Frolov gets benched, talked to

Alexander Frolov’s absence from the last 16 minutes of last night’s game was not injury related. It was directly related to the poor defensive play he made on Phoenix’s game-tying goal. Today, the point was driven home again when Frolov wore a red jersey — typically indicating a fourth-line player — in practice. On the grease board in the locker room, Frolov’s position was even listed with a slash next to John Zeiler — as in “24/13” — indicating that his spot in the lineup might be in question.

That’s most likely just a motivational move by Terry Murray, who, after practice, pulled Frolov into his office for a lengthy closed-door meeting. Obviously, offense isn’t the problem for Frolov, who leads the Kings in goals, but defense is a major issue. Here’s what Murray said today about why Frolov remained on the bench in the third period.

MURRAY: “That (Phoenix) goal, that awareness. He’s a veteran player and out in that situation, that’s what we’re talking about here, is awareness, intensity and focus. It’s a one-goal game and it’s (about) doing the right things to shut it down. That play that happened, it was the back weak-side defenseman coming down and getting a pass through a couple people. That’s (Frolov’s) responsibility, to read and react to it and be in proper position. He just was over too far on the puck side, and that opens the lane to the back door for the defenseman. I need our veteran players to lead the way in those close games like that. That’s a big part of their buy-in and setting the example and how to do things for the young players, for future years or for future times. He slipped in it.”

Question: Was that a cumulative thing with him, something you’ve seen pop up from time to time?

MURRAY: “With Fro, and I think I might have said this before, I see so much there. I see so much potential and I want him to bring it out. When you’re a player that has a lot of ability and a lot of talent, the only person that can bring it out, ultimately, is you yourself. (It’s about) making your mind up that you’re going to have that mental toughness to dig in and get it done. That was, in a nutshell, the conversation.”

For those who didn’t see it last night, here’s the offending play/goal that landed Frolov on the bench.

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  • Goallum

    Rich, next time, you should ask why this demonstrative discipline is being applied so selectively, and where is it with the likes of Browpitar.

  • shadowalk

    Rich, can you ask a follow up question to TMurray? So, if Alex was benched for that lapse, why does DBrown get a pass for his costly penalties? How do you decide who has to pay penance for their sins?

  • MS

    Sorry, but I see several guys skating around while Phoenix set up that play. And to bench a guy that could have very well TIED the game for you at the end is ludicrous.

  • Anonymous

    lame. it is quickly becoming apparent that some players (fro, o’sullivan, preissing, boyle, richardson) are going to get harpooned and benched for EVERY SINGLE bad play they make. and then there are others (calder, kopi, brown, labarbera, gauthier, ivanans) that for some reason get a free pass. is this terry murray’s double standard? or is this the double standard of management? regardless, i feel sorry for fro. he’s been showing game in and game out that he’s our best player, and on most nights, also one of the most defensively responsible. he makes one gaffe, and he’s instantly in the doghouse. what gives?

    oh by the way, i wonder how we got that one goal lead in the first place… is it because of our awesomely offensively gifted first line? i think not… fro 4 life.

  • taz42

    It’s been very evident that Murray is concentrating on D, rather than O.
    To single out Fro for one damned D mistake is sending out a really bad msg.
    Fro is a scorer, Brown is supposed to be, Kopi is supposed to be. Maybe, just maybe all this centering on D is messing up the heads of this teams scorers.
    Moving Sully to every line has been one other lousy idea, to my way of thinking.
    Sure didn’t expect p.o’s this year, but did expect to see a lot of goals.
    PP is screwed up, PK is fast going down the tubes.
    Something better give soon.

  • Anonymous

    Does TMurray believe that benching your leading goal scored when down a goal sends the right message to the rest of the team? Is Murray OK with losing a game to make a point with Frolov?

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    It’s starting to look like TM has his favorite players, players that he’s OK with, and players he doesn’t like. And he’s treating them differently.

