Praise for Purcell


Teddy Purcell’s time with the Kings this season has been an up-and-down experience, and now it seems to be trending upward again. Terry Murray said today that he expects Purcell to play right wing on the first line Saturday against Philadelphia. That’s where Purcell started out, after the Kings recalled him from Manchester in the middle of the month, but then Purcell got dropped down to fourth-line center duty. Purcell’s last two games, in particular, have been strong, and now he will get another chance up top. Purcell has one goal and four assists in 10 games this season. Here’s what Murray said today…

MURRAY: “I liked what I saw in Purcell. We all know he’s got skill and good vision, and we saw that on the power play he has good hands. But we also see some of that dig-in that is required to play in the NHL. He’s doing that on a regular basis. We did talk about it. We talked about how this is how he needs to play in the NHL, not just with the L.A. Kings. (He was told,) `This is how you need to play in this league. You have to make the decision, if you’re willing to pay the price to have a future in the league.’ He’s learning that part of it. He’s much more involved. He’s getting pucks in and going back and trying to forecheck. He’s going to the net and looking for good things to happen. I’d like to move him up on that (first) line.”

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  • Jim Jones

    Rich, hey, may be not the best place to ask…

    but is there practice tomorrow? and if so, when?

  • Anonymous

    Rich can you confirm is Barbs wasn’t on the ice for practice?

  • smokiemcpot

    Well, good to see that he is getting some praise. He works hard and deserves the bump up.



    Do the players in Manchester earn the salary quoted on Hockeybuzz?
    For instance, is Hickey really earning almost 1.4 million playing in Jr. (maybe a bad example as he’s not in Manchester).
    Say Purcell, he’s under contract for $1.350 million, but does he get that playing in Manch?

    Also, do the “buyout” contracts count against the salary cap?
    Cloutier and McAuley are set to make a combined $1.7 mil. per season for this and next season – Is that part of our Cap number or part of the salary that is NOT counted towards the salary cap?

  • Rich Hammond

    Hickey won’t start drawing his NHL salary until he plays in the NHL, so now, he’s not making that figure. As for Purcell, he’s on a two-way contract (all entry-level contracts are two-way), so his salary depends on where he plays. If he’s with the Kings, he draws his NHL salary. Plus, with young players, their salary-cap figure also includes bonuses, so they may or may not reach that entire figure even if they played all 82 games. Salaries of players who have been bought out do count against the cap.


    Thanks a lot Rich.
    Salary Cap stuff can get pretty involved and confusing.
    Thanks for helping clear it up.

    Also, thanks for doing a great job keeping this thing/blog ringing with the interviews and info.
    And thanks to the Daily News for giving you the forum to do it.