Jack Johnson to KHL?

Some of you caught an item on the TSN website from Darren Dreger, talking about how “Johnson’s father, Jack Johnson Sr., contacted St. Petersburg prior to the World Hockey Championship to see if the team would have interest in signing his son to a one-year contract” in the KHL.

I called Dean Lombardi this morning, and he told me the same thing he said he told Dreger: “It’s news to me. It doesn’t affect us either way.”

A couple other thoughts on this…

1) Call me crazy, but I would have sworn that Johnson Jr. actually has an agent, one that didn’t move from Michigan to live with his son…

2) Isn’t this tampering? Johnson is under contract until July 1. Why would people in his “camp” be talking to anyone, other than the Kings, about signing a contract? Doesn’t seem very wise, does it? When I inquired about the legality of this, Lombardi said, “You’re right, maybe we should sue them. … They don’t have the right to solicit or express interest.”

I have no intention of challenging Dreger on his story, but note that the blog post is very carefully written with words such as “interest,” “it is believed,” and “possibility.” If you take all those letters and rearrange them, you can probably come up with the phrase, “No chance in hell.” At the same time, Lombardi said today that the Kings haven’t had much recent communication with Johnson’s agent — or his father, presumably — so I’m sure that will fuel more conspiracy theories.

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  • kevin e.

    Did you ask or did Lombardi comment about the trade rumors to Tampa?

  • Rich Hammond

    No. If I asked him about every half-baked trade rumor, I would spend 10 hours a week on the phone with him, and that’s not good for anyone.

  • Irish Pat

    Thanks for the clarification with Lombardi on this Rich. This is an odd story by Dreger. If Jack Johnson wants out I’m sure he would just sign a one year deal and/or request a trade. Even if he is miserable in LA I can’t see why he would have his dad talk to the KHL. Weird.

  • variable

    vetty, vetty inter-es-ting….

    this is a bit odd of a story…

    after seeing it yesterday on tsn and reading the regulars comments on the previous thread regarding the report, i’m going to let this all play out a bit more before making any judgments…

    i will say this though…

    there’s that great line from the luna song…freakin’ and peakin’…: “thinkin’ we’d talk without speakin'”

    that’s what’s going on here…

    but any sign of impropriety is not a good sign…so far, there’s a burning smell coming from the kitchen…we’ll have to wait and see if this “rumor” is wedding cake or just toast…

  • variable


    jinx…yeah, i agree…

    i guess we were both writing at the same time…

  • Quisp
  • Mike

    Jacks dad is a world class douchebag. He has been double dealing since Jack has been drafted. He told me about how he was talking to Detroit before Jack signed his Entry level contract with the Kings. How Detroit was preasuring him to just not sign and Detroit would pick him up. Sr. also told me that Jack and Sid WILL play together whether it be in LA or Pittsburgh.

    He is living vicariously through his son and his marriage is also not so hot. Dude is a total piece of dog crap.

    Jack is a good kid but, dad is a control freak who couldn’t hack it himself so he is using jack to get his rocks off on his sons talent.


    Dean needs to STFU with his sueing comments. The guy keeps digging himself a deeper hole. Dean do us all a favor and resign. Or AEG grow some balls and fire this moron

  • Westchester Kid

    I’m less concerned about Johnson and more concerned about the Kings drafting Evander Kane. Johnson could be great trade bait in a package for an established forward or to move up from our high second round pick to take one of the high flying playmaking centers available in this years’ draft. We desperately need a facilitator for this offense. Johnson is very replaceable as he has yet to establish himself as the heavy hitter he was in college or the scoring force. Right now he looks like a future good NHL defenseman, not great, not dominating. Maybe that will change with a full season and more experience, but I’d say at best it’s 50/50. With the incredible depth we have at that position in the minors with Hickey and the others, Johnson could be traded without affecting team chemistry at all. Add two young forces to this offense (Kane and a center)and sign a couple of free agent scorers (or trade), and that should be enough to make the playoffs this coming year and create the base to improve our team in the next two or three years to the point of being a legitimate challenger for the cup.

  • variable


    that was great…!
    perfect breakdown…

    we’ll just have to see how far this ‘non-comment’ comment on the comments surrounding the commentators goes…

  • nykingfan

    Why do I keep getting the feeling that he’s going to end up a $$problem-child$$ with the Kings?
    I hope I’m wrong because I like him as a player and think he will continue to get better and better, but if he is all about the $$, maybe it’s best to shop him now or if necessary, let him be the guy you include in a trade for Kovalchuk (would love to have him).
    Remember…this is the same guy who was holding Carolina hostage in negotiations..which is the reason he’s a King today.
    I also recall there was something on the blog during the season about JJ and it had to do with $$. I think it was an interview…my brain is fried…but I thought he gave the impression of being a selfish player.