    Favorites. It’s clear he has a positive inclination toward Calder and Ivanans. He sticks with them no matter what. Gauthair, Preissing give games away and no meeting for them, let alone being benched. Santa LaBarbara.

    OK with. Brown and Kopitar get called out, but still play the same amount.

    Doesn’t like. Sully, for sure. Ditto Moulson, Boyle, and Pursell. Maybe Army’s here, too. I’m not saying they’re innocent, they just get treated differently, less forgiving by TM.

    I am not being comprehensive with this list. Just some players who have screwed up and been treated diffently.

    Anyone who would care to do a more comprehensive list, I’d look forward to seeing it.

  • Will Hutchison

    I coach high school sports and I completely sympathize with Murray. It can drive you nuts when your top players do not execute the most simple plays. Frolov could have either picked up the defensemen early, or picked up the forward late; he did neither.

    You run your system. Plain and simple. That is what systems are – how you will play the game. Gauthier plays within the system, he just is not all that good. I think he does a much better job than Harrold.

    For the fans that are angry that Calder is on the top line, and that Sully is skating with Richardson and Simmonds:

    1.Calder gets chances, he makes good things happen, he’s not Rick Nash, but he goes to the net hard. Brown and Kopitar are not burying their chances, but they are creating opportunities. Brown especially is playing great, the results are just not showing in the W-L yet. He looks like a much paler Inginla out there!

    2. Sully is skating with two talented guys, that could be a dangerous line, and it allows Sully to take all the shots he wants to and create plays. I like him better with Richardson than Armstrong.

  • PaintItBlack

    What a bunch of bs. Frolov is the best player on the team. He had one brain fart, ONE. He doesn’t do that often because he’s an excellent 2-way player. Way to cost the game, Murray.

  • Old School

    I agree with all of the above. Why bench your top goal-scorer for this? Why not tell him on the bench he made a mistake, then move on?

    Maybe he should’ve benched Kopitar for not scoring into a wide-open net earlier in the game. Maybe he should bench LaBarbera every game for the bonehead mistakes he constantly makes (is this guy REALLY an NHL caliber goalie?). Maybe Murray should bench Ivanans for a few days for not beating the crap out of the guy who took on Kopitar.

    To put a “slash” on the line combinations with Zeiler – what a joke. Zeiler should be in Manchester, not vying with your top goal scorer for a spot in the lineup.

  • Anonymous

    It is becoming alarmingly clear that Alexander Frolov is not to be in this franchise’s long-term plans. This young man has been the best and most consistent forward for the team for the past four years, and gets little credit for his offensive production with subpar linemates and responsible play in the defensive zone. To single him out for making that “mistake” sends an incredibly poor message to the club, especially when considering Kopitar’s lackluster play, Brown’s costly penalties and the seeming inability of any line but Frolov-Handzus-Stoll to consistently “bring it” every night. I fear the day we see him playing at Staples in another team’s sweater.

  • Rory

    I think the reason Frolov got disciplined while Gauthier Priessing, Calder and Ivanans don’t is because they are bridge players, and frolov is supposed to be apart the core of this rebuilding effort. TM said it in the interview Frolov has the potential. He is trying to make him a better player, A coach like Crawford would have let Fro skate by so that he might tie the game to save his (crawfords)job. Those bridge guys are just bodies to eat time while the prospects develop.

    I’m Frolov fan but I also respect Terry Murray for defense he is TEACHING.

  • Dan H.

    Yeah he cheated towards the puck on that play but it sure looked like two wide open guys had a chance to bury that one in front of the net. Were there talking to’s given to them too?

    The one that really annoys me is Ivanans. That guy takes minor penalties like a 3 year old takes candy and he’s in there every night. The one game he took 4 penalties with 12 minutes of ice time. That’s not a good ratio.

  • David

    Hey Rory…..Can you say “Bridge Franchise?”

