• jet

    Maybe Murphy would be better, as the Murray curse continues.

  • jet

    I had surgery for a tear in my right shoulder 16 months ago. The pain was not bad, but the stiffness and lack of mobility was frustrating. It took 8 weeks after surgery to get 90% movement back, and 14 weeks to get 99% back with PT 2x a week. I think the size of the tear may affect the recovery period. My tear was less than 2cm. I hope JJ drives an automatic.

  • Fuzzerson

    Normally a Bankart repair is in order for a partial labrum tear. I had the surgery 28 years ago, when there wasnt the arthroscopic option. I had the surgery at xmas of 80 and by April I was able to go thru spring football.

  • BBanzai

    Hey after reading about the Ranger’s chereponov dying, and Eric Johnson golf cart mishap, i glad its only a shoulder and 3 months, get well JJ!

  • Moondoggie

    Bad injury. I’ve had 5 surgeries to repair mine which was a full tear (actually it was shreaded). The good news, the surgical options are much better now than when I had mine done. I now do 150 push-up’s a day with no pain and full mobility. With a partial tear and good rehab, JMFJ will be as good as new…….