  • WWAMD – I’m pretty sure that comment is one of those things called a joke. You really think DL would try to sue a players family who he trying to get resigned?

    Now if Jack actually skipped town to the KHL that would be a whole other story and DL absolutely should sue them.

  • nykingfan – Jack didn’t really hold Carolina hostage with contact negotiations, he wanted to finish his time at Michigan and they wanted him in the NHL and got sick of waiting for him.

  • AK47

    this really, really sucks..
    why doesn’t DL just re-sign him instead of having us go through all of this..

  • Meg

    I have a bad feeling this is gonna get as high drama as the O’Sullivan situation last year. Not good for anyone if it goes that way….

    Also interesting to see USA Today pushing the theory that Gaborik is a perfect fit for LA and we should pursue him. That would be a nightmare of Manny Ramirez proportions.

    Hockey Gods, please help us!



    Dean is struggling right now, his Don methods are not working with Jack. His little sue joke is a desperation of sending a sign to Jack that talking to KHL is illegal. Because Dean started off with “I HOLD ALL THE CARDS” mentality and Jack “explored his options” now we are at an even playing field and Dean does not like it. He doesn’t know what to do now. This is all Deans poor GM’ing. Like I’ve said in the past he’s a great scout and EXTREMELY poor negotiator. End of story!

  • TB

    blah blah blah he’s resigning in LA.

  • tantrum4

    Hilarious how a certain someone can take a story about JJ’s dad trying to screw over the Kings by calling Russia to see if they will sign his kid and turn it around and into a “fire Lombardi” rant, LOL. Priceless. The minds of some Kings fans never cease to amaze me…

  • kevin

    So TSN stories are half baked? I guess they’re not as prestigious as the great daily news. Get over yourself Hammond. Dreger wouldn’t even take your phone call. Get off your high horse and do your job.

  • Rich Hammond

    Thanks for your courageous anonymous comment, kevin. I’m doing my job. You’re welcome to spend your time elsewhere.

  • Quisp

    Kevin –

    The TSN story is not even a story. “I talked to a coach in the KHL who confirms that he heard that Jack Johnson’s dad continues to be a nutjob.” Fire Dean immediately!

  • JB

    Well the coach that relayed the comment was a long time Detroit assistant so sounds like Dad may have been just shooting the breeze with some guy he knows from the Michigan days.

    And I’m not a lawyer but it’s probably not tampering since I’m sure NHL rules or provisions of player’s contract can’t be extended to apply to a player’s family member. If it was Jack or his agent talking to KHL then yeah I see the case. His dad has no legal authority to act, negotiate or sign a contract on his behalf. Sure he has influence but NHL rules/contracts can’t stop family from being family.

    If this was dad’s intent to help son’s negotiation position though probably not best way to go about it. A young developing player ain’t going to be helped by playing in a lesser league. If Jack doesn’t like LA then do what Bouwmeester did. Play through it, show your worth and score big when your a free agent.

  • An actual kings fan from Los Angeles

    Hey Rich,

    In the future, I give you full permission to delete any anonymous commentors named Kevin.

  • Irish Pat


    Jinx indeed friend… and awesome job referencing Luna. It makes me want to attempt quoting Lou Reed or Alex Chilton down the road.


    Awesome analysis as always. Your blog rocks.


    If Dreger didn’t return Hammond’s phone call as you claim then that would appear to mean Dreger isn’t doing his job now wouldn’t it? I’m not a journalist, but spouting off claims about an athlete without verifying the story from both sides seems lazy. Why didn’t he contact Jack’s dad before running this story? Must’ve been a slow news day in Canada.

  • Sorry to see Rich getting so frustrated. DL will hopefully follow through and sue the Johnson group to better establish his primacy over the players.

    Those who do not support DL on this board would be well-advised to follow Rich’s advice and spend their time elsewhere.

  • RealDrew

    Is that you Anthony? Your irrational hatred for Lombardi is beginning to blow your cover.

    Wow, someone is a little sensitive. You must be a big Dreger fan. Sheesh.

    Rich, thanks for following up on this story with Deano. I am very appreciative.

  • vicarious

    rich, thank you for again being a voice of (good) reason.

    Who would have thought hockey would turn into a version of as the world turns.

