Gorges, Gauthier update

Montreal defenseman Alex Henry made his Canadiens debut after he was recalled from Hamilton of the AHL on Sunday. Josh Gorges was held out of the lineup after the hit by Denis Gauthier on Saturday.
This is from the Gazette in Montreal on Gorges’ status: The Canadiens say he’s day-to-day, but the evidence suggests that he has a concussion and it’s unlikely he’ll return before next weekend. Gauthier, meanwhile, has been summoned to a league hearing (tomorrow) and faces a suspension.

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  • Ersberg

    Take care, Denis.

  • nayagamj

    I’m no Gauthier fan, but his elbow was tucked. He hit Gorges with his forearm. He left his feet, so he should have gotten a charging penalty, but that’s it. No suspension required imo, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get one (especially because the hit was on a Hab).

  • TeamHasHoles

    He did get a charging penalty and he will be suspended, but it won’t hurt the Kings much. they’ve been dressing 7 or 8 defensemen the last week or so.

  • A-Non-Oh-Muse

    The funniest thing about this is how so many of you were convinced the hit on Doughty a few weeks ago was the dirtiest thing this side of Pigpen, but the hit against Georges was clean and OK.


  • Chris Bond

    First let me say I dont want to see any player get hurt ever. ( Well mabey I would like to see Mike Ribeiro #63 of the Dallas Stars Break a Toe or something and be out for the season He is a punk a#$)
    Anyways, I may be the only one but it didnt look that bad he was skateing backwards and then “stood up” with a lil lunge. For those that play the game you know that when you are going to hit someone and they are lower then you becuase they are bending down or falling it is hard not to jump a lil just as a reaction. Shoot in some of the leauges I played in you are not sapose to check at all but when you are going to colide with someone you just jump a lil as instinct. Hard to explain…..I do know he desearved a penalty…5 min major??? suspention not at all. But from what I hear from this and other blogs he is known for this kind of thing. So I think the NHL is going to hammer his a*#. But look at the play I know someone can post it on here. The thing that made me laugh was that a few weeks ago we all bitched that no one stood up for Drew, Wow look the Habs they didnt do crap.
    I look for about a 10 game suspention that he dont deserve…In my opinion….

  • Moondoggie

    You guys are just going to love this…..It’s the TSN website on the Gauthier hit and it has some commentary on Doughty’s hold. You can vote if you agree or disagree with the individual commentaries, the hit or the non-call on Doughty.


    Have fun! I know I did. Let the Kings voices be heard all the way to Montreal.

  • Nick

    the habs retribution was komisarek trying to decapitate sully later in the game. he missed, but he was clearly gunning for Patio’s head.

  • Cynic

    The over/under is 10 games…because it’s against the Habs. Against any other team it would be 5 or less. The hit was more forearm than elbow and he left his feet AFTER the hit, which any physics teacher will tell you is going to happen when moving mass meets opposable moving mass.

    It just looked REALLY bad at first glance which is what the penalty was called on.

    The NHL will screw this up anyway, don’t worry. Nobody worthy cares about the Kings, right? So they’ll make an example out of us.

    If Tim Liwickie had any ‘sack’, he’d lob Mr. Bettman a phone call about this mess and get some satisfaction on our behalf. Just my opinion. Means as much as the NHL’s opinion of the Kings worthiness to the league.

  • Moondoggie

    Cynic….Right on!

  • Matt George

    In other news,

    The Habs got SPANKED by Boston today.


  • Anonymous


    he left his feet before the hit and used the elbow. I’d be content with a season ending suspension for Gauthier.

  • Me

    Gauthier tarnishes a Kings team that has class across the whole roster. Even Ivanans knows how to respect the game as an enforcer. Gauthier is quite expendable now that Jack is back.

  • Cynic

    Thanks MD

    Look Closer. His back foot comes up, true, but have you ever checked someone yourself in a hockey game? To do it right, you’re supposed to push off from your back foot to carry all your momentum forward. The back foot almost always comes up a little on a strong check. It’s no different in football.

    Look through Stoll’s skates and you’ll see Denis’s front skate in the yellow border. It’s tough to see, but it’s there. Gorges head was down so of course Goat’s momentum is gonna take him over the top.

    Again, it looked dirty as hell in the immediate moment, which is all the refs and anyone in Montreal (who is all that really matters to the NHL anyway) will remember. I truly believe Goat just wanted to lay the pain legally. When you drop your head, THAT is gonna happen. Turned out bad for Gauthier because it LOOKED bad.

    Also, he used his forearm as his elbow hit the glass. No matter though as it’s a shot to the head. I think even if Gorges was square straight up and not bent over that ends up being a chin shot. Goat has to aim for the ‘C’ on his chest and it’s a legal hit. Heat of battle. His history and bad luck for the way it looks leads to 10 games +/-.

    Anything much mnore than 10 and it’s bias, especially when Komisarek doesn’t even get a sniff for his attempt to put POS to sleep. You don’t have to connect to get a hearing ya know.

    Should be interesting tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Bond….Spell check my friend.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the hit was pretty dirty. Even if Gauthier used his forearm, it’s still a dangerous hit. I think Gauthier deserves to be suspended for at least a couple games.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and while Denis is speaking with Colin, maybe he can ask him to give Higgins a retroactive penalty of 2 minutes interference.

  • Moondoggie


    If you go back and read the 89+ entries under the final score commentary of this blog, you’re going to see that the vast majority of bloggers agree that Gauthier’s hit was illegal. Yes, there is some debate and for many it’s a matter of perseption. Personally, when Gauthier left his feet, I knew he was in trouble. I don’t think there is a ref in the league that isn’t going to make that call. As for Higgins hauldown of Doughty, there also isn’t a ref in the NHL that isn’t going to make that call, or so I thought. Montreal was outplayed in that game by LA. To lose it on a non-call is bad, I’m sure you’d agree.

    Back to Gauthier’s hit on Gorges. It looked to me like Gorges head was down. Gauthier is bigger and naturally the smaller player is going to roll back on that kind of a hit. Cynic is right, the outcome of that type of play under those circumstances is predictable, particularly since Gauthier has been in trouble previously with the league for illegal hits. It’s unfortunate however that he may get suspended for his reputation rather than the hit itself.

    To compare Artyukhin’s hit on Doughty with Gauthier’s hit on Gorges is a real no brainer. Artyukhin came into Doughty with his knee out; that’s intent to injure, period. Even a Montreal fan will admit that, that is unless the hit is being administered by a Canadiens player.

  • brianguy

    I agree 100% with nayagamj.

    that said, I expect he’ll get 3 games…

  • brianguy

    “he left his feet before the hit and used the elbow. I’d be content with a season ending suspension for Gauthier.”

    he didn’t “use the elbow”, that was all follow-thru after the contact was over. he never actually contacted him with the elbow

  • Muse,

    I can’t speak for everyone, but for me there’s a fundamental difference between the Doughty/Artyukhin hit vs. the Goat/Gorges hit. The reason that I was so pissed after the Doughty hit was that while it seemed like it was an obvious knee to a star player, the referees didn’t even call a penalty. Forget a suspension or a major penalty, they didn’t even call a knee or a trip.

    Moondoggie had it right… after the game, most of the people around here thought the hit crossed the line. Whenever you leave your feet, your asking for trouble– especially when you’re playing on CBC and IN Montreal.

    He’ll get suspended and he’ll deserve it… but that doesn’t mean Artyukhin’s knee on Doughty was any less deserving…