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  • killface


  • Arty

    Wait…is this a joke or is this for reals….cause I think I may just have shat myself

  • Brent

    Poor Canucks Fans…

  • Andrew Wagner

    Feel bad for Barbs, that seventh rounder is a pretty bad slap to the face for him. But then again, my dog could score on him in the shootout so he had it coming.

  • LBLocal


    Sadly, Labs was not.


    Good luck JBL, Vancouver is a beautiful city.

  • wavesinair

    He’s from the Vancouver area. Sounds like the perfect place to rekindle the confidence and become a solid backup. Wish you the best Labs.

  • Alen

    Vancouver, what a bunch of suckers!

  • Andrew Wagner

    BTW, is everyone else ready for the insane amount of puns regarding jon “quick’s” name now that he’s staying up full time?

  • MrMach5

    Poor Canucks fans

  • nick


  • Galen

    Justice. Beachball comes are way…LOL goes Canucks way!

  • Alen

    They dumped Cloutier on us we dumped labs on them, vengeance.

  • Rob

    Thanks for working late Rich. Good luck Jason

  • Duracell

    Good luck to you JLB.

  • Shaun

    OMG I just about had a kitten when I saw this. Finally!!! FINALLY!!!! Jason LaBarbera is a horrible goalie and why the Kings stuck with him so long is beyond anyones comprehension. I always felt like we were playing catch up and even in a game with a 2+ goal lead I always felt we could easily lose if they just put the puck on goal.

    Good Luck Quick! Make the best of your shot buddy!

    GO SIMMONDS, that kid comes to play every day and deserves our support.

  • Steve Jensen

    Me thinks that Deano is not done trading.

  • JonG

    Good luck, Jason. I hope you prove us wrong.

  • Arron

    The Nucks eh?

    I wonder if this means that Luongo is not close to returning? I also wonder if that means Schneider is going to be sent back down to the Moose?

    Anywho I hope Babs finds his confidence in Vancouver and becomes the goalie we all hoped he would be here. Good luck Jason.

  • Model 62


    In any case, good luck to him. I hope the change helps him find his game again.

  • Reb

    Oh wow! A seventh round pick! Isn’t that worse than Aubin? Gotta feel sorry for Labs on that one. I think he is better than that. But on the positive side, we have 2 young goalies on our roster that have played pretty good games. And of course, no more Labs. Who can people complain about now?

  • Marty

    Payback for giving us Beachball Clouthier,YES!
    A nod to the hockey Gods is in order.


    I wonder why players end up hating LA?
    Could it be because the everyone takes a turn kicking them once we’ve torn them down?
    I think this was a disrespectful move by Lombardi to Labarbara.
    He should have sent him to Manchester and allowed him to at least get claimed, cuz he would have, and who really needs a 7th round pick?
    I’m sorry, but Dean you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Labarbara was never, ever, ever short on effort.
    Goaltender is the one position where your lack of skill cannot be masked.
    Labs was a victim of our inability to score goals and I think he deserves a modicum of respect.
    How can all you people shit on your own time-after-time just because they leave LA – often worse off than when they came.
    This franchise owes it to the players who come perform here as professionals to be treated better than this.
    Publicly state why you’re moving Labarbara.
    It’s really because you want to move forward with your prospects.
    It doesn’t mean Jason Labarbara can’t stop the puck.
    I would imagine that — true to form — a former King will haunt this team for at least one night.
    Here’s to hoping Jason Labarbara shuts-out Terry Murray’s scoring machine before his days are done.
    After all, isn’t this the culmination of the demote-to-motivate model employed by Murray and Lombardi?
    Some of those players will leave and find that spite motivates them to find out how good they can really play.
    I doubt he’ll make Lombardi look like a fool for trading him, but I would think he’ll get vengance of some sort, at least once, on who he is going to hold accountable for this embarrassment.


  • Duckhunter

    Not the blockbuster trade I had imagined in my mind.

    Anyhow, here’s to wishing JLB success in Vancouver

  • BigA

    Very good move by DL to get something in exchange for Labs. Hope for his sake he can clear his head up there close to home and regain his form on shootouts & breakaways. As mentioned above, I guess Luongo’s groin injury is going to keep him out for the foreseeable future. Figures… have him in my pool šŸ™

  • Wondering

    WTH are the Canucks going to do with him??????

  • Bob Bobson

    Dammit ! There goes my Labarabera for Gaborik prediction.


    I’m sorry to not have excluded commenters like Arron and duckhunter, etc…
    Those who are well wishers of our Labs.
    Good Luck Soldier.

