Murray quotes, on Johnson

Here’s what Terry Murray had to say today about the news that Jack Johnson will miss the next two to three months with a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder…

Question: Did you get a chance to talk to Jack today?

MURRAY: “No, I didn’t see him. He went to the doctor very early this morning and when he got to the building here, we were on the ice. So I will follow up with a phone call here. It’s very unfortunate. He was just starting to get going here and then this happens. It was just sort of a flukey thing.”

Question: Were you able to watch the film and see exactly what happened?

MURRAY: “There was a puck that was flipped up into our zone. He fielded it and played it with his hand and tried to bring it down, and the San Jose player was coming at him with a lot of speed. (Johnson) turned to avoid him but he caught his shoulder. It’s very unfortunate.”

Question: Are you familiar at all with Kyle Quincey?

MURRAY: “No, I don’t know him at all. Obviously our scouts have been out there watching him and they liked him and he was available. He’s a big-bodied player, and after losing Jack we needed to bring a guy in here who could give us some minutes. We also have Peter Harrold here, and we’re going to have to get somebody playing on hat side. That will be the decision here as we get going for tomorrow’s game.”

Question: With another game tomorrow, does it help you to have all these games early, or would you rather have extra practice time?

MURRAY: “The games are important. As you go through the training camp, you get to play a lot of exhibition games, and it’s maybe too many sometimes. When it comes down to it, the process of pulling your team together is done through playing games. The intensity level is different and everyone reacts differently to that pressure. After games, you’re able to review with the team on video and point out different aspects that we’re seeing. Really, there is nothing like games. In practice, you try to simulate the situations of games, but you can’t replace the game itself. So this should help us in the long run.”

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