Postgame notes (2/27)

— The Kings fell back to .500, at 26-26-9, and finished the season series against Detroit with an 0-3-1 record.

— The Kings were outshot 41-31. It was the sixth time this season the Kings have allowed 40 or more shots on goal in a game. In their three previous games against Detroit, the Kings allowed 37, 36 and 31 shots on goal, respectively.

— The Kings have scored two regulation goals in their last three games and, at one point, went six consecutive periods without a goal. This streak follows a four-game stretch in which the Kings totaled 15 goals.

— The Kings dropped to 2-20-4 when trailing after two periods, and 4-20-6 when allowing the first goal.

— The Kings went 1-for-2 on the power play and 2-for-2 on the penalty kill.

— Alexander Frolov had a goal, his fourth goal in his last seven games.

— Kyle Quincey had an assist, his 30th assist of the season.

— Jonathan Quick stopped 39 of 41 shots and fared much better than he did in his two previous games against Detroit this season. In his first start of this season, Dec. 20 at Detroit, Quick allowed five goals (on 35 shots) in a 6-4 loss. In a Jan. 15 home game against the Wings, Quick allowed four goals (on 31 shots) in a 4-0 loss.

— Dustin Brown returned to the lineup after missing the previous two games. Brown had stayed in Los Angeles to be with his wife, who gave birth to the couple’s second child on Monday night. Brown had played all 58 games for the Kings before Tuesday and has missed only nine of a possible 308 Kings games since the start of the 2005-06 season. Brown played 17 minutes, 25 seconds.

— Raitis Ivanans took a shoulder to the head early in the second period and did not return to the game.

— Drew Doughty led all Kings in ice time, with 22:37. Patrick O’Sullivan led all Kings forwards at 20:32.

— Dustin Brown and Teddy Purcell each had a team-high four shots on goal.

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  • Galen

    I did not like the hit to the head from behind on Ivanans.

  • Marty

    Bad choice of players on the ice for the last few shifts not enough attempts on the net.When you need a goal shoot the puck and shoot some more.Giveaways and penalties cost the Kings the game even though there was only a few.Again.

  • anthony

    Our Offense?
    Our Offense ________.

    What’s up with TM.
    What happenned to Kopi-Fro-Purcell – Never saw it.
    What happeened to Soll-Pos-Brown – Never saw it.

    It was figured out long ago the Kopi and Brown together doesn’t work.
    And it didn’t again.

    Why was Sully on the 4th line with Harrold and Armstrong?

    The season is coming to an end. We’re close, but now we’re slipping.
    This coach is starting to lose some of his marbles.
    Bad timing to start losing your marbles.

  • Liu Kang

    It’s becoming annoying how Dean won’t make a move to help this team. We’re the youngest team in the NHL and the guys have shown they can compete. THEY’RE SO CLOSE TO THE PLAYOFFS. Why isn’t Dean rewarding them? What’s even more alarming is the fact Alex Frolov has been in the rumors lately. Can you imagine our best scorer traded? If Dean Lombardi doesn’t offer him an extension I think it’s time to really question our GM. By the way, Dean has never shown he’s capable of making a “big” trade, so let’s not expect one.

  • neil

    Only one goal…time to change the lines again…Heres a thought…leave the lines alone..teach a offense and let the players get to know one another.Changing the lines so often is NOT working so lets try it my way…Thoughts???

  • anthony

    This is bugging me.
    Why did TM practice Purcell-Brown-Frolov abd Stoll-Pos-Brown together.
    And right before the game, he doesn’t play them..
    Isn’t that, like, you know – lying.
    The seasons survival is in his hands, and he’s got butter-fingers..

    As far as DL is concerned, I feel as though he’s asleep at the switch.
    Like he’s givin up on the season and is already looking forward to the 2009 draft.
    How can he watch this offense struggle and do nothing.
    Maybe he doesn’t care either.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony, when Ivanans went down, O’Sullivan was double shifted. He was playing on both Handzus and Armstrongs line.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was a great game.
    The first period was one of the best to watch all year.
    I don’t think the kings were physical enough, I feel that we need another big body in the line up, the red wings got away with two head shots (a minor one on Simmonds and Ivanans).

    We have Chicago and then Columbus, the kings are playing against playoff hungry teams and are falling a bit short, some were slow starts, some were shutouts.

    We all that the kings could compete with these teams on the defensive side of the game, offense is another story.

    Lets not waste young talent at the deadline for a quick fix again:
    Anson Carter,
    Martin Straka,
    Mark Parrish,
    the list goes on.

    Next year will be better.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a coaching issue….geez people this is about how these young kids really understand the issue at hand…what it really takes to make the playoffs….they don’t get it this yr…but in due time they will….

