From Gosselin to Berthiaume to Chabot…

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, one of the sport’s top scribes, took a look this week at the Kings’ (rather bleak) goaltending history. His first paragraph really puts it in perspective…

“The Los Angeles Kings have been around for more than four decades, but have had only three goalies who could be considered real stoppers.”

There’s some good stuff in this story. Nothing terribly new for anyone who has watched the Kings for more than, oh, 20 minutes or so, but it’s a very good read…

Elite goalies not part of Kings’ men

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  • Shakes

    poor Rob Stauber. he must be peacefully minding his own business when blammo the last line of the article calls out ol’ Blue Line…

  • Josh

    Great article…i really hope brian boyle doesn’t turn into one of those first round busts…we all saw his potential last year but this year seems really different…

  • Woody

    I think the Kings have let go too many goalies too early in thier career without giving them the appropriate time to mature. Not saying they are great, but by far better than we have had the past 10 years:
    Huet, Lagace and even Garon was solid last year.

  • Anonymous

    Nice article. Thanks for rubbing it in, Jim… But lets live in the prestent:

    KINGS 2, OIL 1

    They’re just bitter!

  • Nick in 318

    I hated seeing us trade Cristobal Huet for nothing… we wouldnt have had any question marks for the past few seasons and we still wouldnt… he was our Ersberg from 3 or 4 years ago. It pains me to see him do so well for other teams when he came through our system and played well for us and was just discarded so carelessly…

    about Boyle… I’m really dissapointed in Murrays decisions with him… playing time, line mates, roles… He will NOT EVER excell on the 4th line with Ivanans as his primary playmaker… his build is meant for sitting infront of the net on the powerplay… and to see Lameass Kyle Calder get playing time on the 1st line and 1st power play over him is PAINFUL…

    if there is anyone who should be scratched its CALDER… just sticking out like a sore thumb… he consistantly makes bad plays and is a liability on the ice… its essentially a 5on4 when ever he plays on the 1st line… and kopi and brown wont get into any good grooves with this bum playing on their left… the only candidates to be on the 1st line with brown and kopi should be 1. Moller 2. Boyle 3. Purcell… skilled players should play with skilled players…
    the 4th line should be ONLY made up of Boyle/Armstrong/Richardson/Zeiler/Clune

    that brings me to Ivanans,,,

    what is so great about this guy? how many fights has he been in? how many people has he intimidated? how many big bone crunching hits has he laid out? His play has been SUBPAR… and hes gotten the start in almost all of the games… he has no skill, he is out of position, slow, and worthless… if we want to see fights we should call up Westgarth… I do not see why Ivanans should start over Boyle or Richardson or Army on a nightly basis… he is NOT intimidating… hes only been in about 4 fights all season and most of them have been wrestling matches… His only purpose on the team is to fight,,, and he can not even do that… instead he plays in too many games and in too many situations… how often will he randomly be out ona Frolov line shift? or be floating on the ice with 7 min left in a 3rd period tied game?

  • Anonymous

    Well…check out this article….those Canadiens get it what Deano is doing here…I told you Burke wants to take Dean with him…..I’m nervous.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rich, can you ask DL what we thinks of the development of Hickey and Teubert especially after the Russian CHL Tournament and them being paired together?? Thanks!!

  • KingFan4ever

    My first ever Kings game at the Forum was a game vs. Vancouver Dec 31st, 1991. Daniel “the Bandit” Berthiuame was in goal instead of Kelly Hrudey… Kings had a 3-2 lead into the third. The Bandit allowed 2 goals in the third and the Gretzky led Kings lost 5-3. (the last goal was en empty netter) Kirk Mclean started for the Canucks.

    I’ve been a Kings fan ever since and The Bandit has earned a dubious distinction in my own Kings experience.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with Potvin as one of the stoppers… I prefer Storr…Stauber and Knickle put together over him…

  • CUP4LA

    Do people forget that Mario Lessard was an all star goaltender? Not only that, but he was the STARTING goalie in the 1980-81 all star game.

  • Anonymous

    Before piling on Robb Stauber, let’s not forget that if he hadn’t stolen a couple of games with stellar tending when Hrudey struggled early in the ’93 playoff run, we wouldn’t even have that Stanley Cup appearance to hang our 40+ year hat on.

  • RB from Torrance

    I don’t know how many people read the article that are commenting in this section, but something really stood out to me the first time I read it.

    “You find a goalie who’s really good and dependable and a coach and a GM can relax for the next 10 years.

    “No kidding,” said Lombardi.”

    If this was the case, why are we still starting LaBarbera? He’s in his mid 30’s and isn’t capable of starting on any other team.

    I’m a little shocked to hear Lombardi twice hack on Bernier in the same article. The second time, the writer of the article had to enter in a reprieve. “Oh, but we aren’t saying that about Bernier”. Um.. Yeah, you kinda are… The fact that you had to add the reprieve means you are conscious of it.

    I’m happy with some of the improvements this year. Nick is right, Ivanans needs to go. 100% Liability on the ice. Furhermore, he gets as much or more playing time as Simmonds, who is in my opinion, (next to Doughty) one of the young players with the most potential on our team.

    However, it’s all bunk unless we move toward shaping our future goalies. Start Ersberg, sub with Bernier, and send LaBarbera packing. It’s sink or swim out there and either you got it or you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Marco Baron
    Peter Ing
    Norm Foster
    Ron Tugnutt
    Pokey Reddick
    Don Cutts
    Freddie Brathwaite
    Kari Takko

    ….awesome goalies in Oilers’ history.

    So we’ve had Rogie, Hrudey, Potvin and a cast of thousands.

    They’ve had Fuhr, Moog, Ranford, Cujo and their fair share of crap.

    Did those goalies single handidly win all the Stanley Cups for Edmonton? Hardly. But it was nice of Jimmy to write that nice pointless article.

  • wavesinair

    THE ICEBERG COMETH! He gets the call after Labs win. Does this mean he’s the number 1 goalie? I think so.

  • wavesinair

    Calder starts on the top line again and immediately gets a scoring chance. Many of you loathe poor Calder but I have always liked the way he plays and don’t have a problem with him playing on the top line…and neither does Kopitar as evidenced by the pregame interview.


  • anthony

    Calder is worse than Brian Wilsie.
    And I hate him as much as Kopitar and Brown hate him.
    Don’t believe anything else.

  • Duckhunter

    Unfortunate the boys are down after the first period. It’s probably the best all around period I’ve seen so far this year. They keep it going like that, they’ll be alright.

  • kopi

    what a 3rd period for the guys… it was the best period in a long time.. hopefully we keep this up and we will be in the playoffs in no more thing… army play very well!

  • PRMan

    “Do people forget that Mario Lessard was an all star goaltender? Not only that, but he was the STARTING goalie in the 1980-81 all star game.”

    I know. Lessard gets no love, but he was a great goaltender for the Kings. He could singlehandedly steal games.

    “Before piling on Robb Stauber, let’s not forget that if he hadn’t stolen a couple of games with stellar tending when Hrudey struggled early in the ’93 playoff run, we wouldn’t even have that Stanley Cup appearance to hang our 40+ year hat on.”

    I was about to say the same thing.