  • dmh012


    For the most part I do agree with you.
    I think in this situation it is not a dis to JLB.
    I think the Kings were going to let him go, maybe Vancouver agreed to pick him up off of waivers but then caught wind that another team was going to pick him up. So instead of letting there chance go bye, they swung a deal for him. This way they get JLB and the Kings end up with a draft pick. Now this may not have happened but you never know. As for it being just a seventh round pick, you never know what you can pick up, maybe a Zetterberg (5th round) or a Robitaille (9th round). Let’s hope we get so lucky.

    It is a new day in LA again. The youth movement continues.

    GO KINGS!!!

  • gr0x0rd

    As a nucks fan I got a seriously good laugh from some of the comments about sweet vengeance. We did end up giving you Cloutier but you guys can blame crow for that. Either way, welcome Jason, and we look forward to seeing him and Curtis battle it out while Bobby is out so Cory can get more playing time and the Moose get their goalie back.

    Great move on Gillis’ part. We’ve also got enough cap space to pick up a Kovalchuk or Gaborik-esque player at the deadline. Feel free to come on up to Vancouver and help us with the riots later this spring.


  • Danny


    Disrespectful to Jason? Dean and the organization gave him tons of support and opportunity and it just was not working out. Don’t feel sorry too for him, he’s going home not to mention to a team that has a decent chance in the west even if he is just there to back up or whatever. Also by looks of the posts, he’s leaving fans that don’t really want him around anymore. He was one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the NHL, but I think a change is what he needed. Good Luck Labs!

  • Heh

    Labarabera is revenge for Cloutier. Jason is still better than Dan.

  • john

    terrible trade, we could have gotten more i think.

  • john

    eattherich: i agree with you,

    i liked labs, he didnt deserve this.


    I at least hope that this makes Boyle’s impending promotion permanent.
    I also wonder, if it is, will he get used?


  • Anonymous

    The fact that he is gone is more than an absolute plus. When you trade you expect to get value back in return. Labarbera had negative value so the fact we even get a draft pick is great.
    He wasn’t needed and he wasn’t a help with each coach for some reason believing he could be a starter and continuously giving him opportunities.
    I am sure he is a great guy and is a proven elite minor league player. However, he is not a #1 starter in this league. Perhaps a back up but not a number #1. He has proven that!
    Good luck Jason

  • Andre Norway

    All the best to Jason and good luck in Vancouver.I hope you can rediscover yourself up there and bounce back. You deserve that as a player and as a person.


    And, I have to add:

    Is going from Kings No.1 to seventh-round-pick sound like good player management?

  • Quisp

    You think being traded for a seventh round pick is disrespectful (as if he could have gotten but didn’t want more for some reason…) but waiving him is not? Really, I think that doesn’t make a lot of sense. DL’s job is to maximize his team’s success by managing his team’s assets. Getting the most out of JLB is DL’s job. He was going to deal him at some point this year no matter how well or badly he played; the only scenario in which JLB could have stuck with the team all year is if he played so insanely well all year that the team was not only obviously unbeatable with him in net but the team could not afford to deal him. If he played just well enough to be attractive to suitors, but falling short of Ken Dryden, he would have been dealt at the deadline. As it turned out, he played poorly, and DL got a 7th for him, which is next to nothing, but still something.

    And he gets to go to a good team near his hometown or whatever. He’ll get some starts and yet another chance to prove himself, which, frankly, he hasn’t really earned…other than being a really nice guy or something.

    This is a win-win.

    Good luck, Jason. Some of your work was amazing. That game when you relieved Ersberg and stood on your head, unbelievable. Many of my favorite goalies were also wildly inconsistent. Even Jamie Storr and Robb Stauber, both of whom I liked. Lead Vancouver to the playoffs. We can play you in the second round. It’ll make a great story (and we should all be so lucky).

  • Nick

    Is going from Kings No.1 to seventh-round-pick sound like good player management?

    What in the world are you talking about? The alternative is lose him for nothing. There’s another option that’s equally bad in letting him clog up the pipelines even more by sitting in Manchester. He was the No.1 because he earned that role. Before the season he may have fetched more, but his complete collapse this season couldn’t really be foreseen. He was never a very good or valuable goalie, but I can’t imagine how you can come up with that conclusion about player management from this trade. Not the slightest clue.

  • Arron


    I agree with you 100%. Labs deserves a lot more respect than he is getting. He was never playing as bad as the people on this board said he was. He became the whipping boy for a lot of people covering up for the mistakes of others. Labs was a warrior for us and should get a warriors send off.

  • Dan H.

    There are a couple of people here that have sense…Eat being one of them.