  • Anonymous

    The Kings may be ‘.500.’, but the league as a whole is currently at .556.

  • Ersberg

    As if the Kings dind’t play an incredible game. Shit, they had Detroit pinned for half the 1st period in a REBUILD year.

    Even Dean is surprised at how well they’re doing, despite accepting this year to be nothing more of a stepping stone.

    Think about it…

    We held Detroit to 2 goals at HOME when they’ve been dominating at home lately. They were 7-0-1 in their last 8 before tonight.

    Good job, Kings. They are going to be so f’ing dominant in the years to come.

  • variable

    i’m going to sip my bourbon tonight and hopefully sink into a dream where the kings will score on all of the grade-a chances they generate during the course of a game…

    and on sunday afternoon, i’m going to hope the players had the same visions of greatness i did…and stop pining on the bitter memories of the mediocrity that this team has come so familiar with…

    maybe if we collectively drink the kool-aid, something good will happen because i’m running out of ideas with this team…

    shep…i’m still waiting for our kings hope poster….

  • Marc Nathan

    Escuse me, would someone pass me a fork, please.

  • Ersberg

    It’s truly amazing to see how many people honestly feel we belong in the same league as the Wings. We barely met the cap this season, with a rookie playing not only the most minutes on our blueline, but on our entire team.

    My question is, what did you expect? It’s a team with last years UFA failures, combined with this last seasons picks, a little of what’s already been here, and some veterans. We also have a new coaching staff.

    You’re comparing our losses to teams that have elite management, coaching, scouting, team building, and everything inbetween. Give those teams some respect.

  • Marty

    Don’t respect your opponent,beat em’.After you master them then you can show a little respect.Thats why this squad loses the close ones,no killer instinct.Don’t be nice.

  • src

    Get off the coach you wanna be’s. He was trying to jump start something and went with a hunch. I do agree that I would have liked to see the pre game posted line ups, but we were not at practice. We played the best team in the league. Held our own. Did not get any bounces and when there was a loose one in the crease Lidstrm and his gang were there to clean up.

    1. Sully is ice cold. And not working very hard in my opinion.
    2. TM probably thought Brownie would come in hard. Hardly noticed him, missing edges and poor puck handling.
    3. Purcell does not get it done in the corners, he does however look like he has some potential. But needs strong line mates. Would probably fit better in Pitt.
    4. Richardsen works hard……….but has not shown much danger offensively. Calder has shown more offense and puck control.
    5. Probably the biggest point is that Kopi is not a nr. 1 center yet. He reminds me of Allison with slightly less control skills. Therefore are best sniper (Fro) is depended upon to do the dirty work instead of getting open in the slot and taking more shots.

    We need a scoring threat (sniper), Harrold with Q on the back line and we are right there.

    These rumors about Fro must be BS unless we get Heatley or comparable. But Fro maybe asking for 6 mil range and that is too much IMO. Purcell should be traded-does not fit. Mollar should only go if we get Heatley/Kovo value. Have said it before, Neil would be a great addition and huge upgrade from Ivanans. Safe to say Boyle is gone, so we are left with Lewis and Mollar. I would however be willing to trade Sully and replace him on line 2 with Mollar and keep Fro for that big time sniper.

    This road trip has gone as well ……expected. Now we need to beat CHI and CLB and we are there again. If we dont win the last 2, its probably time for a garage sale.

    Fro-Kopi-Sniper (40+)

  • AK47


    your comments are right on my man. This team will be dominant in the years to come.. Was Rome built in one day? Nope. Were the Red Wings built in a year? Nope. Dean Lombardi is doing a wonderful job, how can you guys even SAY he doesn’t care, honestly, bite your tongues. If you guys think Dean Lombardi doesn’t care, then you guys are on some seriousssss shit. Look at the deals he’s made for us, they’ve all been steals. How many mock drafts, or draft experts had us drafting Bogosian before Doughty? Dean Lombardi is an intelligent man, and he’s going to make a filthy trade at the deadline just to shut all these haters up.

    Why can’t we just make Kyle Calder a healthy scratch? TM shouldn’t have touched the 3rd line, it was our most consistent line we’ve had since the All-Star break. Let’s assign Purcell back to Manchester, call Moller and Lewis up..

    Our team after the deadline



    Ersberg.. (He’ll be dealt at the draft)

  • Paul from Oxnard

    The Wings are indeed much better then the Kings. But that doesn’t mean the Kings couldn’t beat them, and they should have won that game yesterday. If I’m Dean Lombardi, I’m not waiting for Wednesday. I’m making the best deal I can to get a sniper in a Kings uniform this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    The Det TV team said it LA is a -16 at even strength until this team can score more or tighten up even more defensively (they do still have lapses in defense) it isn’t going anywhere no quick fix outside landing some superstar sniper is going to fix this and Dean would have to trade the farm for it which he wont do.