  • Dolly

    I too understand calling out Fro for a mistake…but really what about the others?! I thought the third goal was soft. Ersberg wasn’t the best goalie that night, only Frolov and Moller scored, bad penalties both of the last 2 games. We ruin our offensive momentum when we keep ending up in the box. AND let’s face it.

    Frolov’s goal was awesome. He did it with his own rebound from behind the net. Loved it. He is giving the fans something to cheer about every night!

    I would love to see him on the first line but I think Sully will do fine wherever he is if he has time to gel with his line before another switch.

    What do you all think about using the colored jerseys, is it humiliating to wear the “I might be a healthy scratch jersey” especially if you are a veteran? AND is humiliation a good thing (I don’t believe so) Is this common for coaches to use this system?

  • stepa

    Murray you make sueside .58 time .

  • ian

    I agree with Rory, TM’s attention to Frolov is justified considering what an important player he is for the Kings both now and in the future. That being said I hope other players receive at least somewhat comparable attention when they mess up or the whole teams morale will suffer. And we’ll be back to listless MC style play…/

  • Neva

    Completely agree with Will Hutchison. I’d been trying to come up with a way to say it but couldn’t, thanks.

    Makes sense to a point as to why the lines are the way they are. They don’t need three shooters on one line. Yeah sure Brown could go to the net and do what Calder does and let Kopi and POS do the shooting but I’d rather see one of the three, Kopi-Brown-POS, on another line getting chances and spreading the scoring around.

    Of course this so far hasn’t worked so well. So what do I know, what does anyone know!?!?!?! Has anyone actually coached any hockey, enough to really make any statement about the way things are? šŸ˜‰

  • Tevez

    Maybe Frolov was confused about where he should be because the lines are constantly changing.
    Is he on the left side or right? I thought he’s been playing left wing all season. That defenseman came down the right wing’s zone of responsibility.

  • BluLine77

    This is the first time TM has totally lost me. It’s not like Fro is stupid. Maybe sit him for a shift or two and then get him out there for a chance to make amends. But bench the only player on the team who’s scoring right now in a game that you are behind in??? F’n retarded. And I am just totally mystified by Ivanans being in the lineup every night just like everyone else here. Also, kinda bummed that OD’s play has went into the toilet the last two games and it’s taking DD down just a bit with him. This week is a turning point in this season. Lose the next game and I think this team crashes hard like last years with a 10 or so game winless streak. Win and maybe they pull out of the nose-dive.

  • Duckhunter

    I’ve played in high levels of competition, and I’ve coached at the H.S. level, and I understand and respect what TM is trying to bring here to L.A. But, I must say, this situation is making me scratch my head a little. I can’t say what point he’s trying to make. As you all know, I’ve done nothing but praise Fro all year, and by far(if you ask me) he has raised his game more than anybody since TM came to town. So this reaction to one breakdown is a little concerning. I still have faith in TM, but on this one, I don’t agree. As far as Brown and Kopitar goes, Captains and A-Cap. don’t get benched, it’s that simple. When was the last time you heard a captain being bench(for play) in any sport.

  • Anonymous

    Lombardi take note: I can’t remember one time this season when one of our defensemen made a play like Phoenix’s defenseman made on that game winner. There’s no help for our forwards coming from our defense in the attacking end. Kopitar, Brown, O’Sullivan, and the other forwards will continue to struggle offensively until we have more balanced talent on the blue line.
    Murray’s not helping things with his defensive pairings, either. Offensive defenseman plays with defensive defenseman. Come on, already.

  • Gary

    I for one am SICK & TIRED of this coach already & it’s been 20 games. Why not acutally use the players that are DOING SOMETHING and play them together. For such a offencive loaded team this is complete garbage.

