Practice update

It took forever to get out of practice today, as Terry Murray had a lengthy closed-door meeting with Alexander Frolov, who is NOT hurt but was in the doghouse for defensive lapses.

More on that when I drive to the office and transcribe, plus extensive thoughts from Murray on the first line and the potential for changes there. I’ll have it up ASAP.

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  • welp.

  • ian

    Sounds like some sweet juicy stuff! Thanks! Hurry!! 😉

  • Irish Pat

    Phew! Thanks for the update Rich. I’m glad Frolov isn’t hurt, but id you get the impression that he may be scratched on Friday?

  • MarkE

    Line starts he for those who thinks TM has lost the team

  • mrbrett7

    Maybe O’Donnel should join him…he was awful against both Toronto and Pheonix…

  • anthony

    TM has done nothing positive for this team to warrant him putting anybody in his dog house.
    He’s a damn fool.
    Its obvious he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    Frolov has been the only offensive bright spot on this team.
    Has he looked himself in the mirror lately. The only person who belongs in the dog house is this 58 year old senile coach. He should be tossed out on his ass if he insn’t smart to figure out that his line combinations are an embarrassment.

    Hey MURPHY. Do the LA fans a favor. Quit your job. Go back to your beloved city of Philadelphia and enjoy your retirement.
    Hockey is just not your thing.

  • MasterAL99

    Scratched? The only guy who’s been scoring scratched? If that happens, i’ll personally go to Toyota Sports Center and give TM a piece of my mind. There is no way Frolov shouldn’t have been on the ice towards the end of last game. He made a mistake. As do so many players on this team. TM might want some viagra soon if he continues this, because I don’t know how long he will last.


  • MS

    Yeah, smart thinking..bench Fro. Didn’t he score in both games? The ONE goal we had against Toronto and one of two against Phoenix? Get your priorities straight, coaches.

  • Marty

    More 1 goal losses are in order with the misuse of All the forwards on this team.Murray should be replaced.Any other coach would utilize our offensive players together.

  • Gouda

    Murray must be watching a different game than I am…

    He should be praising Fro, not scolding him

    Where the **** has Brown and Kopi been the last 2 games?


  • jack handy

    here here mrbrett7

    i love what SOD has brought to the team, but the last 2 nights have been bad.

    that’s not to say this has been a one man show [or lack thereof] by any means… its been a group effort in blowing these 2 games.

  • stepa

    Frolov must scratch MURRAY .

  • mrbrett7

    Absolutely Jack…OD isn’t alone…for some reason, I just remember his glaring mistakes more than others the last 2 games.

    Somebody mentioned the other day that OD’s mistakes seem to effect Doughty, and I didn’t notice that against Toronto, but I did last night.

  • Mike

    Right. The only player that has been consistent all season gets to be in his “doghouse” after one bad game (in which he scored a goal) How about having a closed door meeting with Brown and Kopitar about the lack of production?

  • Brown isn’t captain material

    It was a defensive collapse, of course. He should’ve had the opportunity to redeem himself. I mean, it’s Frolov, our best 2-way forward, and the best forward this team HAS. PERIOD.

  • David

    The Kings are not built to win all of these low scoring games, especially without Marty Brodeur in net. Deal with it Coach Murray.

    If Fro is in the doghouse for a few defensive lapses, then where does that leave Calder & Moller? They’ve certainly had more than there share of offensive lapses recently.

    Has TM called them out in “lengthy closed door meetings” for a lack of offensive production? At least Fro has been putting the biscuit in the basket recently.

    Stop trying to play such a perfect defensive game TM and start utilizing your players strengths. You’re stifling their creativity and sucking the fun right out of the game for them.

    Putting POS back on the top line would be a great place to start.

  • Chris Bond

    I feel I have a fair understandng of the game, and Fro did look bad to me, If TM is on his ass then why not talk a lil bit of crap to Brownie about the leg out trip in the first of the 2 game vs. the leafs….And at least Fro is putting thepuck in the net…

  • 28 KINGS

    With Boyle out of the doghouse and back in Manchester, someone had to take his place. Frolov playing along side Zeiler and Ivanans? Message sent.

  • jack handy

    mrbrett7 –

    hmmm… i haven’t noticed that.

    No-Dought-y is doing fine by me. sometimes he makes a mistake[s] by trying to do too much in his own zone, but outside of that, the dude is a stud [IMHO.]i’ll take him over Lubo any day and i liked Lubo.

    Preissing on the other hand, is a big concern for me. specifically in the last two games he tried to stand up and hold the puck in the offensive zone and got burnt bad. i read the guys blog and think he’s a good/funny/character guy. with that said i’m more interested in his hockey ability than his writing and entertainment skills.

  • Anonymous

    Um…people…FRO is my favorite player but if he’s going to score a goal and then sit back on “D” and have 2 goals scored on him that’s bad math. He will be the first to tell you he dogged his defensive responsibility.
    And what’s up with that dude Anthony and his obsession with TM’s age? It’s actually quite disturbing in a psychotic kind of way. Age doesn’t really matter dude so give it up already.

  • taz42

    Murray having a closed door meeting with Fro?
    Thought comes to me that possibly it’s a discussion about moving him up the the #1 line.
    Everyone thinking abt that doghouse situation, but I’m thinking along a different line.

  • Mark

    Frolov scores the 1st goals in the last 2 games which gave the Kings confidence throughout both games and he’s in the dog house? Boy I wonder why Kopitar hasn’t been given the old yeller treatment. If TM wants to make an example of someone why pick on the guy who’s quietly leading the team in offense? I know this is a defensive mindset team but it doesn’t matter how great your defense is if your offense suffers.

  • Marc Nathan

    LOL… this is some funny sh** — Frolov has 5 goals in the past 6 games I believe…

    Of course after O’Sullivan scored 3 goals in his first few games this season, Murray demoted him to the 4th line because he wasn’t ready yet.

    This is comedy central.

    Cut the brakeline, I tell ya! 😉

  • stepa

    Last 10 min play Fro sid Sueside .

  • mrbrett7

    Yeah Jack…only noticed it a couple of times. For a rookie…I’ll GLADLY take it. The best thing about Doughty is when he makes a mistake, he learnes from it.

  • taz42

    So, the meeting was abt his bad D move.
    We all cried for D last year, but Murray is carrying this just way too far when he’s busy chewing out Fro when he’s a scorer. Makes me think that Murrays hangup with D is also what’s screwing with Kopi and Brown’s heads.

  • kluka68

    Why Frolov?? The highest scoring forward in the team gets in to dog house.Great, what’s next send him to AHL. Why our beloved Denis Gauthier wasn’t in the dog house when we lost a game with Detroit becasue of his stupid play? Why SOD and Kopitar were left out ? I remeber one of the games when other team pulled goaltender , I said ; It’s Kopitar time.

  • tiger

    Anthony, you must have been one hell of a roller hockey player. Go to Anaheim, you are an embarassment to the kings. You are a prime example of why people think californians are hockey morons. You are like the Avery of insideso-cal. On the flipside I find Avery entertaining, and I guess I do find myself looking for your ridiculous comments every day. I guess there has to be “villains” on blogs to ha! Its just taken me months of reading to finally react. Like Avery agitates, you finally got to me.