    Jason got NO goal support from this team. He was like Nolan Ryan with the Angels. Can you blame Quick for last nights 2-0 loss? no. but people were doing just that to Labs.

    I hope he shoves it down the Kings ass in the future. I don’t think he was the answer for the future but he’s a servicible backup goalie and gave us a chance to win on most nights.

  • neil

    eat i think you make comments just to be heard Labs is paid nicely and being traded is part of the job..Disrespectful???? Please i know you re smarter than that…

  • Quisp

    re “He became the whipping boy for a lot of people covering up for the mistakes of others. Labs was a warrior for us and should get a warriors send off.”

    Look. He played very well, and in fact sometimes brilliantly, in about a half-dozen games. In others — games in which the Kings allowed in tiny number of shots — he was directly responsible for losses. His SV% oscillated from around .975 in his great games to .750 in his bad ones. He was not — not — covering up the mistakes of others. Last season he was. This season, no. Sorry. Last season the team was not better than he was. This season, he became, for better or worse, the weak link.

    Now, some people have been excessively snarky or even nasty in their verbiage directed at him. With the exception of the incident that has come to be known as The Look, I personally have not felt any ill will toward him. I’m happy to look past that incident. Especially now that the Kings have moved on.

    But to call JLB the whipping boy is kind of silly. At the most, it’s a handful of lunatic and/or angry fans on a blog.

  • Kevin Y

    It’s disappointing, but this is the first time you’ll ever say that you made a great trade when all you got in return is a seventh-round draft pick. Remember, there are only seven rounds in the NHL Draft.

    When Luongo is healthy, LaBarbera is gonna be sent down to AHL Manitoba. If some team puts in a claim for him (probably the Islanders), I am going to laugh and laugh.

    Sorry, Vancouver. At least you still have Luongo on your team.


    Nick –
    Just prior to the season, I’m sure we could have had Khabibulin for Labs, no problem.
    Do you think his reputation as a goaltender would have been 7th rounder status then? Before we couldn’t score in front of him and made his save % crap by making rookie mistakes?
    Maybe it’s not meant as an insult, but I think we could have given the guy to feel like somebody really wanted him by sending him down.
    Now fans are left feeling (some of us, anyway) like we need to defend Labs honor because now it’s just great to be rid of him.
    Who wants to be remembered like that?

    The best thing about this is that it makes room for us to keep trying our youth.
    Let’s have some respect for one of our own.

  • Baumgartner22

    thank you for explaining the logic behind the deal.

    for those who think JBL was disprespected-
    DL doesn’t owe any player anything. why do people think just because a player worked hard that they deserve a roster spot? just like many other “real world” jobs, if you don’t perform, you can lose your job. sometimes, even if you DO perform, you can still lose your job. it’s the way things go. JLB had 2 chances to run with the #1 job this season and dropped the ball both times.

    i hope JBL lands on his feet in vancouver, but don’t think that he was disrespected as a king.

  • Nick

    Just prior to the season, I’m sure we could have had Khabibulin for Labs, no problem.

    Possible, not probable. Labarbera’s stock was higher and Khabibulin’s was lower. Again, no one could’ve predicted his complete collapse this year, not one person. Saying we should’ve traded him before the year is 20/20 hindsight at best.

    Maybe it’s not meant as an insult, but I think we could have given the guy to feel like somebody really wanted him by sending him down.

    So it’s less of an insult to him — which really doesn’t matter, by the way — to be waived than it is to be traded near his hometown to a team in the thick of the playoff race? This doesn’t make sense to me. He’d be far more “insulted”, I would imagine, by being sent to the AHL.

    I wish Labs the best. I was a defender of him last year, but this year he pooped the bed. He lost his starter’s job on two occasions to two completely unproven goalies. He was, as Quisp said, the weak link…I think the venom toward him is a little weird, but probably justified (at least the existence of it, some of the things said were a bit hateful for my tastes). I don’t see how this is bad player management or anything like that. This is good player management if anything.

  • wavesinair

    EAT THE RICH said: “How can all you people shit on your own time-after-time just because they leave LA…”

    Looks to me like you’re trying to get this blog shut down while at the same time advertising your own.

    Respect? Please.

  • Quisp

    Eat –

    He just wasn’t disrespected. I think you’re confusing comments by people on a blog with treatment by management.

    He got a lot of starts. He didn’t play very well (or, if you prefer, he didn’t play consistently well). He was outplayed by two rookies. He was traded. Now he gets yet another chance to prove himself, this time auditioning to be the back-up in Vancouver. If he can play well, he can earn that job. If not, Vancouver will have exactly the same problem as the Kings did, a logjam at goalie, and someone will get traded or waived.