  • Quisp

    I don’t think Murray has been inconsistent with his treatment of players re discipline. Here’s why:

    First of all, there are different kinds of mistakes. There are miscues (Kopitar’s open nets) which you can do nothing about; then there are bone-headed plays (Gauthier’s pass up the slot, Brown’s penalty the other night); then there are lazy plays or selfish plays by smart or skilled players. Certain lapses by POS, and last night’s mistake by Frolov fall into that category. Each category of mistake requires a different response. The most dangerous type of mistake is the lazy/selfish variety, because it’s infectious. Every coach knows this. If POS doesn’t have to bear down and get the puck out of the zone before he leaves the zone, why should anyone else bother? If Frolov doesn’t have to watch his assignment in the defensive zone, why should anyone else? If I score some goals, do I get a free pass? No, I do not.

    That is the right message to send.

    Frolov is a veteran, a leader. The other players look up to him.

    As far as other players who may or may not have been disciplined for their mistakes…let’s run through some of the names mentioned…

    POS — also needs to learn to play a complete game and work within the system, for the same reasons as Frolov.

    Preissing — mental lapses are especially bad for a veteran d man on a team with only two such vets. He must play the disciplined game. I get the sense that Preissing is possibly a little lazy, as opposed to selfish or stupid. Anyway, this must be corrected; not tolerable in a veteran. Accordingly, he has been a healthy scratch.

    Boyle — not punished for mistakes so much as for a general lack of “getting it.” Accordingly, he’s in Manchester.

    Richardson — someone mentioned him being punished. I just think he’s been the odd-man-out. That appears to be changing. (though I thought Murray was pissed off when he took that penalty)

    Calder — obviously people are pissed that he’s getting first line time, but he’s also been a healthy scratch.

    Kopitar — he hasn’t been disciplined but he has been called-out by Murray regarding the “need to step it up.” He tends to work his ass off, which helps him.

    Brown — took a dumb penalty. I’m sure he addressed it with the team. Again, hard work and leadership cures a lot of ills.

    JLB — someone cited him as a player getting preferential treatment. I don’t think so. I think Murray gave him his ten games, then Ersberg, now they’re sharing.

    Gauthier — has been a healthy scratch, so you can’t say he’s gotten a free pass. He plays a physical game, which Murray likes. He was scratched after his one hideous pass, so that seems consistent.

    Ivanans — Murray likes the physical presence Ivanans brings, but he’s not about to put him out there in crucial defensive situations. I’m sure Murray is talking to him about defense on a case by case basis. But if he were benched, how would we know? I think the real complaint here is that Ivanans plays more than we would like him to. So true. Oh well.

    Moulson and Purcell — someone mentioned that TM doesn’t like them. I don’t think that’s true. TM is trying to get them to learn the NHL game. That’s his job. That’s why POS was sent down by DL three years ago, and that’s why Moulson and Purcell are in the AHL now. Not for long, though.

  • Anonymous

    No one is disputing that Frolov has been the Kings most prolific offensive player. However he does tend to have defensive lapses and with the team working on their defense that is why he is being singled-out.

  • voice of reason

    Looks like Qusip and a few others get it.

    There are two kinds of mistakes an athlete can make: a physical mistake, or a mental lapse.

    You hit an outfielder 100 fly balls, he’ll probably drop one of them. What can you do–it happens. But if a player has a miscue on the base paths, or a pitcher forgets to back up a bag, that’s when a manager loses it, because those are lazy, mental lapses that can be easily controlled.

    Same goes for hockey. Kopitar failing to bury an open shot is frustrating, but it happens. Frolov, a veteran player with all the ability in the world, failing to cover a wide open player in the slot is a result of being plain old lazy (in that particular moment) and you have to nip that in the bud.

  • Anonymous

    Tevez said:
    Maybe Frolov was confused about where he should be because the lines are constantly changing.
    Is he on the left side or right? I thought he’s been playing left wing all season. That defenseman came down the right wing’s zone of responsibility.

    Good point. Someone should tell Murray Frolov was +/- zero last night and has only been minus – 2 once this season. Even Zetterberg has been minus – 2 more times this season, and Detroit can score goals.

