Ask Jim Fox, part 7

OK, here’s the last part of the question-and-answer session. Once again, major thanks to Jim for volunteering his time to give me an outstanding feature on the blog. One of the best parts of hanging out in El Segundo is getting to chat with Jim, get his insights and trade opinions with him. I hope everyone enjoyed the special “open forum.”


dbbourn said:
Hey Jim,
It is no mystery that the Kings current roster lacks veteran leadership for the upcoming season. If Dean Lombardi can’t swing a deal for a veteran defenseman, how detrimental will it be to the development of this young defensive core? With highly regarded players like Doughty, Hickey, and Teubert likely to step in over the next few years, don’t you think too much responsibility early on may disrupt their maturity? Typically an NHL team introduces 1 or 2 rookies per season and as it stands now it looks like the Kings may need to regularly play at least 4, (Doughty, Boyle, Purcell, Moulson) Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for what the future has for this team, but developing a winning team isn’t done on potential alone. Somebody has to show these guys the ropes.

Coaches have told me that the best way a player learns is not from listening to the coaches, but by watching teammates…the Kings are looking to add the type of players you are talking about, but the #1 priority for the Kings right now is to go young and get these players some NHL experience…I would assume that more than 1 or 2 “rookies’ get a chance this year…growing pains will probably be there…


Anonymous said:
Who would win in a cage match? You or Haywood?

Come on…Mr. “Hayward” was a goalie…no one goes after goalies…


rpod said:
How do you think Terry Murray will do as our NEW head coach???

Quisp said:
Terry Murray? Rumor or truth?

Anonymous said:
Any truth to the Terry Murray story from ESPN?
Thanks for all the effort.

Paincorp said:
Globe & Mail in Canada says it’s truth:
Looks like Terry Murray is on his way…

Daniel said:
Quisp – obviously it is a rumor until the papers are signed. But if it turns out to be true, I am not sure what to think. Sounds like Mr. Lombardi is just going with what is familiar, not what is best. This isn’t new, this isn’t the new Kings. I thought Lombardi was an out-of-the-box thinker. Taylor showed more imagination when he hired Andy Murray.

I received many questions about Terry Murray and the possibility of him taking over…the best thing I could think of was to check out the reporting on “Inside the Kings” or at “”…that should give everyone information about Dean Lombardi’s feelings and Terry Murray feelings about the Kings…to Terry…Welcome aboard!


another 5-year plan said:
Hi Jim! You and Bob are two of the greatest sportscasters of all time. Thanks for calling the games and making hem enjoyable to watch.
1. Can you give us some insight into locking up restricted free agents ala Patrick O’Sullivan? What’s everyone waiting for? Why the delay?
2. In your opinion, did Dean drop the ball on the Rob Blake issue? Do you think Rob’s number should be retired?
3. Will you be checking out any Ontario Reign games? If you do, I recommend going a little further to Redlands and eating at Joe Greensleeves. They have an awesome wine selection and the chef is impressive.
4. I just had my first and hopefully last ACL reconstruction and know you’ve had your share of knee problems. Do you ever feel normal once you healed? I’m hoping to play again but don’t have the King’s access to round the clock therapy.

Another 5 year plan:

Thanks so much for the comments re Bob and me…

The O’Sullivan situation should be over fairly soon…as a “restricted free agent” Patrick does have some rights as far as entertaining offer sheets from other teams…at this point he has not signed one…the delay is just part of the normal negotiation process…if Patrick does sign an offer sheet from another team…the Kings will have the right to match the offer and retain Patrick…

As I mentioned earlier, I am disappointed Rob is not going to be back…I don’t think Dean “dropped the ball”…he has mentioned that there were numerous discussions between the Kings and Rob…I assume the inability of the 2 sides coming together had more to do with the “correct fit”, than it did with money…I think when Rob retires as a player, there is a good chance that he will be inducted into the Hockey Hall-of-Fame…if this happens, then, even though there has been 2 “splits” from the Kings in his career, I think his number should go up on the wall…this is not a decision that has to be made quickly…