  • number 6

    Hi Var.. Hi you guys.. am back from my trip overseas…. well I missed all the best playoff games, and now this! I did Not have a good feeling from Mark Teixera when he was with the Angels, and right now JJ is making Tex look like a very personable guy indeed.
    The thing I find upsetting is that Tim Gleason is playing very well for Carolina (remember him.. one of the two guys we gave up for JJ) , and I thought we got the best (by far) of that trade. As a few of the guys mentioned above, I smell trouble. Really guys, look at the Wings or the Pens even: when do you ever hear stuff like this coming out of those camps?
    If DL ends up packaging JJ in a helpful trade I’ll feel otherwise, but at the moment, based on things I’ve heard on this blog about JJ it just doesn’t seem encouraging to me.
    It’s great to read everyone else’s comments concerning this though… ummmm, when they are polite and respectful (I won’t mention anyone’s name here though).

  • nykingfan


    But wasn’t the underlying reason for staying in school that he wasn’t getting the contract he was looking for from Carolina?

  • Ersberg


    So, what are we giving for Vinny? JJ+5th overall? Not that I want it to happen, but..

    To LA
    2nd overall

    To TB
    5th overall

    I don’t like it, but I can certainly see a certain GM liking it. It would avoid some ‘unpleasant’ contract negotiations. Then again, I could see us not doing a damn thing, which might be better to begin with.

    It’s always fun to come up with this stuff, even though it won’t happen.

    I’m guessing he’ll re-sign for 3 years/$2.9-3.2m/per.

  • Lilly

    If the story is BS and JJ is happy here then things will work out and he’ll be a King for years to come (unless he’s trade bait), if it’s true, then his dad is a trouble maker and we’d be lucky to get rid of him now before he allows his dad to cause more problems. Plus, if he’d rather leave LA to play in Russia – more power to him, he can leave Drew his shorts and flip flops for safe keeping.

    Rich Hammond rocks!

  • variable

    NUMBER 6…

    glad to hear from ya’…

    yeah…i know…i agree with ya’ regarding jj…this might be the unfortunate spark that starts the summer inferno between all concerned parties…great point about gleason…i always thought that he was a quality player that left waaaaaay too soon during his development w/us…but in order to get something good, one usually has to give up something valuable…

    however, we shall see in the next couple of days if this story concerning dreger’s hypothetical conversations with animated ghosts finds its legs…

  • mac!

    I reckon JJ wants to stay in the NHL, and it’s still his choice where he wants to sign, no?

    Thanks Rich for your work during this “off-time” for the Kings.

  • Quisp

    Ersberg –

    I don’t think TB would part with their pick. And frankly, if we had the #2 pick ourselves, I genuinely wouldn’t know what to do with it. I mean, I guess you have to take whichever of Hedman or Tavares NYI doesn’t take. But I don’t know. Taking Duchene 3rd is probably the easiest pick to make. But he might turn out to be better than Tavares. And somewhere I saw someone writing “Hedman = Aki Berg.” This is one of the drawbacks of the NHL entry draft kids being so young.

    Still, I can’t wait for draft day. I hope DL keeps the pick. It ought to be our last high pick for awhile.

  • Danielle

    Maybe I am misreading Lombardi’s comments, but I get the impression that when he says “maybe we should sue them,” the “them” he is referring to is the St. Petersburg team, not the Johnsons.

  • deadcatbounce

    Of course it’s a slow news day in Canada. None of their teams made it to the conference finals and, for yet another season, the Stanley Cup champion will come from south of their border!

  • Buster

    Isn’t it true that Jack just bought a house not too long ago? Does he know that once you do this, you’re certain to get traded?

  • number 6

    Hi again Var. Yeah, that’s why I always connected with your comments. It’s the words…. the unfortunate spark… well put. First I heard some riff raff on nhl radio (trying to get some very important work done at the computer and had it on in the background) and thought… let’s see if Rich has anything on this. I didn’t expect it to be what it has been though. A guy who Rich found to be a bit introverted (hockey players being such great people tend to be very “available” even during their slumps) and then pair that up with this… I think you got it right.
    Urghh. I started thinking, why does this stuff tend to follow My favorite team around? Let’s hope both of us are wrong… but the past would say different. Each time their has been almost any sort of uncomfortable residue around a player (i.e. performance, negotiating issues, etc. etc.) something has happened. Look no further than POS and Cammi. That being said, for some strange reason I Don’t (at the moment) have an uncomfortable feeling about Fro. Let’s hope I’m right about that.
    Well, back to work!! btw, any comments on the current series?