  • Anonymous

    the sky is falling.

    some of you are embarrassing with these posts.

    am i bummed about the outcome of the last 2 games? yes, i am. however, this team is light years ahead of last years group and far better than what i expected from them to be this season [so far].

  • Freddie

    I don’t know what TM is thinking. Taking Frolov out was a bad move. Watch out Frolov!!!…you may get a time-out next mistake.

  • What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    I can’t believe the bu||shit rants. TM explained himself. He expects more out of the experienced players than the younger ones.

    I agree that they’ve been team meltdown for the past couple games (and I stuck up for them after the first one, but two is the start of a trend.) Nevertheless, it’s pretty early to be going after TM the way you guys are. Compare him to ol’ head hunter from before, and I’m pretty glad they’re making the progress a teacher can help with.

  • Garrett

    The benching of Frolov reminds me of when Andy Murray benched Luc Robitaille for several games during his last two seasons in the NHL. That was disrespectful and stupid as well. What is it with the Kings and their inability as a franchise to find a coach who is not utter garbage?

  • Duracell

    Right after the face off, Frolov skates off screen to go out and cover the point/defenseman, but for some reason he sort of glides back into no man’s land. He’s watching the puck, not covering the defenseman who slips in behind him. That leads to the cross ice pass right to said defenseman, who now has a wide open path to the net. The King defenseman (Doughty?) has to leave his man (Lisen) to pressure the puck carrier. Frolov is still kind of stuck out in no man’s land not able at this point to cover anyone. Anyway, this leaves Lisen open in the slot and as we all know he eventually receives a very nice pass from the defenseman for the tying goal.

    I can see where Coach Murray is coming from, but I’m not sure I bench the only player scoring for you right now for the rest of the game. Maybe a shift or two and then send him back out to give him a chance to make up for his mistake.

  • MS

    The people defending TM’s decision to have Fro benched are completely missing one key point here: Timing. It was a complete and total mistake to bench one of your best goal scorers when he very well could have tied that game for the Kings. You wait until after the game to address the issue.

  • -J

    “the sky is falling.

    some of you are embarrassing with these posts.”

    Seriously. I’ve stopped reading comments (and even coming to this site) for the most part since it seems there’s only 1 in 10 that actually has some thought behind it this season (quisp and a few others are usually that 1). The passion is apparent, but the knowledge and objectivity is lacking around here. Instead of just anthony thinking he knows how to coach and gm, you have almost every single poster on here second guessing every little move and acting like you could do better, when none of you, that is NONE of you, have any idea what is going on on the bench, in practices, in meetings, etc… it’s getting old.

    Its like actors and musicians talking about politics…

    Many of you jumped all over Gauthier when he made that lame pass up the middle because it was a basic fundamental he screwed up on. Fro not covering his man at the point is the same exact thing. He was no where near his coverage and got burned. Any of you think that perhaps this isn’t the first time Murray has had this issue with him and that’s why he was benched? Or perhaps benching a veteran was a message to the other core veterans (eg Brown and Kopi) to step up there game? Oh, why I am I bothering, those that get it, get it, those that don’t will try to flame me.

  • Quisp

    The common theme among those who are pissed at the Frolov benching is: we could have won the game if Frolov hadn’t been benched.

    I would have liked the Kings to have won that game. But that’s nothing compared to the number of games the Kings will lose if the lesson doesn’t sink in. I would think the people who are mad that Frolov was benched and so the Kings lost ought to be mad at Frolov, not at Murray.

  • MS

    You don’t don’t bench Manny Ramirez for a dropped ball in the outfield in the same game-you ask him to go out and get it back at his next at bat. Period.

  • David

    “J”…..For somebody who has said that he’s “stopped coming to this site,” why are you still posting comments, you holier than thou know it all hockey fan?

    How many more seasons do the Kings have to flush down the toilet thanks to DL’s ineptitude? I guarantee you that Kyle Calder will not be on the Kings by the March 4, 2009 Trading Deadline. Deano will have more of his beloved draft picks after trading Calder.

