even mention 5-6 guys off our minor league squad shows how much young depth we have right now. I’m not saying they’re all-stars but at least camp is going to be slugfest for jobs.

  • anjae11eden

    Dear Anthony,

    Did you know that Michael Ryder was a UFA? And that O’Sully and Stoll are RFAs? If you did, then you should also know that comparing salaries with Ryder is an idiotic comparison. UFAs make more than RFAs. So do you have any other ridiculous comparisons you’d like to make?

    BTW, I REALLY hope you are still around in a few years when the Kings are competing for a cup. Then I will be able to ask you if you regret all the whining and crying you’ve done, and if you know can see how ridiculous your were.
    Then again, you’ll probably be complaining about ticket prices or something else.

  • JDM

    I do find it odd that Markov would refuse a physical. Either he’s insulted and very stubborn, or he has a nagging injury he doesn’t want revealed. I can’t really think of any other reason he would refuse one. Unless he didn’t refuse so much as ask to postpone and something got lost in the tranlsation.

    Perhaps he’s on holiday and doesn’t want to be bother with it right now, which could explain why the initial article said he would decide in two weeks.

    I don’t see how refusing a physical would be holding out for more offers. Unless of course he accepted an offer but is stalling now because he thinks he might get some more interest.

    Whatever the reason, it’s perfectly reasonable for the Kings to demand a physical before they sign a contract and if this is the deciding factor between us getting and not getting a player like Markov, who I think would be a welcome and perfect addition to our budding blueline.

    He would teach some grit, perseverance and in the mean time draw physical attention away from guys like Kopitar, Sully and Purcell, allowing them to further develop their offensive prowess. I hope it works out, he’s one of the better defensemen available in my opinion. Certainly will take him over Modry any day of the week.

    Anthony, I echo the last few comments. Chill and don’t be so presumptious. It’s always good to have someone who points out the potential negative, and I enjoy a good rabble rouser. However jumping three steps ahead doesn’t really allow us to have any constructive (or entertaining) back and forth about the many positive and admittedly troubling possibities about the present and future of our beloved franchise.

    I’m all with you Shakes, I feel we are quite close. Closer than we’ve ever been in fact. There never was a sense that we really would be contending in a season or two, except with the Allison, Palffy, Deadmarsh extremely short lived era. Now we really have the potential to put our 4 solid and defensively responsible forward lines. The defense is shaping up as is the goaltending.

    The thing that impressed me most in fact at the prospects scrimmage game was how defensively minded it seemed everyone on the ice was. People made moves, but they were all very focused on reading the play and staying on the right side of the puck. I like this because it resembles Detroits depth lines of players like Samuellson, Franzen, Filpulla, Hudler and Cleary who I see as potentially being very much comparable to Moulson and Lewis/Cliche/Meckler, who are solid in their own end and have the talent to chip in offensively and step up in the right situations.

  • Anonymous

    Markov doesn’t want to waste the Kings time. If he won’t take a physical, it’s because he can’t pass it.
    Something must be wrong with him physically….

  • anthony

    Captain Material, Shakes, JDM,

    Sorry guys. Its this losing and constant statement that we’re still not a playoff team yet – that’s getting to me.
    Another year of lottery might set me over.

  • Duckhunter

    I haven’t pushed the panic button, but I am a little worried about our defensive woes at this point. And it does seem DL is having a hard time filling these spots. I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, I like where DL is going, but if he does not find someone with experience on Def. we will be in for a long, long, long year. No team wins in any sport, without veteran leadership and experience. I’m still hoping DL has a secret plan to help out on Def.

  • Primakov


    To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as re-negotiating a contract in the NHL. Once you sign it you abide by those terms unless there’s a buyout, and with the number of years left on Brown’s contract that is just not going to happen.

    He is welcome to ask for a trade, but once again, he’ll be making the exact same wage he’d hypothetically be upset with, just for another team. Which does nothing in the end to rectify the problem you think he would have and forces his family to uproot and adapt to a whole new city.

