FINAL: Detroit 2, Kings 1

No scoring.

Detroit: Meech from Draper and Leino, 12:08

Detroit: Kopecky from Filppula, 1:43
Kings: Frolov from Quincey, 4:48 (PP)


These would appear to be the lines, in contrast to what was posted on the Kings’ website this morning…


Also folks, I’m going to ask for help on something. Please stop the posting of the streaming websites. It’s not that I don’t want you to watch the games. I just don’t particularly want to deal with cease-and-desist orders. Thanks.

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  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    I miss the chat already…

  • anthony

    I’m at the office today. Can somebody please link me the site to watch the game.

  • Brent

    That may have been the best period I’ve watched the Kings play this season. They rolled all four lines and worked hard. Pinned Detroit in their own zone for 5 shifts in a row with pressure. Fans at the Joe were booing their Wings. It’ll be interesting to see how the Kings respond to the Wings elevated play when that happens this game.

    Great work thus far. I’m proud of that period – even without a goal.

  • Chris Bond

    With 2 min left in the 2nd Brown look like crap….Man dont even look like him.

  • DeanoLombardo

    THis team has no clue what to do in the offensive zone. With 10 secs left in the game they get the puck and automatically throw it back to the crowded point instead of putting it at the net. Same exact thing happened in the philly game. What the hell are they thinking? NO skill whatsoever and a goalie with no clue to boot. Good job quick nice game winner you GAVE to detroit.

  • Anonymous

    Go to the net, go to the net, GO TO THE NET!!!

  • Johnb

    3 1/2 min left the Kings are controlling the play and no defensemen jumps into the play so its effectively a 5 0n 3 down low.

    When are these guys gonna learn?