I’ll have to go out to Ontario for the “Reign” games, with a side trip to Greensleeves…sounds good to me…

My knee situation was a little different in that it didn’t really involve ligaments or cartilage…it involved my knee caps…I still remember after my 1st surgery, the first words the doctor said to me were…”I did what I could”…my knees are fine know but they never got back to 100%…with the ACL, it’s a long process, but now-a-days, if you stick with the therapy and are disciplined, no reason why you shouldn’t be back to 100%…good luck with the rehab…


Anonymous said:
Hey Jim, From what you hear around the league, does any of the ufa’s even want to play for the Kings right now? We had tons of chances to get guys that would fit and we ended up empty. I know we have the money so why are we empty handed? No Stewy, no Blake, why not make a half hearted effort to get Smith? It’s bad luck to have a letter on your jersey. We lost our captain and all three assistants, who will wear them this season?

I have mentioned before that until the Kings become a playoff contender, attracting free agents will be difficult…but, when this team grows, there will be a solid base that will attract a lot of impact free agents…
I has the “captain’s” question earlier…I have a lot of respect for Derek Armstrong as a veteran leader…I think he would be a good choice…having said that, it is always better to have an “impact player” as your captain…maybe it’s time to go with the trend a go young…any one of the following would be okay with me…Brown/Kopitar/Stoll/Handzus/Frolov…


peaches said:
so I have been in los angeles for 26 years , and a season ticket holder for 20 or so. But I grew up in Ottawa and followed your career there. Partly cause I was friends with Blake and Scott Dunlop since we were 4. When I moved here I decided to become a King’s fan and let go of my adoration for all things Canadien, because i wanted my son to be able to cheer for his home team , not my favorite team. Which brings me to this: I sincerely believe that aeg intends to move this franchise to Kansas City, and that it will happen in the next 3-4 years , just as the team is truly ready to make a splash..therby building a strong fan base in KC (JUST LIKE DENVER… A LA THE AVALANCHE/NORDIQUES) I am wondering what your thoughts are about this. Because frankly I am a HOCKEY fan and a Kings fan, so I am not that concerned about salaries or cap space or even winning the cup..I enjoy going to the game , being with my son and sharing a bond….so the only thing that would really annoy me, would be to have taken my thousands of dollars and then stab me in the back. so?

First of all, thanks for your long time support…I know this is a tough time for the Kings right now and there are many “stories” circulating about a lot of different issues…to be honest, this is the first time I have heard anything about the Kings “moving”…I think the Kings will be in LA for a long, long, time…thanks again…I wouldn’t worry about the Kings leaving…


melkarmazin said:
Hi Jim, what do you think the hold up is at the FCC regarding the Sirius/XM merger? I have Sirius and cannot get the hockey package since the NHL went to XM. The proposed merger is over a year old! And the DOJ has already approved it! Whats going on????

I emailed my contact at NHL Radio and here is the response…
They are still waiting on the FCC for approval…all indications are that they should have a final ruling by the beginning of August…maybe sooner…
I know this doesn’t give you too much information…but it looks like we’ll know well before the season starts…


KingsFan19 said:
Jim, What is your best hockey memories as a player in the NHL? What is is your favorite hockey memory as a broadcaster?
What players did you idolize growing up and did you ever get to play with or against any of your childhood favorites?
Thank you for your hard work, dedication and passion for the Kings and hockey in general.

