More on the Lewis move

As you already know, Trevor Lewis got assigned to Manchester today. Lewis had one goal, two assists and an even rating in six games with the Kings. He started as the fourth-line center, then moved up to first-line right-wing duties. In Monday’s game, Lewis took only three shifts in the third period and didn’t skate in the final 10 minutes. Here’s what Terry Murray said today about Lewis…

MURRAY: “He had a good look. He gave us some energy at the start, he looked good and we liked the way things were coming along since the training camp. The opportunity we gave him on the top line was a fair look for him. There were a lot of positive things in his game, but as we move on, we’re getting players back and we need to make some decisions. We felt that as we saw the last couple games, his game was tapering off a little bit. Young players start to get exposed in certain areas and at certain times, so now he can go back and work on some things.”

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  • neil

    Question…..Doesnt the coach have to motivate his players in different ways….It seems the Kings have played too many games when they didnt play hard enough.I know he doenst yell or scream but it also seems to come a time(Borrowed from a Neil Young song)when you need to get these players playing harder..Maybe thats why they have lost alot of close games..Rich and Fans..any comments??

  • Paul from Oxnard

    The more I think about it, the more I think the Kings might be on the verge of a big deal to bring in a proven scorer. Why else would they send down a guy like Lewis, who has played well on the 1st line, and when this supposed deal involving LaBarbara is about to go down if they didn’t think they were about to improve their scoring from outside the organization?

  • Roger

    Lewis was following the game. He was not creating opportunities and he wasn’t getting open to receive passes in those critical areas. I can’t say he looked out of place. But no question he needs to work on those areas to become more effective. But then again he has come a long way from training camp.
    He has the speed and the tools to be an effective forward in the NHL. But its a good thing that the organization is giving him that chance to go down to Manchester and work on those areas he needs to improve.
    This is a good option to have for any team. And a great way to develop players to be complete hockey players.
    As for Labs. It’s upsetting to see him blow chance after chance of becoming a number one goalie for this team. What a waist of talent and size.

  • Bruce

    Lewis got his cup of coffee in LA and will return to Manchester with a list of things to improve on. His development is not being handled any differently than that of O’Sullivan, Moulson or Boyle. I like what I’ve seen of him so far and think he could be playing in LA for good by next season. The Demitra trade is looking pretty good about now.

  • kyle

    Right move for Lewis. He’s going through just what some others have in getting a taste of what it takes to excel in the NHL and now he’ll go back to Manchester and work on what he’s learned in a less demanding environment.
    He’ll be back, and better for it.
    And while I’m typing away here, let’s wish Labs well with his new team, and let’s hope Dean pulls off another good trade.

  • Anonymous

    Glad Lewis got a cup of coffee in LA this season. Now that he’s heading back to Manchester I just hope he takes the red eye tonight, as there is up to 6 inches of snow coming and the Monarchs really need him before the New Year’s Eve game.


    Good point Paul.
    I’m hoping Boyle isn’t in some way involved in a trade.
    That would be really disappointing.
    I do just hope it’s making room for Boyle to stay put.
    He’s a center, maybe they’ll jettison another center to a team that’s in need.
    Handzus to Long Island?

  • kingsince67

    Quit always looking to the coach for motivation….a great leader/captain has some responsability in this area and the player himself needs to step it up when asked. So while TM is not a yeller in the form of MC, maybe Brownie is the one that needs to have a talk with certain guys that take a night off….

  • Anonymous

    This yo-yo-ing of prospects is getting annoying when scrubs like Calder get top 6 minutes for doing much less.

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