Murray pleased with Williams

Here’s what Terry Murray had to say yesterday about Justin Williams’ first few games with the Kings. In his five games with the Kings, Williams has yet to record a point but did score a game-winning shootout goal. He has recently been elevated to the top line, alongside Anze Kopitar and Michal Handzus…

MURRAY: “We’re seeing a player who is improving with every game. He seems to be getting his legs under him. He’s handling the puck with more confidence and he’s getting to know the players he’s playing with. I know that his best hockey is in front of him and I know we will not see that hockey until next season. He will have these games, and then he will get back to work in the summer and get that work ethic in place. In training camp, we’ll see who Justin Williams is and what he can bring to the Kings. I’ve seen it over the years and I’m looking forward to having that kind of player.”

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  • variable

    t.m. has pretty much echoed the sentiments of most of us over the last few weeks or since the acquisition…

    this season is a wash and jw needs an off-season program and a healthy training camp and then we all could better evaluate how jw will look/perform as a king…


    jw has not been very pretty or good in the few games since returning…i don’t expect t.m. to chastise jw for his soft backhand pass that led to a grade A opportunity in nashville…nor his streaky skating: some shifts he looks like he’s got his wheels…other times, he looks like he’s skating in sludge…conditioning and confidence are keys right now…so these glimpses of what can be will become more evident in the last 6 games…

    when and if fro comes back…perhaps as soon as next game…i would like to see kopi w/jw and fro…and i would also like to see zus w/jw and fro some more, too…

  • s2

    I’m glad TM is happy with Williams…I know Sidney Crosby is happy with Williams too, and really appreciated the beautiful assist on his recent goal against the Kings…3 goals in 37 games…awesome.

  • seabass

    If JW is on the “First Line” with Kopi and Zus, what are the other lines?

  • variable

    i can see the following line combos…

    kopi w/fro and jw
    zus w/brown and purcell
    boyle w/simmonds and calder
    army w/ivanans and harrold

    or changing the top two with…

    kopi w/purcell and brown
    zus w/fro and jw

    i would also love to see if a line of kopi w/simmonds and purcell would work….

  • Ersberg


    He’s looking a lot better as each game passes. His lateral movement and acceleration seem to be getting better as well. He did score on Turco, so there’s something to be said there.


    It was a soft pass, yes, but you have to give Sid the nod for the nice read on the play.


    Now that I’ve watched him on a more game-to-game basis(not just playoffs or random Carolina game), he’s actually more along the lines of the type of player I like. He’s got some speed, grinds, has decent hands, and has the balls to get involved on any given play. He’s starting to make me eat my words, which is nice.

  • ziggy33

    I have not really been able to get a read on Williams yet, as he clearly isn’t 100%. I was stunned and disappointed by the trade at first but I can see some glimpses of what Williams can bring to this team. We clearly need more of a veteran presence up front and someone who is gritty that can go in front of the net and do the dirty work that is necessary. Hopefully he can be that guy on a consistent basis and stay healthy.

    So far O’Sullivan hasn’t lit up the scoreboard for edmonton yet so the trade has not hurt that much so far anyway.

  • Dan H.

    I’m still not impressed but we’ll have to wait for last season. Just like things happened with Zues we’ll have to see what goes next year. So far he’s a turnover machine but he stays on the top line when Frolov is sat out and/or benched. I definitely see a different way that Frolov is treated differently than everyone else.

    It might be that Murray expects so much out of him that anything less than stellar upsets him but who knows how long he’s been playing with that bad groin again. It seems like Fro is going to have issues with that his whole career.

  • There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.