  • mrk

    Let’s all face it. Let’s not be in denial any longer. Anthony has a very valid point. His theory is most definitely one of the reasons why we couldn’t get Stuart to sign back w/ us, besides being offered by an already winning team and besides the fact that he probably got turned off by how DL handled Lubo. No player would want to get handled the way Lubo got handled, and DL has just shown how he handles his “core” players. I’m sure Stuart wouldn’t want to get treated that way once his “bridging role” expires.

  • JDM

    I think its unfair to assume Lubo had anything to do with Stuart. As far as we all know, Stuart was considering coming back to the Kings, although the Red Wings were his first choice, which is understandable and has everything to do with the cup and nothing to do with DL. The Wings ended up giving Stuart a raise, which is what he wanted. The only the thing the Kings had going for them with Stuart was being able to offer more money as it seemed like Holland wanted him to take a discount. I think its just as reasonable to think that Stuart would have signed with the Kings if Holland hadn’t been willing to fork over the bucks like he ultimately did.

    The fact that Stuart was at any point even considering or in any talks with the Kings is most likely purely because Stuart has a history and a relationship with DL. We know DL loves Stuart, Stuart knows DL loves Stuart. DL was the only reason Stuart came here in the first place. DL or Lubo most likely had nothing to do with Stuart resigning with the Wings. If he had signed with the Panthers or the Blues or some random other terrible team, then sure, go ahead and blame DL and his “treatment” of players, but you just can’t logically make that argument when its the perennial great team, the Stanley Cup champions Red Wings. Certainly not when considering that every past interaction between Stuart and DL suggests they have a good repoir.

  • Jet

    I still think that we are a few years away, but it is great to actually have so many prospects that have a chance to make it to the NHL. It may be a slight exaggeration, but it seems like we have been playing with three #7 defensemen on the roster for 30 years.
    It may be better in the long run if the young Dmen play and struggle. This will force the forwards to be more responsible. It was a little frustrating how many times our forwards gave away inside position last year. Our scoring will probably decrease, but Murray will teach all of the forwards to play D. This is probably the toughest part of the game for the young scorers, but it will be incredible for the long term development of the team.

    Did anyone else find it peculiar that Markov’s Russian team was so willing to let him go? The coach was rather nonchalant in saying “Markov’s lost will be a disaster for our team.” I would have expected him to say that we will match any offer that the NHL makes. Perhaps, he is overpaid for what he can now provide?

    Finally, DLs forte is drafting, not guessing what chemistry will look like when signing multiple free agents. Let him do what he does best. He does not draft the players with the best stats. Every pick has been a captain or a player who has an insatiable drive to compete on every play. He goes after players who are leaders, players who do not quit. They will be able to handle losing many games if they are improving. I also think there will be enough protection for the young guys. Murray will be able to find positives on a nightly basis. This process will not be easy, but oh, how sweet the payoff will be.
    Anthony, I have been waiting for a management team with the balls to do a full rebuild (5 years) for 33 years. Please be patient, and enjoy the ride with the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    The kings do have veteran leadership. Are we forgetting about Frolov, Brown, and Kopitar? These guys are going to be relied upon for veteran leadership. And I believe that they have it in them to lead this team. No question about it. Let’s not underestimate the makeup of this team. They are going to be tough to play against. Just look at the line up they have.

    1st Line. Brown – Kopitar – O’sullivan
    2nd Line. Frolov – Stoll – Purcell.
    3rd Line. Moulson – Handzus – Boyle
    4th Line. Ellis – Armstrong – Calder/Ivanans

    These guys can match up against most teams in the league. So let’s not throw in the towel yet. I think they just may surprise us.

    And if the team only needs one veteran defenseman to solidify the position. I think that’s doable. And it’s not that bad.

    Goaltending I think is the best that I have seen in years. These guys know if they can’t perform, there is another waiting in the wings to take his spot.

    I can’t believe that the team is as bad as we are led to believe. Management is playing it safe by not raising our expectations to much. And thats a safe hand to play. I think DL is an awesome poker player. He wants to show a weak hand. But I am not buying it.