    Nice job trying to showcase Calder on the first line, much to the total detriment of the team.

    I saw a similar pattern with Jason LaBarbera starting the first ten games of the season in goal.

    Terry Murray couldn’t find his arse with both hands the way he’s been coaching this team.

  • Quisp

    MS –

    Manny Ramirez drops ball = Kopitar misses empty net

    I’m sure there’s a baseball analogy for Frolov’s missed defensive assignment, but that’s not it.

    The point is, there’s a crossroads. One path is, “If I tell you to do something, and you don’t do it, you won’t play.” The other is, “If I tell you to do something, and you don’t do it, it doesn’t really matter.”

    All you’re really saying is, as a fan you don’t really give a s**t about the defensive system or the players listening to the coach. You just want the players you like to play no matter what and score goals and win games. Yay! Sadly, that’s not how it works.

    Now, we can debate endlessly whether Murray should have done nothing, benched Frolov, sat him for a shift or two but then put him back out, given him a good talking to, looked at him crossly, or made him a healthy scratch. But I think it’s pretty obvious that Murray’s coaching has taken a team that last year finished last and sucked defensively despite being populated on the blue line with millionaires, all-stars and future hall of famers, and turned it into a defensively-sound team that’s in the top tier of the league in terms of shots allowed, goals against, PK, etc., using nothing but prospects, cast-offs and spare-parts. And still no #1 goaltender.

    So let’s see: which do I prefer? (1) a defensive system that has so far exceeded everyone’s expectations (except mine; see pre-season predictions, where I — virtually alone — said I thought the Kings would be much improved defensively due to the subtraction of Blake and the addition of Murray’s defensive mind-set. but I digress…), or (2) everyone can do whatever the f**k they please, and we’ll lose every game 7-4?

    I think I’ll stick with do what the coach tells you to do.

  • Duckhunter

    I find this situation interesting. Before I share my thoughts, I just want to say I have not questioned anything TM has done so far up to this point. I don’t question his scheme, his choice of goalies, his line combos and the culture he’s trying to instill here. I think he’s done a great job so far.

    As far as Fro is concerned, some of you will remember me writing about how I was a little critical of him because I thought he was a better hockey player than what he showed. And I’m am convinced that TM has made Fro a much better hockey player this year than in the past. To me, Fro has adapted quite well and has probably been one of our best and consistent players. That’s why I think this situation is interesting.

    Now if Fro had continually made the same mistake over and over, than I would say bench his ass. But TM was specifically asked by Hammond if it was an cumulative thing. If he would have said yes, then this discussion would be mute. But he didn’t. So that bring me to my point of discussion.

    I’m going to use Quisp’s breakdown to ask my question. I agree that there is different degrees of mistakes that have different degrees of punishment, but I don’t know if I totally agree with the breakdown. I’m just going to use the top players to make my point and ask my question.

    Quisp said:There are miscues (Kopitar’s open nets) which you can do nothing about; I would agree if A open net shot was missed during A game, but multible open net misses over multible games, IMO is lack of concentration and lack of execution, which to me breaks down as mental errors, and can be argued, cost us a game or two, or at least it could have changed the dynamics of the game into the Kings favor.

    Quisp said: then there are bone-headed plays (Gauthier’s pass up the slot, Brown’s penalty the other night); then there are lazy plays or selfish plays by smart or skilled players. Certain lapses by POS, and last night’s mistake by Frolov fall into that category.
    I won’t talk about, Gauthier because he got benched. But let’s talk about brown. He lost his cool, started taking runs at people and drew a penalty which made it 5on3 that cost us the game. Mental error. Fro, out of position, let a pass through the middle which led to a goal, which cost us a game. Mental error. I don’t know if I agree that Fro was being lazy or selfish here. If anything Brown’s penalty was selfish, but that’s beside the point. Then you have O’Sull, who sometimes is like Mightymouse out there. Makes good plays, makes people around him better, gets back to play defense, then there’s other night when you don’t even know he’s in uniform. Inconsistency at it’s finest.