  • Kevin Y

    Look, guys, LaBarbera hasn’t played since being pulled from his last start five games ago. There’s a reason: Quick has a GAA of 0.77 and a Sv% of .958 in his last four starts since then. Quick got the starts because LaBarbera was struggling. Now, Quick is playing great hockey, while LaBarbera hasn’t played a good game since Ersberg got injured.

    Ersberg was our #1 before he got injured. Quick is our #1 now. And don’t forget, he was the NHL’s Third Star of the Week for the week ending December 28. And LaBarbera… well, he was the backup to Ersberg because Ersberg was playing good. He was the backup to Quick because Quick was playing good.

    Ersberg was our #1 goaltender, and he has a one-way contract. The Kings weren’t going to demote him. Quick is our #1 goaltender now, and was the third star of the week. The Kings aren’t going to demote him. LaBarbera wasn’t playing good, then he wasn’t playing at all, and he has a one-way contract.

    Realistically, LaBarbera was the only player the Kings were going to move anywhere, either to Manchester or another team. They decided to trade him knowing that if sent down, he’d likely be claimed. With that in mind, this trade was more about not having to pay his salary for him going to another team, rather than getting a draft pick in return. The draft pick was just an added bonus.

    Tough for LaBarbera, but he probably saw this coming. If not, he should’ve. He knew that there wasn’t going to be any room for him come Saturday, by when Ersberg will be healthy and back on the bench backing up Quick. With Luongo out until the All-Star Break in Vancouver, at least LaBarbera will be splitting time with Curtis Sanford and get an opportunity to help his team towards the Northwest Division title. By the way, the Canucks’ backup was Cory Schnieder, who has a two-way contract and is expected to be sent down to AHL Manitoba when LaBarbera joins the team on Thursday.

    LaBarbera has a chance now. Whenever you go to a new team, it’s a chance to start over and reinvent yourself. LaBarbera is as hard a worker you’ll find. Another month without Luongo, I’m confident he’ll do everything he can to help a team make the playoffs and fight for a division title.

  • Arron


    Let me clarify that I am not unhappy with what Lombardi has/had to do. Hockey is a business as much as it is a sport. Players get traded all the time, hell Gretzky got traded twice. The point is that many, not all, of the fans are showing a ton of disrespect with thier rude goodbyes.

    Labs came in here and he played hard, in the end he just was not going to be a number one goalie here, I can accept that but to listen to a bunch of people who have an 1/8th of talent that Babs has throw him away like a piece of garbage is just sad, but that is just my own opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck Labs, wish you much success. I think you still can be a solid NHL goalie. But maybe you needed a change of scenery to rekindle your carrier. Too bad it could not be here in LA.

    Best wishes

  • Moondoggie

    Good luck Lababs….We wish you the best…..

  • Bruce

    Some of you have mentioned that LaBarbera was disrespected and had more trade value. Can you still make that claim after looking at where LaBarbera ranked amongst the league’s goalies in the following statistical categories? 47th in wins, 31st in GAA, and 37th in save percentage. Do you need to be reminded about his shootout “save” percentage? DL should be commended for getting anything in exchange for Barbs. I wish him well in Vancouver. Quick has looked promising in his short stint with the Kings. So far, I think he’s a better long-term prospect than LaBarbera (who probably wouldn’t have been re-signed as a UFA this Summer anyways).

  • Sticks


    You said: “Labs was a victim of our inability to score goals and I think he deserves a modicum of respect”.

    Labs was a victim of not being able to stop goals. I am glad he is no longer on the Kings and I think the Kings are a better team because of it. How is waiving a player more respectful than trading a player?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    So I’m listening to the Canucks post game show after they lost to Philly, and of course they’re talking a lot about JLB. I’ll just put it this way. I’ve heard this before from announcers from Canadian teams in the Western Conference before. The Kings are a joke to them. They just rescued another great goalie from having to toil in Los Angeles. He never got a chance to start in Los Angeles. What a great trade for Vancouver! Stanley Cup here they come! :rolleyes:

    I’m so sick of the anti-L.A. attitude of certain teams and broadcasts crews in the NHL. One of these decades, the Kings will make them eat their words. Maybe.

    ‘Nucks fans. The joke’s on you!

  • DellaNooch

    Is this trade an insult to JLB? absolutely not. This is a business, people. You do not make emotionally based decisions regarding trading players, period. If they wanted to “insult” JLB in a trade, then it would have been for “a bag of pucks”, which has happened! They got fair market and I explained below.