  • Anonymous


    You are half right. There are no renegotiations of contracts that result in a player taking a pay cut and lessening his cap hit. But I am pretty sure if a GM wants to offer a player a pay raise while he’s still under contract, the CBA will allow it.

    A scenario where a player would demand a new contract with years left as Anthony suggested is ludicrous. Imagine a GM caving and giving a player a raise with years left on his deal in the cap era. 29 other GM’s would go Brian Burke on him.

    And eventhough I think Lombardi’s perceived unprofessionalism would turn off some, I have a problem thinking someone who spent last year in a Russian league famous for owing players millions would all of a sudden get that picky.

    Too bad either way, Markov would have been great. A legit top 4 blueliner who is left handed, physical and skates well. I wonder how many more options Dean has before he has to call Modry?

  • d.j.

    If people think that DL is building this team?.. You’re sadly mistaken, this team is in big trouble and it’s because of management being tightasses about paying the talent they have now.. they say the future is with these kids,but where is the future by signing these kids to only an one year contract?..And they tell us to be patient,one year is NOT being patient… And when you say that you’re not going after a big name which every team has and needs.. No one will NOT want to come to L.A.–DL had every opportunity to sign good young free agents, the key word was ‘YOUNG’ free agents..Now there is not much to go after.. And to all you guys that tell other Kings fans to be patient,just know your role and shut your hole!!!!!!!Can’t you see how much trouble this team is in?… This team could be a good team,if they would sign the players they need to and get rid of dead weight…They should of off Stuart 4 to 5 mil,shold of traded Cammy,Army and Calder for Marleau and Cheechoo.. The next few years are going to be bad for those young players.. They will have no guideness, cause management sure doesn’t have it….Kopitar,Brown,Frolov,Sully,Johnson,Boyle,Moulson,Ersberg,Harold,Doughty,Teubert,Purcell,Parse,Bernier,Greene.. The future is there,the talent is there..But they need help and management that would stand by them and stand up to their word..Go ahead and sign Markov DL..Do something instead being a tightwat…

  • yeah,

    d.j. said:

    Cammy,Army and Calder for Marleau and Cheechoo

    was this even a confirmed proposal?

    Cheech/Marleau >> Cammalleri +. Why would San Jose even sniff that?

  • JDM

    Last time I checked DL doesn’t decide how much money he can spend, only how to spend what’s allowed.

    We are all highly aware of the Kings history of unwillingness to fork over the big bucks. We are all hoping that doesn’t continue and that AEG will let Dean pay the young guys when the time comes. That is one of the key things the optimistic fans and the cynics share. Hopefully Dean can convince them, but in the meantime blaming DL for AEG’s tight pockets is “sadly mistaken.” I firmly think DL is a good GM. AEG sucks the big one.

  • Andre, Norway

    Hey guys
    Its almost 3 months to the season to start and that is a loooong time. The main focus is signing stoll and sully and they will be signed just be patient but at what salary?
    Are sully really worth 3 or 4 mill after just 1 good season??? NO he is not, he is worth around 2-2,5 mill. So I hope that DL can signed him to a long term deal- a contract that will raise his salary every year. What if DL offered sully a 4 year deal at 4,5 and he does not deliver the goods – the u will be blaming DL for that deal also.
    I know we have to spend at least 10 million more to reach the cap floor and there are a lot of clubs that will have to dump salaries come training camp. And then we are there to take them away for cheap because the clubs are desperate to dump salaries. Hopefully one of those will be schneider. DL also have to think about that he next year have to sign kopi and jj to new contracts and kopi is worth more than sully. I fully trust DL on this thing and I am aware of that this season can be bad with a young defense and shaky goaltending(hopefully not) but we can also be in for a surprise.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter at this point whether or not DL is the GM of this team. He’s made his moves and what happens from here is up to the players. It’s becoming apparent that DL will not be here in the future with his lack of current success. However, the pieces he’s putting in place will eventually make the team better either by playing for the Kings or being a piece in a future trade. I’ll remeber what DL did when the team is winning. Maybe then some free agents will sign with this team.