I like your number…and thanks for the kind words…

Favorite memories usually include just hanging out with the guys…my first season was extremely enjoyable…we finished 4th in the NHL…had the best road record in the league…Bob Berry was the coach and he did a great job…I learned a lot about preparation and competition from Bob…

…obviously, the series against Edmonton with the Miracle on Manchester game was something I will never forget…

…as a broadcaster…a couple of things come to mind…the Toronto series in ’93…so much intensity and so much history during that whole playoff year with the Kings playing all Canadian teams…

…Adam Deadmarsh’s OT game winner vs. Detroit was something I will never forget…STAPLES Center exploded that night…

…working for NHL radio I had to do a post-game interview in Calgary just after the Flames won the western conference final to go on to the finals against Tampa Bay…I did it with Martin Gelinas and it was right at center ice with the entire building still going nuts…I had to yell my questions to Martin, just so he could hear me…all the red Flames jerseys, the noise, the energy…what an atmosphere…

…my favorite player growing up was Bobby Orr…unfortunately, I just missed playing against him by a year or so…Guy Lafleur was one the players I idolized…it was an honor to play against him…actually, all of the Montreal Canadiens players were special because they were only a couple of years removed from winning 4 Cups in a row, so we were always watching them on TV…In my second or third year, we were playing in Montreal and I was on a line with Bernie Nicholls and Charlie Simmer…we were hot at the time and just as we were getting ready to start our first shift, Montreal makes a line change to match up against us…out came their checking line and I lined up next to Bob Gainey…I’ll never forget that…the Montreal Canadiens sent their checking line out to match-up against the line I was playing on…I was so proud and excited at the same time…


Gavin said:
1) Are you more a fan of the thicker, rich, berry forward wines that seem to be more popular in California? I love CA wines, but they sometimes seem to put almost too much emphasis on the sweet and not enough on the complexity…
2) Any thoughts on a truly great winery experience you’ve had? Great winery tour, friendly tasting room, etc?
3) Are you a member of any wine clubs?
4) What’s your favorite wine? The ultimate, best wine you’ve ever had.

1. I would consider myself an “old world” wine lover…I prefer the wine with a lighter body when compared to some of the big California style wines you are referring to…I don’t mind many of the Californian wines either, but as you mentioned, sometimes they are out of balance…the best way to explain it for me is to compare average California style Chardonnay with Chardonnay from Burgundy…same grape, but different styles…

2. My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit Bordeaux in 2001…we stayed at a hotel right next to “Chateau Lynch Bages” in Pauillac…we took a one day wine course at the winery and I saw something that was truly amazing…a young lady taught the course…she was only 25 years old…she went through her presentation which included a rundown on the 5 grapes that are used when blending a “Bordeaux Red”…Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot…we tasted all 5 separately and we discussed the grape characteristics and then tasted each grape “blind” and tried to tell which was which…at the end of the class, she asked us (8 people total) to “blend” our own wine…each of us was to use all 5 grapes in the blend…we were to keep track (write it down)(estimate) of the percentages used…40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot etc…she left the room when we blended the grapes…when she came back her challenge was to taste each glass of wine and tell us what the breakdown of each blend was…how much of each grape…she went around and tasted each glass of blended wine and gave her answers to us…she hit all right on the nose…8 glasses…8 perfect breakdowns…I tried to screw her up and used a lot of the grapes that usually only make up a small percentage of a “regular Bordeaux Blend”…I put in 40% Petit Verdot…30% Malbec etc…didn’t fool her for a second…I had never seen and I have never seen since anyone be so precise in tasting wine…truly impressive…

3. No wine clubs for me…I try to try as many different wines as I can, so I usually try to mix things up from different producers

4. #1-1989 Chateau Lafite Rothschild…I had it 2 summers ago…Full body…with a noticeable elegance…full and long fruit finish…#2-recently had a 2003 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon…only had a half of a glass…knocked me off my feet…big California style with a “spice” (a spice that I’m still trying to identity)…it was unusual to me as far as Cabernet Sauvignon goes, but it was outstanding…#3-2002 Corton-Charlemagne, Premier Cru (can’t remember the producer’s name, there are so many)…so much intensity and had so many different levels of taste…it was my first true experience with a great white Burgundy…#4-1990 Chateau d’Yquem…so intense and luscious and viscous…it could taste it 5 minutes after each sip…


Mitch said:
When are the Kings going to sign Brian Cooke? He’s right here in our backyard. Sign him and play him in Ontario.