    JLB didn’t play well (EX: 14% save ratio in shootouts, last in the NHL), doesn’t have what it takes to be a #1 goalie from a technical side, is a free agent at the end of this season, clearly the #3 goalie now and we have a need to clear roster space now. Sending him to the AHL would take time away from two promising goalies in Zatkoff and Bernier, that is a bad idea, having him be the #3 in Manchester and pulling a “Cloutier” on him would have been insulting. He needed to be moved and with all this against him, his value was very low. I expected him to be waived…the fact we got a pick is great, even if it’s a 7th pick

    Player Management? This a is a big time reach, there are no player management issues here. If anything, DL should be given credit for signing him to a trade-able contract, unlike other GMs who couldn’t move a former No.1 goalie to save their lives.

    Good Luck to Jason, I understand he’s a good guy and I hope him great success in Vancouver.

    PS: If he plays bad, its pay back for Cloutier, if he plays well, its redemption for Potvin.

  • Baumgartner22

    i don’t disagree with you and it is very sad. for some here, the players/coach/management are only as good as their last game.

    i hope JBL becomes the next huet, byron dafoe or manny legace…and that quick and bernie don’t become the next storr and stauber. only time will tell.

  • Quisp

    Arron –

    I agree. Look, the fact is, Jason LaBarbera, Jamie Storr, Robb Stauber, and any other maligned goalie you care to mention, are all in the top 1% of 1% of 1% of goalies who have ever played hockey. Did I overstate that? That’s one in a million. Okay. So maybe just 1% of 1%. The top of the heap. Sadly, though, there are a few hundred others currently active in that group, and many of them are, for whatever reason, just a little bit better this year.

    You stop 19 out of 20 shots, you are a god.
    You stop 18 out of 20, you are mediocre.
    17 out of 20, you suck.

    It’s a very fine line.

    And for the privilege of getting to stink it up in the NHL, you have to basically have been a star most of your life, at every level you’ve played. Stauber won the Hobey Baker Award. Storr was undefeated for Canada in the WJC for two years running, winning gold both times (obviously, since he never lost). These guys are absolutely among the best in the world. But the sad fact is, so are the skaters.

    I personally can’t find it in my heart to think bad thoughts about a player who simply doesn’t play well enough. JLB never (aside from The Look) did anything to make me think he wasn’t a class act. (I attribute the look to him cracking under pressure, not being a dick — a momentary lapse.) On the other hand, I find it very difficult to support classless dickheads even if they are “our” classless dickheads. I’m happy DL has steered clear of such players.

    I hope JLB turns it around. That would be cool. And it won’t be any kind of “revenge” on the Kings or DL or anyone if he succeeds. DL did what he needed to do. And he gave Jason a shot to prove himself again. To me, that’s better than going to Manchester. Hell, DL sent him to a playoff team. It’s in his hands now. He could well be in the playoffs this year while the Kings are playing golf.

    (I look forward to playing Vancouver. But if it goes to a shoot-out, I will feel bad either way.)


    I don’t think people like Nick or Quisp get what I’m talking about at all.
    If players don’t want to come here as free-agents, it’s because what playing here does to their careers.
    After all, if they’re not good enough to play here, where ARE they good enough to play?
    Labs wasn’t the one shitting the bed for the last 2 years, hiring Crawford, overpaying shit talent that sits on the pine making almost 3 million a year while Labs takes all the heat for the team’s struggles.
    Myself and maybe a half-dozen other had a clue that Labs wasn’t the one responsible for this mess.
    He’s not a great goalie, but the man shutout teams for us at some crucial times this season and if not for some decent games by him we’d have been in panic mode from the start of the season.
    If Lombardi was up front with the deal with Labs and Labs welcomed this with open arms, I would feel apologetic. But I’m not delusional enough to think Dean Lombardi cares what I’m saying in the first place, so he would never know.
    Maybe Lombardi is just a shit poker player.
    He constantly under-values his assets.

    wavesinair – I’ll only respond to you on my own blog, at:


    I can remember when LA fans ran Glen Healy out of town years back, before he played in all-star games representing the Rangers.

  • Quisp


    It’s not that I don’t get what you’re talking about. It’s that I don’t agree with you. As far as your comment that “[you] and maybe a half-dozen others had a clue that Labs wasn’t the one responsible for this mess”… I would just say:

    (1) You’re awfully kind to yourself (you and the other members of your elite truth-seeing crew).
    (2) What mess?

    Like you said, he’s not a great goalie.

    By the way, I don’t know what to make of this paragraph: “If Lombardi was up front with the deal with Labs and Labs welcomed this with open arms, I would feel apologetic. But I’m not delusional enough to think Dean Lombardi cares what I’m saying in the first place, so he would never know.”