  • nykingfan


    You sound like a clueless 15 yrd old telling us to know our role.

    So you think S.J will take a guy like Cammy..heading into UFA and probably asking for crazy money…oh yeah..coming off his worst year…and 2 role players at best…all this for Marleau and Cheechoo?

    You sir are out of your mind.

  • Captain Material

    Yeah Anthony, sorry for being so harsh too. I get caught in the momment ripping on other Kings fans for similar reasons. Roll back the clock 5-8 years and you would not have found a bigger nay-sayer on the organization than me.

    My optomism of the DT regime faded when it rapidly became obvious the goal was not to win but to tread water. But this time, we actually are doing better at building. DT should get credit for some of the re-building with the farm system, but this time re-building is the only iron in the fire. I don’t see the push to be “just good enough” or to wait for a new CBA or any other distraction from developing young talent. That means not focusing on the standings for a couple years.

    I have to think with Markov and the physical thing he might be waiting for other offers, because unless I’m mistaken pretty much any contract signning is contingent on passing a physical these days. Pretty sure we’ve seen one or two offers get voided the past couple years when guys didn’t pass physicals.

    I wish DL would have gone after Markov more vigorously back instead of signning Preissing and had addressed the lack of physicality earlier. Markov was looking for more than $2.5M per then and we gave Preissing $2.75M. With all the puck movers here, I think the money would have been better spent on a physical guy.

    I don’t buy Stuart not coming here having anything to do with anything other than the chance to play for one of the most storied and well run teams in modern history. Can’t blame a guy for taking the oppertunity to play in Detroit and can’t knock the teams that he passed over.

    I don’t think the bridge thing is much an issue either. It’s not like a savy GM could fool veterans into coming here thinking they are going to be on a winner. It’s obvious where we are, and unless you want players to come here for the weather, they are going to have to understand what they are getting into and accept that. That does mean not many vets of high calibre being interested unless they are serious about being teachers first and winners second (or third).

    Umberger basically has two more years of decent performances to go with his up year over O’Sullivan. I think Sully will probably get less, but it will likely be over a shorter term to give him two years to prove he deserves more than what RJU got. CLB is also pretty desperate. Even being in the gutter, I hope we don’t get desperate in the way we hand out contracts (and I’m a very pro-player pro-union guy even). Stoll is bit tougher because he does have a solid track record.

  • Jonny

    Hey guys,
    enough with the Lubo crap. No body knows how it got handled. none of us were there, and none of us have action to their phone calls. I look at it this way. DL is looking elsewhere for people that can come in and help. If he’s successful, he won’t have to make a trade, and he can probably get a deal over an old NHLer. Really good move on the Markov thing. Especially with a guy like Voynov who might be ready in a year, he speaks no english, pairing him up with Markov would be a hell of a strategic move. DL’s looking in the right places. Maybe Markov is just happy where he is. I’m sure he makes decent money over there.

  • anthony

    Captain Material & NYKingsfan

    I’m beginning to fall for this youth movement.
    I’m also pretty excited about the future of this team.
    I’m also excited about the depth we have in all three positions.

    But I also firmly believe that in order to be a Cup contending team, we need a good mix of veterans (AND I DON’T MEAN BLAKE!) to go along with the wonderful youth we have on this team.
    Just look at the ducks 2 seasons ago. They had the Getzlafs, Penners and the Perrys to go along with the Neidermyers, Sellanes, Pahlsons, and Prongers.
    A GM also needs to be good at trades and free agent signings. Not just good at drafts.

    Right now, our team is mostly comprised of 23 and 24 years olds. Players hit their prime at around 27 or 28. Does this mean that we’re gonna look forward to 4-5 more years of lottery.

    Now DL is awesome when it comes down to drafts (except for Hickey). I’ll give him that. But he sucks at free agent signings. And he’s below average in trades.