    Finally to my point. Everybody makes mental errors at some time or another. Browns error cost us a game, Fro cost us a game, Kopitar maybe cost us a couple games and O’Sull’s inconsistency, plays havoc(to his defense, he does get moved a lot)on our team. So my question is why is Fro the only one that got benched. I can care less that it’s Fro, I just want to know why it’s one individual.

    I think this is a great point of discussion, and sorry for the book.

  • Quisp

    Duckhunter —

    I agree with your points. I think the Brown situation could have resulted in benching, but maybe it didn’t because he’s the captain and there’s an expectation that he (Brown) will lead, even in the aftermath of his mistake. I don’t know what Brown did or said to the team afterward, but I imagine Murray handled that situation with Brown’s leadership role in mind. I agree with your assessment of Kopitar’s missed opportunities; I imagine Murray believes in giving him the room to work his way through it; it’s still a qualitatively different problem than one of following the coach’s directives. If you’re Terry Murray, you can’t really bench Kopitar and say “you just sit there on the bench, Anze, and you think about how you didn’t score just now” and think that’s going to be a winning strategy.

    Also, I think Murray wants Frolov to assume a leadership role, a role which Brown and Kopitar have embraced. To that end, it makes sense that Murray is holding Frolov to a very high standard here. Just like that episode of Happy Days where Ritchie’s journalism professor gives him a B because he thinks Ritchie is destined for greatness if he applies himself.


    J – If you have understanding you don’t think other have you should post it. Not participating regularly just leaves the comments to those you don’t agree with. Talk about things and show us your point of view. Maybe you’ll change some minds. There are positives Murray has brought, but he’s also shown some strange behavior, at least to some. Quisp has even resorted to offering up reasons he doesn’t necessarily believe (showcasing Calder) because from the outside it doesn’t make sense.
    The effort from the players has been unquestionable. Murray is a big part of that. Questioning “some” of his decisions isn’t saying the sky is falling, it’s wondering what purpose is served by doing it. If you have a better understanding of the “whys,” post them and discuss it.

  • Quisp

    Eat – I haven’t “resorted” to anything. There are some things that are more concrete than others. Some things are just speculations. My self-described “crack-pot” theory is speculation. As far as “disagreeing with myself,” I was just being polite. It’s just saying, “hey, maybe I’m wrong.” It’s not an invitation for you to use it against me.


    Quisp – Apologies. Not trying to antagonize. Just discuss. I didn’t want to say quisp is resorting to “crackpot theories” to J as he might not understand and I thought you’d take offense. Seems you read it as offensive. Just saying you are speculating because you don’t exactly get some of the stuff either. That’s what we’re talking about, right? Why is Murray doing the things he’s doing? Why does Lombardi do some of the things he does? Why does everyone have to get so mad? Isn’t this supposed to be fun? Arguing with passion doesn’t mean its mean spirited. Come on.
    Let me put it this way. Some fathers are tough with their kids for a reason. They’re focused on what’s best for their son in the grand scheme rather than immediate rewards. To an outsider who never had a dad, or a tough dad, it can be confusing because there is no experience having a father figure like that. Is that what Murray is doing with his team, or is he naive and possibly not the best at figuring out how to make the best out of what he’s got?
    There’s a lot of criticism of players on these blogs, but when we start to criticise the coach or the manager it’s over the line? Why?


    Its like actors and musicians talking about politics…

    So you have faith in the politicians? Wow.

  • yo’s

    I do not agree to what Murray did with fro. If anybody needs a wake up call on this team it is Kopitar.

    I for one would like to see him benched, just for a game to get him to wake the hell up.

  • Those Wizards triumphed in the John Wall sweepstakes,topped the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey

  • Thats Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.