    What exactly does what DL said to JLB about the trade have to do with whether DL cares about you? Also, “never know” what?

    My last question is about DL constantly undervaluing his assets. If you mean DL should have retained JLB, I don’t agree. If you mean DL should have gotten more for him, I can only assume he got what he could under the circumstances. If you mean that he should have demoted him to the AHL rather than trading him to a contender, I think you have it backwards.

    Anyway, you do appear to be freaking completely out (e.g. “Labs wasn’t the one shitting the bed for the last two years”), and I would just like to respectfully request that you dial down the rhetoric, language, actual or implied exclamation points and insults directed at whoever it is who doesn’t apparently agree with whatever it is you’re actually trying to say.

  • Brian

    Sanford was forced to leave the game due to a pulled groin, a pre-existing injury that necessitated the Canucks acquisition of goalie Jason LaBarbera earlier in the day. The Canucks sent a seventh-round pick in the 2009 draft to the Los Angeles Kings to get LaBarbera, who is expected to start against Nashville on Thursday.

    Sanford was placed on the injured list after the game.

  • Ollie

    Hockey is partially a business, and DL would not being doing job if he didn’t try to get something in return for JLB.

    JLB was given many chances, and whether or not it was his game faltering, or the team not playing well for him, either way you cut it, he wasn’t a good fit for the kings.

    wish him luck in the future and stop dwelling over it ice and quickie have been superior in their net minding and we have to trust management and move forward with them….end of story.

  • jediknight329

    i’m with you quisp…

    etr – jlb was not disrespected. he just did not play well, period. he got traded like so many players before him. calm down.

    you should also use some tact and not use profanity. don’t type what you are saying out loud. that is very bad form.

    in my opinion, pimping your own blog site on here is disrespectful to mr. hammond. you don’t even hold yourself to the standards that you are lambasting dl with.

    its just a game. players come and go. its the way it is.

  • Quisp

    Eat re Healy:

    I don’t remember any fans deriding Healy, and I was at those games. I was under the impression you were quite a bit younger than I am. Were you really paying attention to what Kings fans were doing or saying at games in 1988? Anyway, it wasn’t Kings fans who rode Healy out of town, it was Wayne Gretzky. You may recall that the Kelly Hrudey trade, which made Healy expendable, was a big Gretzky initiative, as was the firing of Robbie Ftorek, and several other such moves. I personally had no problem with not resigning Healy. In that case, I agreed that Hrudey was an upgrade over Healy, though I liked Healy. His 4+ GAA was not good, but the Kings were not exactly a defensive team, nor did they want to be.

  • Alen

    Just look at his numbers and look at his shootout numbers, enough said. He is lucky they didn’t kick him out on the street and stone him. Poor Labarbera, gets to play for another NHL team and collect a 900k paycheck. Oh poor Labarbera, i’ll cry for you tonight. Poor Barbie. Your right tho, it was the Kings fault that we gave up the least shots in the nhl per game and this guy still couldn’t get us wins. His 890 was so brilliant, lets respect the crap out of a constant loser who will now get another shot to prove himself. Nobody blames guys like Quick when we lose 2-0 because guy maintains a .937 save percentage. If quick goes out loses games 3-1 with a .890 save percentage, I’m sure we’ll eventually turn on him also. JLB had a bunch of chances and season to prove himself and he failed so we dealt him. Wtf is the big deal?

    Good luck in Vancouver Barbie, but i’m glad to see you go.


    I don’t remember you speaking up about what was being said earlier in the season about Labarbara.
    I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of censoring myself. I feel Rich has allowed the combination of the letters s-h-i-and-t before, so I allowed myself some leeway to tell all you Labs bashers your F@#ked in the head; and that you’ve got a lot of nerve saying things about your own players when they gave you their best.
    If Labs were a monster who wouldn’t lift a finger to help out with Kings-Care or the positive things AEG puts together, I wouldn’t much care how he were treated.
    But from most of the people who said they talked with Labs I’ve heard only good things about the guy.
    I haven’t said one thing about people on this blog, besides wavesinair who I will not engage with anymore because it pisses off Rich Hammond and I’m trying to avoid personal arguments on this blog. I’m more than wiling to catfight on my own blog if I’ve got nothing better to do.
    My sentence that confused you, was so confusing upon rereading I’d like to strike it from the record.
    I’m free to “freak-out” about this just as you were free to “freak-out” that Labs looked at Drew in anger.
    Besides, it’s only your interpretation of my words that makes it appear to you I’m “freaking-out.”
    I’m just trying to explain myself, not engage in you know what…
    Labs is gone. Our team is better for it. I think it could have been done in a more respectful fashion.
    I think in this situation, a manager should talk to a player and discuss what would be best for both parties. I feel that were I in Barbs place, I’d rather be sent to Manchester, even to be the backup, because I would want to continue my career. I wouldn’t want to get shuffled off to another team who’s going to be done with me soon and, after that, out on the street with no contract.
    I think we should have offered Labs the opportunity to return to Manchester with a view to staying on with the team in any capacity the team thought he could help with.
    Hell, maybe that happened, but I’d sure like to know that Labs wasn’t just dropped like a hot-potato for just about the lowest return going.