    And with that I’m gonna be cautious.
    I hate to use Columbus as an example. But I like what their GM is doing.
    Filatov – Draft
    Commodore – Free agent
    Husselius – Free agent
    Michael Peca (2007) Free agent
    Fedor Tyuin – Trade
    Christain Backman – Trade
    Rafi Tores – Trade
    RJ Umberger – Trade

    THey may not be a cup contender for a long time. But at least they’ll be competing around March and April.
    I don’t see them being desparate either.
    They’re doing the same thing that Philadephia, Tampa Bay, and Chicago are doing.
    Desecent Trade
    Good Signings
    Smart Drafting.

  • Captain Material

    Oh yeah, and not be misunderstood on the bridge player thing, that designation doesn’t mean you are not part of the teams plans. It just means you aren’t seen as being the long term solution. If we were in a position to win today and we have a young player that we know is going to develop into a top position, but right now need a “bridge”, that doesn’t mean that guy isn’t THE guy we want right now to win with. It just means there is a kid in line to take his job a year or three down the road. Right now (in that situation), that guy is still the player we want there. Pretty much any guy over 30 is a “bridge” player to some extent.

  • Anonymous

    Re Anonymous’s line-up:

    “1st Line. Brown – Kopitar – O’sullivan
    2nd Line. Frolov – Stoll – Purcell.
    3rd Line. Moulson – Handzus – Boyle
    4th Line. Ellis – Armstrong – Calder/Ivanans”

    I think/hope Handzus is the 2nd line center. Stoll would then be 3rd line center. Boyle is 4th line center. Boyle won’t be playing wing. I think it’s likely Boyle and Moulson (having chemistry from Manchester) will be tried together. Maybe with Richardson or Ellis on the other wing? And then — what — Calder with Stoll and someone.

    One variation I am hoping for is one of Parse, Lewis or maybe Cliche making the team. Then you might see something like:

    Brown – Kopitar – O’Sullivan
    Parse/Lewis/Cliche – Handzus – Frolov
    Purcell – Stoll – Calder/Richardson
    Moulson – Boyle – Ellis
    (Armstrong and Ivanans as #13 and 14)

    Of course, in my fantasy in which one of Parse, Lewis or Cliche makes the team (in addition to Moulson, Boyle and Purcell), then there wouldn’t be room for all of Calder, Richardson and Armstrong on the big squad. Someone would have to be moved or sent down.

    I do think that there is a group of prospects (the three I mentioned, and Tukonen, among others) who are physically more mature than Simmonds and Moller and who have to be looking over their shoulders and thinking if they don’t make it this year it’s only going to get tougher in years to come.

  • KingsCast Hockey Podcast

    Kings have re-signed Peter Harrold to a 3 year deal.

  • Anonymous

    shold of traded Cammy,Army and Calder for Marleau and Cheechoo..

    I heard the kings could have gotten the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Big Foot too.

  • Primakov

    Anonymous said:

    You are half right. There are no renegotiations of contracts that result in a player taking a pay cut and lessening his cap hit. But I am pretty sure if a GM wants to offer a player a pay raise while he’s still under contract, the CBA will allow it.

    NHL CBA Article 50.5 (f)(ii)

    “A Club that wishes to sign a Player to an “extension” of an existing SPC, may do so only in the final year of such SPC.”

    That means a player can only be approached to discuss a new contract after July 1st of the last year of their currently active contract. So, no, you can’t re-negotiate a contract for a higher rate while under contract because those terms would not kick in until after the contract expired.

    If a player is already under contract to make 2 million, but signs a contract extension for 4 million a season, it doesn’t bump that figure up because it would never start paying him that 4 million until the contract that pays him 2 million expires.

  • DellaNooch

    As far a “bridge” players are concerned, I think we need to also look at the advantages to a player. If a player has a bad “contract” year, forget getting a lucrative deal. However, if you can sign onto a developing team as a “bridge” player, get the minutes to prove yourself, put up some good numbers, than that will translate into a better future contract. Stuart is a good example of that, he had a bad contract year, came to the Kings & then DET, played well, and now he’s got a good deal in place.