  • Ersberg


    I’m pretty confident Hedman will be a finer d-man than JJ, so I’d take him to replace JJ. Of course, this is all in fun, and I just don’t see Lombardi ridding himself of JJ when he’s invested a lot of resources in his growth.

    I’m still sticking to my original notion that we won’t do much at the draft, other than pick at #5. I don’t see any big-named players being all that interested in LA yet, and on the flipside, Lombardi being interested in dishing out a lot coin to entice anyone.

  • Shelle

    I just wanted to say thanks, Rich. First year as a Kings fan, and if it’s like this every offseason I will be sure to get a summer job. It hurts my head to see some of the things that people say on here and they leave me a bit confused…ok, actually a lot.

    Hope to see some truth from this soon so people can get back to watching the playoffs because that’s what hockey is all about, right? I guess we will see.


  • tantrum4

    easy deadcatbounce, I’m pretty sure there are more Canadians than Americans playing on those “American” teams…..

  • deadcatbounce

    Let’s assume, for grins and giggles, that the story is true and that Jack ultimately does sign to play in Russia. How many North American players with NHL talent willingly play in Russia for any length of time? Let’s just say that the standard of living (tax-free rubles taken into consideration) is not as good as in North American. Moscow is a metropolis, but it’s crime-ridden (kind of sounds like L.A., doesn’t it?), but at least in L.A. you don’t have to pay the Russian mafia for protection. St. Petersburg is beautiful, but the farther away you get from the big centers the less attractive the cities become and most from the west would definitely consider them underdeveloped in terms of extras and even everyday conveniences. If I were a betting man and Jack bolted, I’d place big money that he’d be back much sooner rather than any later.

  • deadcatbounce

    tantrum4, yes I realize that what you say is true. I wasn’t taking a swipe so much at Canadians than I was at CP, who seem to write with this belief that a Canadian team should win the cup just because they’re Canadian.

  • pobo the hobo

    Things i’ve learned about rumors from Inside the Kings…

    Rich Hammond – 99% correct
    Rumors – 99% wrong

  • anthonyy

    I support Rich and accept his word with full credibility.

    As far as DL is concerned, his credibility is hitting the toilet. Our Players now, along with the rest of the league, have figured out that he’s incompetent as a GM.
    Players now know that this team has no future with him as GM. So they want out.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts calling a JJ a FILLER soon.
    If DL acquires a player and the player plays good, DL calls him a core player and takes credit for the acquisition. He takes great credit.
    If he acquires a player and it doesn’t turn out the way DL wished it would, that player miraculously becomes a filler.

    POS & JJ were his best acquisitions. Now JJ along with Frolov are on the verge of leaving.
    What a tool this GM is.

  • anthonyy

    Finally, I can understand why there is unhappiness at the Johnson’s camp about JJ and his developement.
    They’ve also figured out that the kings coach is not the right person to have influence over a prospect.
    With this teams young roster, TM is just not the right guy to lead them.
    Between DL and TM, I can see why JJ’s dad is pissed and concerned.
    I can understand the grievance of a concerned father.

  • number 6

    I rarely agree with Anthony’s comments. Maybe because there is usually too much venom in them for my taste. I have to confess though that these comments caught my eye. I do find it a bit disturbing that DL’s two most lauded acquisitions are no longer looking so sharp. POS – that’s been written, and JJ is not looking promising. I know how much time DL puts into his work and how much thought goes into it, but if JJ doesn’t work out either than there is clearly something that he’s (DL) missing. So far we have a player who I’ve stated on several occasions is coming back from two very serious injuries that we’ve gotten back in return for one of them.

    I do think DL has done a superb job of building a prospect base that is far better than anything we’ve ever had… but as for the rest I have to believe that the verdict is still out. I really hope we make the playoffs next year, but with all the improved teams its gonna take more doing than maybe some people think.

  • variable


    yeah..well, regardless of anything coming to fruition on this “story”, d.l. has shown a propensity for being shrewd in his evaluations of a player’s worth to the team…

    i have said and thought, even before this latest gossip, that money will be the issue between jj and d.l….d.l. went as far as to hint about this possible situation during rich’s last q&a w/him….a gradual compensated/performance-based deal…something like $1.75/2.25/2.5 mil per sounds about right…i like a three-year deal with jj…i think that’s the right amount of time for everyone to talk again…

    as far as fro…gee…i’m thinking it’s more likely going to be a somewhat similar situation, but more likely to happen because i seriously have a belief that fro and his team will ask for a reasonable amount per, like $4.5-$5.5 mil a year…i think d.l. has to make that deal if it’s available…w/jj, i’m starting to have a suspicion about his father and how much he really is involved in the business side…if you watch that ‘before the big’s’ fox seg w/jj, the family seemed to have made a lot of sacrifices in order for jj to have the life and opportunities …(WE JUST HAD ANOTHER QUAKE AS I”M TYPING)…so maybe there’s something to be said about the ties that bind…


    i think jj stays in the nhl…this so far is nuthin’ but a unofficial way to officially say something that resembles something to a public negotiation…if this is true, it’s a bad way to go about things…

    4.1 quake…not a bad aftershock…

  • kevin e.

