Lombardi on the suspension

Here’s what Dean Lombardi told the Daily News via e-mail what he thought about the NHL giving John Zeiler a three-game suspension for his hit against Colorado’s Adam Foote.
“We do not agree with (the suspension),” Lombardi said. “(We) think the sentence was excessive, but we will live with it. Every good army needs a couple of criminals.”

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  • slappin

    THAT is a great quote!

  • Tompa

    “Every good army needs a couple of criminals.”

    That’s hilarious!

  • Anonymous


  • wavesinair

    “Every good army needs a couple of criminals.”

    What does this mean???? Kooky. Really kooky.

  • wavesinair

    BTW, thanks Jill for all the updates! Where’s Rich though? Maybe he needs new shoes because it appears he slipped and fell off the face of the earth.

  • The Man from UNCLE

    What? Dean, sorry dude, but that was not the right thing to say.

  • BS!

    Love him or hate him, one thing is sure about DL, he rarely ever gives politically correct answers. I personally love it, although I felt that the suspension was warranted.

  • Anonymous

    What the heck does that mean? I wonder if Zieler digs being refered to as a criminal and seperate from the “good army.”
    I wonder if that email came late at night.

  • Marty

    Dumbardi support your players,stop making an idiot out of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Did the Kings practice yesterday? Who skated in Zeiler’s spot? Richardson or Armstrong?

  • Irish Pat

    Lombardi is starting to grow on me.

    The quote is a veiled compliment to Zeiler. Lombardi is pointing out the importance of having players who will do the dirty work even if it means doing time on the sidelines.


    Wow. As one of the biggest long-time critics of both Zeiler and Lombardi, I have to say I’m flattened. I absolutely love this response from Lombardi. The “seige mentality” is on. F the league, boys, they don’t give a toss for LA at all.
    Absolutely brilliant!
    Thank you Dean Lombardi for backing your guy like this.
    Not only are you showing your players, and others, that you completely support them, but you’re dead-on about the suspension.

  • brianguy

    gotta love it

  • anthony

    This is the reason why he’ll either get fired or will be gone after his contract axpires.
    Nobody wants a GM who bad mouths his players.

  • How is Deano badmouthing Zeiler?

    He’s saying he doesn’t like the suspension but what can he do? That’s part of Zeilers game and Deano likes it.

  • jediknight329

    you go dean…

    if anyone thinks that this was a slap to the face of zeiler, then i really feel for you. i guess you have not read or listened to anything that dl has said over the last 2 years. dl wants warriors not wussies.

    butthole surfers is dead on. dl is giving props to one of his “nastier” players for “doing what must be done”.

    the suspension was not warranted, but the nhl, feeling the heat lately for players taking runs at each other, probably felt they had to do something to look tough. bettman (spelling ?) and his cronies are out of touch and stink at running and supervising this league.

  • vicarious

    great comment from DL. Funny and true.

    As far as defending Zeiler, I suggest we wld prefer to have smart criminals. Ones less likely to get caught and less likely to take actions to injure other players in early regular season games without any provocation (I saw, at least in that game, but hey I just watch from my overpriced seats).

    Hopefully Zeiler learns, which he needs to if he wants to stay in the NHL at $600K plus a year. Not bad comp.

  • nykingfan

    Way to go DL. Classic quote. I took it as a compliment to Zeiler and what he brings to the team.

    Anthony as usual, you are completely clueless. You really believe this comment will be the end of DL?
    I guess we should all forget the fact that thanks to DL, this team has improved tenfold and is no longer a doormat for the rest of the league.
    Anthony, just accept the fact that you have been wrong about the guy since he was hired and join the rest of us as we enjoy the re-birth of this long dormant franchise.


    I urge all to blast Yahoo’s Wyshinski for his kings bias. He’s a horrible blogger and he sullies the league with his presence. Let’s send him to WWF blog-land.

  • David

    Hockey is a sport and certainly not a war. Just ask the Soldiers in Iraq.

    What kind of message is DL sending to young hockey fans with his comments? You should aspire to be a criminal?

    I hope the NHL slaps a fine on DL for his clueless remarks!

  • Chris Calkins

    Go Kings! I love Deano!

  • rjc76

    Amen nykingfan. Might as well add Marty to that list as well. He’s right there on the same wavelength as Anthony.

    Guess they failed to notice that he said every “good army” needs a couple of criminals. This was an obvious compliment except for those with a continuous ax to grind with DL.

  • Eric K

    Love it!

  • Anze

    I’m cutting Dean some slack for obtaining Greene, Stoll, and Quincey and drafting Doughty. But he sure employs some weird syntax every time he talks.

  • mark4kings

    Jeez, David. Lighten-up. It’s a metaphor. Nobody’s comparing the NHL to Iraq.
    Anthony, when is your contract going to “axpire”?

  • MS

    Quit crying over DL’s comments, he’s backing up his team. Most business management personal tend to not do the same for their employers, especially in the public eye.

  • SuperSonic420

    Some of you people need to just chill out with the overreactions just a bit! Its people like you who make everybody else walk on egg shells with what they say! This whole pc crap is really getting old so get over it! This is still the USA and free speech is still one of our greatest rights as citizens!! Comparing war to sports is nothing new, and if you think it is, you must have never been around football growing up. DL was taking a tounge in cheek statement about Zeiler taking the dirty jobs and dealing with it. I dont remember anyone crying when Marty McSorley would go hunting for Doug Gilmour’s head! Did we all want Tony Granato banned from the Kings when he took a stick to another players head? NO! But because its Adam friggin Foote we should hang one of our own? I think not, John Zeiler or not, hes a King, and we support our team. Dont have to condone what he did, but we dont have to send him off the cliff either! Well as least some of you get it.

  • Anonymous

    The “criminal” comment is just DL’s way of complimenting JZ for being a physical badass on the ice.

    He’s got a point.
    –Sergei Prozacutov

  • Anonymous

    This league blows. Bettman and Campbell cater to the big name players regardless of what the situation is. Where was the league’s iron fist on Ovechkin when he blindsided Brown? The way Brownie fell, he could have sustained a neck injury or a concussion if he had struck the back of his head. Can’t touch the Russian superstar because the league will lose it’s prime tv draw. What a frigging joke it is that Bertuzzi is still in the league after he street mugs a guy and breaks his neck. I wonder if Todd is sending monthly checks to Steve Moore since he’s still making the big bucks? They suspend Zeiler like he committed an assault because he’s not one of the league’s golden children.

  • Duckhunter

    I think DL’s comments are great. Everybody is part of the team, from top to bottom. DL’s statement is in fact, a way to show Zieller that he supports and appreciates his efforts.

    Some of you folks have to remember, this is not tennis or golf. This isn’t Tiger Woods complaining someone is talking while he’s shooting. Hockey is a tough sport, that has some rough and sometimes violent collisions. The intent to injure and the intent to finish a check are two different things. If your intent is to injure someone, then you should be dealt with sternly. I personally don’t think Ziellers hit was dirty or with intent to injure, so I’m glad DL is sticking up for his guy. It’s refreshing to see and hear.

  • Anonymous

    “anthony said:

    This is the reason why he’ll either get fired or will be gone after his contract axpires.
    Nobody wants a GM who bad mouths his players.”

    Explain how he bad mouthed Zeiler? Really, please do.
    Lombardi speaks…knee-jerk spite filled reaction.

  • Anonymous

    I love it!!! Great quote…good support of your player. Although I do not condone whatever he was suspended for…(I’ve seen worse hits), I do like Deano’s reaction. To the guy who says that is why the GM will be fired…sounds like YOUR issue might be personal.

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