    Markov is a 5 or 6 defenceman on another team, in LA he’s a 2 or 3, that is an advantage for him.

    As it pertains to the cap, it looks like DL is playing a slow hand on this one, very risky, but we’ll probably get the chance to see our players in camp and make decisions from there, whereas there are a few teams that need to dump salary and will be ready to negotiate during training camp.

    If it backfires, I’m available to sit on the bench all season for 3.2 million or whatever the cap difference is.

  • Tito Jackson

    Waiting while the team rebuilds sure is expensive.

  • Anonymous

    Well, reading through these comments (I admit, I stopped after about 10), there are some who get it, and some who don’t.

    Rebuilding, REALLY rebuilding in the NHL, unless you are lucky enough to grab a top star of a Sydney Crosbyesque type, takes a LONG TIME.

    Lombardi is treating this team as if it’s an expansion team, and starting everything over from scratch. Does it suck to sit through this? Of course it does…will the payoff be there? Nobody knows for sure. BUT, is this the ONLY way PROVEN to ensure longterm succuss? YES, it is.

    Signed…Detroit, New Jersey, Colorado, Dallas, San Jose. Not all of these teams won cups (San Jose), but what do all of these teams have in common? They build through the draft (did for many years), went through YEARS of losing, and losing badly, stuck to a plan, and are now perrenial contendars.


    1. Goaltending…they have the best in the pros, and they have the best in the minors.

    2. Defense…they have depth, experience, and can plug in new kids whenever someone goes down injured. How does this happen? Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. They develop a system throughout their entire organization from the NHL, to the AHL, to the ECHL, and teach their new kids whenever they get their hands on them. They draft specific character kids, not kids based on who the “experts” say they should draft (see Hickey over Alzner). If there is a hole that can’t be filled by a kid, you plug it with a FA and/or a trade. This can only be done once you have reached the status of a desirable location…something the Kings are nowhere near.

    3. Offense…the last piece, and the one piece that honestly, doesn’t really matter. Drive for show, putt for dough. Defense and goaltending wins championships…offense brings Anthony to the games.

    That’s the blueprint ladies and gentlemen. The game may have changed, but the blueprint has been the same since 1900, and won’t ever change. You can come at me with Syd the Kid and Malkin all day long…I’ll take Detroit’s defense any day against that. Defense and goaltending will win the day, and if you look at what Lombardi has done over the last 2 years, the Kings are on their way to building a friggin’ juggernot.

  • Lord Stanley

    My 2 cents

    After years of trying to put a cup contending team on the ice through various ways that have proven unsuccessful, we are now trying to do it through the internal building process. This means drafting and developing our prospects. It also means conceding to support our team who we know will finish with another disappointing season. However, we are really just trading this for the hope of what could be. We must endure growing pains and a team that no top named players what to play for. We must sit in our new priced seats while the team is molded and matures into what is promised. All this sounds too familiar to the fans that have previously supported a new beginning. My concern, frustration, and uncertainty come from several different points. The first is that no matter how much we believe DL can do this, we are faced with the fact that there are several blunders he has already made on this team. We will all agree on some and disagree on others but at best, its about 50/50. The second is that we are conditioned to seeing successful teams contain big name players that were brought in to fill the gaps; and for the most part, DL has failed at a good number of the attempts we have been made aware of. Third, and what is probably the biggest issue for me is to watch players who we have developed (Cammy, Lubo) be traded away for what basically amounts to poor contract negotiation. Fourth, we seem to have a somewhat over inflated view of what a prospect truly is. I know that all great players started somewhere but many draftees that had all the promise to become impact players have disappointed or never developed into what was anticipated. Fifth, we are not the only team who has good prospects. Even though we drafted well in a deep draft, so did at least 20 other teams. They also have prospects from past years who are close if not NHL ready. In addition, the have the veterans to mentor their future players and help them reach their potential. I dont mean for all this to sound so doom and gloom but some of you are talking like we are the only team with a future and if we give a few of these kids a year or two to develop, we will have the best team for years to come. Although I hope that it works out that way, I think with what we have seen from DL, it might be safer to remain cautiously optimistic. There are 29 other teams in this league that are working on their future as well.