    Anyway, whatever way it went down, its done and over.
    At least Barbs has new surroundings.
    WHo knows what’ll happen?
    Maybe he’ll get the call somehow and answer it this time.
    I’ve no delusions that he never made use of them here.


    jedi –

    Rich has never said anything about it bothering him that I post my link.
    I’m pretty sure he’s aware that people will post links to other blogs, articles, and even our own blogs.
    I also doubt that he’s in any way threatened by it.
    If it IS a problem with Rich, I have no problem in refraining from doing it.

    As for the “S” word. I know it’s considered profanity by the FCC rules of broadcasting, but I’ve read the F word in the LA Times on the front page.
    We’re not middle-schoolers, jedi.
    Besides, blogs have software that will edit out profanity if the Blog-manager doesn’t want certain words.
    Again, if RH doesn’t want the word ‘shit’ written on his pages, I’ll comply by censoring myself.

    pimping involves money, which obviously I’m not making off my blog.

    Quisp – I have no such knowledge of what was going on inside the kings in ’88, I was just a fan, and 18 years old. And, my memories of Healy are of him getting booed mercilessly, and then traded because he was horrible statistically. Oddly enough, he turned into a highly coveted goalie.

  • Eat The Poor

    Labs is gone.

    Good Luck Labs and thank you for not being here anymore.

  • Capt Jam

    This is the equivalent of a four-point switch in basketball: the Kings get better by his departure and a conference foe takes a significant step down by its acquisition of him.

    As far as I’m concerned the Kings are 0-0 and it’s Nov. 1 all over again.

    Thanks Deano!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t speak for LaBarbera, but I’d bet he is happier in Vancouver shot term even than being demoted to Manchester. And who’s to say mgmt didn’t consult with him before the trade? I haven’t seen anything either way. bottom line, it’s a business and all three parties are better off


    I can’t believe I’m participating in this. Again.
    Sorry Rich – I blew it.

  • Ciccarelli

    Labs is better off in Vancouver than in Manchester. there was no future for him with the Kings org. even if he doesn’t stick with the Nucks, his contract is guaranteed for the rest of the season

  • wavesinair

    quisp, you ought to be commended for taking the time and energy (neither of which i have) to so clearly and thoroughly punch holes in such a completely meaningless and utterly ridiculous argument.

    i had really high hopes for labs until this summer when the youth movement began in earnest. i felt he should have been moved then even though i was VERY concerned about our defense. but as we all know, it was a no brainer that he had no future here in LA, so when he was anointed as the number one guy, i felt like he was given a GOLDEN opportunity by DL and Murray to shine. then we would move him and get something in return, like maybe even a 2nd round pick.

    all for not. cut the line and move on.

    now this team is really starting to take shape. such great surprises no one anticipated. so many positive things lined up, ready to explode; prospects, rookies, cap room. 2009 should be a great year for Kings fans. here’s to it!!!


    Sticks –

    I think Kyle McLaren could explain why it’s better to be sent down than traded for a bag of pucks.
    Maybe Darren McCarty, too?
    Fran Kaberle?
    Ilya Bryzgalov?
    Maybe I’m wrong that its a sign of disrespect.
    Maybe this is the best place for Labs to go.
    He could back up Luongo for years and allow Vancouver to deal their minor league goalies until they’re done with Luongo.
    Maybe Quisp is right, and it’s win-win.
    From my point of view, it reminds me of the movie “Parenthood.”
    Friends slow down the car before they throw you out of it. Some even stop.