The Kings are aware of Brian…as I’m sure you know, he just finished his freshman season at Wayne State and appeared in only 1 game…indications are that he will stay in school throughout his college eligibility…we’ll keep an eye on him…


I would like to end by saying, thanks for the questions…I always learn a lot when trying to come up with the answers…as I mentioned earlier, no doubt these are tough times for the Kings…we are all are thankful for the undying support or Kings fans…next year will probably have to do with young players learning about the NHL, but, I would also like to point out some positives…Kopitar is for real, love watching him each night…Frolov has taken some heat in the past for “inconsistency”, but last year he took some strides when he basically player hurt all year…his teammates and coaches had a true respect for his efforts……Jack Johnson is a dynamic player…O’Sullivan took it up a notch and he will get more PP time this year so hopefully he continues to improve…Dustin Brown is the best and most effective hitter in the NHL…it is a tough time right now, but I do look forward to better time ahead…thanks again to everyone for the questions…hope to see you at a Kings game this season!


PS…Thanks again to Rich for the opportunity and keep up the good work with all of the information gathering about the Kings and the NHL…

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  • El Guapo

    MANY THANKS to Jim and Rich!

  • socalking


    Thanks for the time you have taken to answer these questions for all of us Kings fans.

    Go Kings Go!!

  • Harry

    Sorry if this post is a bit long. Pretty interesting “internet rumor”…

    Two overseas contract rumours: Markov to LA, Ericsson to sign 3-year, 2-way deal
    Posted by George James Malik July 19, 2008 09:25AM
    Categories: Griffins, Prospects

    Two rumours popped up this morning; the first discusses a former Red Wing’s purported return to the NHL, and the other claims that a future Wing will be locked up for the next three seasons.

    Sport-Express’s Alexander Shapiro claims that former Wing Danny Markov is coming back to the NHL to play for the LA Kings:

    July 19, Sport-Express (roughly translated): MARKS LEAVES “DYNAMO” AND PASSES IN “LOS-ANGELES”?:

    Russian national team and Moscow “Dynamo” defenceman Daniel Markov has arrived an offer to return to NHL. The contract has been offered to the the hockey player by “Los Angeles”. While Marks hasn’t made a final decision, he’ll make it within the next two weeks.

    “We know that Daniel received the offer from ‘Los Angeles,'” the president of the capital’s club, Michael Golovkov, told Sport-Express correspondent Alexander Shapiro. “In the contract of Markova with our club there is a clause: if he will suggest that he wants to return to the NHL, we will release him without any questions. At present the hockey player is in America. On July, 25th we will meet him on our base and we will discuss everything…”

    After a pause Golovkov has added: “Certainly, if Daniel makes decision to leave our club, it will be a serious loss.”

  • Harry

    If Markov played for Philly…He might have a good relationship with Murray and DL….DL SHOULD MAKE THIS MOVE………BETTER then a trade for Schneider.

  • anthony

    Whatever happened to getting younger.
    And letting the kids play.
    This Bullsh_t “bridge player” nonsense that DL made up in his brain, is gonna push players like Peter Harrold and Joe Piskula out of the organization.
    And other players like Drew Bagnall, Davis Drieweke, and Josh Kidd will nver see the inside of the Staples Center during the regular season.

    Yeah, this is the first year we’re gonna get young and build a franchise. So lets get these bridge players because I don’t trust the kids we have now.
    Blah, Blah, Blah.

  • nykingfan

    Getting Markov would be a nice pickup. He’s a veteran defenseman…32 yrs old…shoots left. Has winning experience with Detroit and Philly.
    He’s a playoff tested guy. Would only cost $$. Hopefully they can sneak him by the tightwads at AEG.

  • Harry

    A clip of Markov Checking Stoll!