  • JDM

    Lord Stanley said:

    “…cautiously optimistic…”

    You just summed up my 15 years as a Kings fan in those two words. I have the highest of hopes for the Kings as nothing would give me a fuzzier feeling than true success, but ALWAYS with the disaster defense waiting in the wings to save me from having my heart broken again and again and again and….

    Please DL, make it happen. I see it, I smell it, let me taste it. AEG… go away.

  • Tais

    I just think Markov wanted a longer contract- 2 or 3 Years and he said “NO” to Detroit last Year- 2.5M for 1 Year. He is a great player! Big mistake for LA!

  • yesitscal

    I remember when the Kings used to be very strong defensively back in the early 1970’s and they decided to throw defense to the wind and go with offense, so instead of losing games, 3,2, we were now losing games 6-4. They traded draft picks for over-the-hill veterans for a quick fix and it didn’t work. They tried to go with kids and it didn’t work. Poor scouting, poor trades, maybe the Lombardi regime will prove to be different, but we won’t see the fruits of his decisions on a teamwide scale for two or three more years.

    Anyone who thinks that the Kings have a legitimate chance to make the playoffs is sorely deluding themselves. When Tom Preissing, with four years of NHL experience, is your mentor for a bunch of raw kids, you’re in deep do-do (and I don’t mean this as a slight against Preissing personally). Mentors are people who can teach the youngsters how to be a professional both on and off the ice. Jaroslav Modry might be able to fit that bill if he wants to come back. He’s not the greatest defenseman ever to wear the jersey, but he worked hard to get to the point where he eventually became an all-star for Dallas. He knows how hard you have to work to get to the point where you can be trusted by your teammates.

    I fear this team is going to take its share of hard knocks this season, but they should be in the running to get John Tavares. Hopefully they won’t blow it again this season…

  • Duckhunter

    Jet and Anonymous that says goalies and defense are the most important are 100% right.

    Jet makes a great and solid point, on the forwards who played terrible defense last year. Everyone points out the D, but they play as a unit, and if I’m not mistaken, Kop, Brown and Cammi were at one point -27,-28,-29. All of this with veteran defensive players like Blake, Visn, Stuart, Modry etc….

    Fast forward to this year……With the lineup, some of you are predicting, we’ll have 3 rookie forwards, Kop in his 2nd or 3rd full year, and O’sull in his 2nd full year. Add to that, the possibility of starting 2 or 3 rookies on Def with JJ only in his 2nd full year and you have a recipe to disaster. You have to have experienced players mixed in. I’m not complaining here, I’m just saying it’s going to be a long year. We are improving, but we’re not close to competing. Yes the kids are talented, but they still have a lot to learn. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope all you can talk crap to me at the end of the year, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Hopefully we continue to get better and in 2 yo 3 Years we will be a power house in the NHL

  • Anonymous

    The kings do have veteran leadership. Are we forgetting about Frolov, Brown, and Kopitar? These guys are going to be relied upon for veteran leadership. And I believe that they have it in them to lead this team. No question about it. Let’s not underestimate the makeup of this team. They are going to be tough to play against. Just look at the line up they have.

    1st Line. Brown – Kopitar – O’sullivan
    2nd Line. Frolov – Stoll – Purcell.
    3rd Line. Moulson – Handzus – Boyle
    4th Line. Ellis – Armstrong – Calder/Ivanans

    These guys can match up against most teams in the league. So let’s not throw in the towel yet. I think they just may surprise us.

    And if the team only needs one veteran defenseman to solidify the position. I think that’s doable. And it’s not that bad.

    Goaltending I think is the best that I have seen in years. These guys know if they can’t perform, there is another waiting in the wings to take his spot.

    I can’t believe that the team is as bad as we are led to believe. Management is playing it safe by not raising our expectations to much. And thats a safe hand to play. I think DL is an awesome poker player. He wants to show a weak hand. But I am not buying it.


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