Quick vs. Wings, round 3

As previously posted, Jonathan Quick will start in goal for the Kings against Detroit. It will be Quick’s third start against the Wings this season, and the first two didn’t go very well. In his first start of the season, Dec. 20 at Detroit, Quick allowed five goals (on 35 shots) in a 6-4 loss. In a Jan. 15 home game against the Wings, Quick allowed four goals (on 31 shots) in a 4-0 loss.

Quick was quoted on the Kings’ website about whether he will feel more comfortable playing in Detroit a second time…

QUICK: “I’d definitely say so. I’ve gotten 20 or so games in the league since then, so I obviously feel a lot more comfortable. I know the team a bit more, and you know the game plan a little bit better and you know the routine. So this is also the second time I’ve played them since then, so you know their team a little bit more, and you know what to look for a little bit.”

The Kings also lost 4-3 (in a shootout) to Detroit at home on Oct. 27. Jason LaBarbera took the loss in that one.

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  • variable

    let’s hope quick can stay big and give us a winning chance like he has throughout the season….

    d.l. is making the east coast media rounds on this road trip…he was on nhl live yesterday…and pierre lebrun has a article on his blog on espn…here’s the link:


    one of the more revealing quotes from the blog/interview:

    “I’m not against looking for a rental and I’m certainly not against looking at the longer-term thing either.”

    other than that little piece of strategy he offers, nothing we haven’t heard before…it seems like d.l. is holding his thoughts…rightfully so…close to his vest…and hasn’t strayed from rich’s great in-depth q&a from a few weeks ago…

    let’s hope he continues with the master plan…

  • anthony

    We need you to play big for us tonight.
    We need a win badly.
    Win this one for us, and things will change.

  • Duckhunter

    Let me be the first to say, Quick will get his first victory tonight against Detroit.

  • Anonymous

    Oddly enough, I’m feeling good about tonight’s game. Actually I like the next five games. I’m going on record and saying we’ll win tonight, lose against Chicago, then winning the next three.

    -@Detroit (W)
    -@Chicago (L)
    -@Columbus (W)
    *Trade Deadline*
    -Dallas (W)
    -Minnesota (W)

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