  • KevinC

    Head shot from behind. Injured Ivanans.

    Butt end to the head/face of Simmonds.

    Two non calls….and two non suspensions from the league. Either call the game consistently or don’t call them at all.

  • Dolly

    It was a great game considering the opposition. I am only frustrated with one thing, and that is our offense. I believe we tied the Kings record for most shutouts against us the game before last night’s and that record was set in 1967!

    I only hope this is a part of the learning process with our young team learning the 2 way game; defense and offense, hand in hand. Good things are worth waiting for.

  • variable

    the future looks bright…i gotta wear shades…

    no doubt…we’re heading in the right direction…

    these are the growing pains that make boys become men…
    we all know that this is all bonus time for this team…
    however surprisingly competitive we might be at this point, you never want a team to just settle for those expectations…

    the kings are at that stage of development where they need to stop looking around for others to step it up and look at themselves individually…it will come to them in time…we see flashes of it…the first period last night was an example of how this team can roll over four lines effectively against an upper echelon team…

    so, yes, we as fans have tons to look forward to….
    d.l. is leading this team towards a winning attitude…
    and after wednesday, we will have a clearer picture as to d.l.’s satisfaction with the progress the team has made up until this point…

    but because we see those flashes of greatness from time to time, it’s understandable that not only fans expect more, but management…and i think as proud as d.l., t.m. and hexy are of this team, i’m sure they don’t want to pony up to the satisfaction bar just yet…

    when this team plays like it did in washington, in new jersey and in the first last night, who can blame anyone for wanting to push them for a lil’ bit more…

  • Sisto Maximo

    The NHL Ref’s are a joke! More like clowns on skates! The Kings need a big trade to shoot their way into the playoffs which right now the Kings are lucky if they get two goals a game if any and being shut out nine times this season! Sully’s been a huge disapointment this season shooting wide left or wide right, hesitating and passing instead of shooting! Maybe a trade is in order! Sully only has 14 Goals this season and when he held out last summer he was acting like he was 32 Goal shooter! Do we King fans hope he’ll be better next year when this year he hasn’t taken advantage of the apportunities to score this year! Sully better start scoring and earn some of that money!

  • Johnb

    If we were still playing Cloutier and La Barbara would we all be saying how promising the Kings are at this point?

    I agree DD was a stellar pick up and I like Stoll and Green. The team is better on defense than last year but we sure are not better on offense. We do not really seem to have much chemistry or bold agression on the attack. Lombardi promised to get this team what it needed to become a contender yet he has made no moves to give the kids help with some veteren leadership. Lots of talk about players in the pipeline (Boyle, Moulson,Purcel)but that has not panned out to this point. I know Teubert and Hickey are in the wings but that has yet to be proven.

    In the era of free agency you only have so long to rebuild and as a long time Kings fan I have seen a lot of rebuilding projects. Its time to act like we want it sooner rather than later. That does’nt have to mean you completely mortgage the future,you still have to draft smart. However,you have to trade smart too. Lombardi needs to step up.

  • wavesinair

    Question: Did our playoff run end last night?

    I hate to say it, but it seemed to… with a whimper (or maybe a soft pass behind the net).


    1. Along with last night’s loss, that makes 2 in a row and only 1 win in the last 5.
    2. Coupled with 2 strong performances we have nothing to show for it except frustration. In other words, they are playing hard.
    3. All 6 teams in front of us are playing today, which will most certainly push that 8 spot further away.
    4. The trade deadline is looming and there are very few sellers out there.

    Does last night’s loss make us one of them?
    I can only imagine DL is thinking about how to align the team for next year.
    How will he do it?
    I would think the likes of Army and Grease are the most likely to be moved.
    However, I think we are now closer to making a BIG move than we were a week ago.

    Exciting stuff!

  • AK47

    The only way I see DL trading Frolov is to get an all-star back, such as Heatley or Kovalchuk, or maybe even Malkin. We should keep Frolov and deal Calder, O’Donnell, Armstrong, Gauthier, Preissing, Ersberg and Brian Boyle.

  • CupRun2010

    You’ve got to be kidding!? Our playoff run over? I still count 21 games left. Oh, and we lost to Philly by a goal (forget the EN)–last year’s Eastern Conference finalist, and to Detroit (what did they win last season? Oh yeah, The Cup). I don’t think ANYONE on the team or in management is giving up yet. They played 2 great games, ran into some hot goaltending and were beaten by better teams! Look at the highlights for the last two games…we had our scoring chances, and Quick and Ersberg played good enough to win.

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