  • jediknight329


    its easy to get caught up in this. i too am an avid kings fan. i too am passionate about the team and want them to win every game. its taken me a long time to understand that i’m not always right or wrong – especially with opinions. i try not to get worked up about stuff. i harken to “don’t sweat the small stuff – and its all small stuff”, especially when it comes to sports and being a fan. i enjoy it as a break from the normal routine of work and everyday life. its not life and death to me. for the players, its their bread and butter. but whether their in la or vancouver, they will get paid and be fine. maybe this is the best thing to happen to jlb. i don’t know.

    i have to believe that the people in charge have the best intentions for the team. that they will make the best decisions for the benefit of the team. that they have insight or know more about each player individually than any of us will ever know and know what the other teams in the league know about our players, just like we know about theirs.

    good, solid debate is fun. it stretches our ability to think and defend positions. it means you care. i care.

  • Anonymous

    Lets hope that 7th round pick finds the tokyo rose like Luc…

  • KingMarty33

    it was time for a change for the fans, for him, for the team.
    hope you do well with Vancouver(just not well against us):)

  • glewis29

    I hope the change of scenery will do JLB well. I think his talents let him dominate the AHL, but he always seems a step behind in the NHL. I think he’s doomed to be caught in the middle.

    Regardless, I don’t think there’s room for him in LA any more.

  • markisonfire

    EAT –

    I don’t think anyone on this blog thinks LaBarbara is a terrible person. Saying things about one’s character and saying things about one’s performance on the ice are two completely different things and cannot be considered the same. With that said, I don’t think anyone is saying anything about LaBarbara not being a nice person. I met him, he was a really cool guy and did a lot of nice things for the community.

    However, with LaBarbara, we had three goalies for two spots. Jason had his chance to be our #1 twice. The first time, Ersberg took that spot away from him. The second time, Quick took it away from him. The bottom line is that we have too many goalies and someone needed to be moved.

    If anything, giving LaBarbara a chance to play for a team that could contend for the cup this season instead of keeping him in our AHL system, where he thrived, was a sign of respect.

    The NHL is a business. He got traded. We would be stupid to not try to get something in return for LaBarbara. Best of luck to him in Vancouver, what a great opportunity for him.


    markonfire –
    I agree that Labs out of LA is the best situation going forward.
    I think from the standpoint of our organization that it’s a mistake to get rid of relatively cheap talent, while hanging on to the overpriced players who aren’t getting it done, or who are getting scratched.
    I agree that if this was done for Labs best interest, I’m ok with it and apologize for jumping to conclusions about HOW it was done.
    I’ve no problem with the WHY’s of making space for youth to rebuild.
    I DO think it was not a good move tactically as Labs would still help the franchise if he were a part of it somewhere else.
    I don’t see it as a positive move.
    Like I said early on about this issue – the likliehood of Labs making LA look foolish for getting rid of him is low, but giving away a player that may remain in the NHL while we’re not a playoff contender (for no return) is a weak transaction.
    I don’t know off the top of my head, but since Lombardi’s come, we’ve lost Garon, Conroy, Miller, Sopel, Corvo, Tukonen, Avery, Stuart, Modry, Norstrom, and Cammy. SOme are not in the NHL and some are, but what have we got to show for it/them?
    Probably more than I realize, but have we gotten equal return?
    There is the argument that we got better by losing them, so that’s enough.
    But there is also the argument that if many of these guys are still playing in the Big league, shouldn’t you have REALLY strong prospects for them, or players contributing now?

  • Capt Jam

    Rich, can you keep this thread at the top of this blog until the Kings win the Cup just so we’ll always have good news when we dial-in here? Thanks all the same.

  • Quisp

    Eat, to answer your question about who we traded and what we got for them:

    Craig Conroy turned into Dwight King and another pick (2nd round 2008) which got subsumed into some other deal I can’t remember.

    Norstrom turned into Oscar Moller, Bryan Cameron and Geordie Wudrick and a first rounder in ’08 which, later, along with…

    …Cammy…turned into Colten Teubert.

    Sopel turned into Wayne Simmonds and a 4th rounder in ’08 that got folded into another deal I lost track of.

    Tukonen turned into Clune.

    Stuart turned into Brad Richardson and an upcoming 4th in 2009.

    Avery turned into Marc-Andre Cliche, Josh Turnbull and Andrew Campbell.

    Garon, Corvo and Miller left via free agency, so we got nothing for them.

    You left off Demitra, who turned into Patrick O’Sullivan and Trevor Lewis.

    I would say that O’Sullivan, Moller, Simmonds, Lewis and Teubert are likely to be an important part of the core of this team for years to come. Cliche, if he’s ever not hurt, could actually make this team next year. Same with Clune. Wudrick, Campbell, Cameron, farther off in development, but hey Cameron is only a couple of points behind that Tavares guy who some people think doesn’t suck.

  • Anonymous

    Haha a 7th rounder, too bad for Babs. We may has well have accepted a Bic Mac and 12 pack of beer instead.

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