  • Eric K

    that would be a pretty reasonable move, as long as we didn’t give him anything more than a two or three year contract. obviously, the money (at least for this year) isn’t an issue for the cap, but it might be for the ownership. and he’s a left-handed shot, of course…

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I’d rather see Markov on the Kings defense over Bagnall, Drewiske, Kidd, or Piskula soley because there’s no chance of the team having any success with any one beyond Doughty being the ONLY rookie on the blue line. Anthony, if you read any of what Fox was saying here you know having those guys play would be the wrong decision.

  • dave

    I feel LA might be better then some people think…look they got ride of all the dead weight on the most part…the young guns carried this team last year. I was the vets that where disappointing and the kings got rid of some of them….so lets have fun watching these kids run wild in the streets ( ice )..I’m hoping they are getting a little chip on there should feeling no one feels that the kings aren’t going to do so hot this year…I’m for one looking forward to see a fun young team on the ice…not a bunch of old tired vets that are just collecting a pay check !


  • Daniel

    Markov would be a really good move. Let’s hope this rumor is true. Lord knows we don’t need to break in 3 rookie D-men the same year.

    On another note, this may make for some interesting Sharks v Kings games (or Worchester v Manchester games) in the future:

  • JonG

    I’m all for adding a few bridge players on defense if they allow us to develop the kids properly. You can’t throw a 19-year-old out to kill a five on three power play, and you can’t send him out there when you’ve just given up two goals in less than a minute. Guys like Klemm, Markov and Modry look pretty good to me at this point.

    Plus, pretty much every team in the league uses bridge players. Even the Red Wings rely on Andreas Lilja, who nobody would ever describe as a key player. There simply aren’t enough good players to fill out 30 teams.

  • KingsFan19


    Thanks for taking time to do this every year. It is fantastic to have this kind of interaction with the Kings team and the sport of hockey.

  • Harry

    Some one who keeps posting NEGATIVE “feedbacks” can’t understand the concept of “Building Process”

  • kevco

    Is this the “surprise” DL was talking about?
    We need some experience on the blue line. Sorry Anthony but we need a few bridge players to fill in the time until the 18 and 19 old are ready.the will have a chance to play, there are always injury and chances for the kids to come up to shake things up form time to time.
    Plus we need to spend some money.

  • anthony

    Since most of you guys have managed to convince me that playoffs are out (for a while), then why not let the kids play.
    Let that spot go to a player whose is the kings future plans. Let him learn and get the vital experience.
    These bridge players are not in the future plans, so why have them around. Right.

    Now I’m quoting DL here. This is the year we’re gonna get young and build a franchise.
    Now he’s making offers to older players that no other teams wants. He says one thing, then does another.

  • Anon

    Dean also has said that we need to bring in the youth the right way, not just use their age as the only credential and then throw them into the fire. Any team needs vets no matter if they are rebuilding or not. If you’ve ever played hockey (or any sport) you’d know this to be true in how valueable vets are.

  • nykingfan


    If a kid is not ready to play on the NHL level, he will be embarrassed on most nights. The players playing in the league are the best of the best in the world. If you’re not ready, all that can happen is your confidence is completely destroyed, and maybe what might have been a promising career.
    Every player will tell you there’s a huge difference in the talent level between the AHL and the NHL. Forget about the difference between juniors and the NHL.
    Patience is the key with young players. There’s no reason to be rushing a prospect. Let him learn in the AHL or juniors and when his level of play, as well as his level of maturity rises to the level of the NHL, then he’ll be playing up here. It’s as simple as that.

  • Ragbone

    Anthony, Anthony, Anthony!

    You want to be constantly negative that’s your business. But don’t mis-quote DL and then skewer him based on your mistake.

    He sad the Kings would “get younger”, not “get young”. There IS a difference.

    The only part of any of your comments that makes any sense at all is the “Blah, Blah, Blah.” Just give it a rest!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jim!

  • Lloyd Pol

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    Good work buddy, keep it up.