    Just for the record, I’m the Kevin that posted the very first comment asking Rich if he asked Dean about the rumors to Tampa. I did NOT make the second comment bagging on Rich. (I greatly appreciate the work that Rich does here)

    If Tavares is available to the Tampa Bay Lightning, I could see them trading Vinny away for a defenseman and the number 5 pick. I would imagine that there needs to be an added sweetener to the deal (Frolov?).

  • anthonyy

    Number 6
    I appreciate your thoughtful comment. And I consider you to be an informed individual – Especially on your comments.
    But DL’s performance is a joke.
    In 3 years as GM, the team has finished 26th, 29th, and 25th. And they’re not going anywhere because DL refuses to deviate from any of his failed policies. He’s stubborn and arrogant. He doesn’t want any of his judgments or decisions questioned. If you disagree with him you’re gone.

    Just a matter of time before Kopitar asks to be traded too. When the team continues to lose, Doughty will be like – “F___ you too. I want out as well.”
    This will be the pattern unless DL gets fired.

  • khanon81

    Bring Nash or Lecavlier asap!

  • number 6

    Thanks for that Anthony. Well var, I agree absolutely with your assessment of the financial side of things. What concerns me though is when we start hearing these “undercurrents” or “rumblings” that seem to happen. I mean, yeah, I’d be delighted to get JJ signed for 3 yrs But at the reasonable price structure you alluded to. I just don’t understand how these guys end up playing a sport they would have played for nothing when they were younger and all of a sudden start to justify ridiculous requests (see Cammi wanting what.. 6 million after ONE thirty goal season… as Simon Cowell would say….ummmm, Sorry..). Maybe that wasn’t that funny, but that’s my point… I find the whole thing troubling.
    You know what, I’m gonna try to just be sociable and humble and say “I don’t know where all this is gonna lead…. because I Don’t”. I’d love for all of this stuff to settle down though and just get on with building a team that can compete. As far as your comments Anthony regarding DL, again…. I just don’t know. You may be right, or maybe you’ll be surprised…. but only time is gonna tell.

    Hey guys, nothing like being a Kings fan, huh?

  • khanon81

    anthonyy said:

    “Just a matter of time before Kopitar asks to be traded too. When the team continues to lose, Doughty will be like – F___ you too. I want out as well. This will be the pattern unless DL gets fired.”

    Why would Kopi want to be traded when the Kings 1) will be in the playoffs next season, 2) will be a stanley cup contender within 2-3 seasons, 3) beautiful weather and women in LA, and 4) he’s making a ton of money?

    Why do you hate DL so much, because he’s turning the Kings into a respectable organization?

  • 28 KINGS

    You know Anthony, you bash Lombardi,Murray, AEG every chance you get and constantly criticize every move they make, yet you never provide an intelligent answer to what you see as a solution. It the same drivil in every post.

    You say Lombardi is terrible at his job, and “his performance is a joke” then ok smart guy, who do you replace him with? Mike Milbury or how about Neil Smith? There is a reason why they’ll never get another GM job again.

    It also seems like your win now mentality is clouding your judgement as to how you build a team through the draft. It was the win now mentality that got this organization in the state it was in before Lombardi took over. Sure we could go back to the Taylor/Lieweekly days of trading away our top prospects for UFA and guys with busted kneecaps or trading for a top malcontent center that filled a hole while at the same time created 2 more.And for what…maybe making the 8th seed and getting bounced in 4 or 5 games. Is that what you really want from this team, cause I sure don’t. Lombardi WANTS to build a team to win the cup and be contenders year after year, not be just good enough to make the playoffs. It’s a shame you can’t see this.

  • khanon81

    28 KINGS,

    Well said.

    This is the first time that I’m actually confident in the King’s management. DL knows what he’s doing, and trading POS for JW was a steal simply for the fact that POS will never reach his so called potential of reaching more than 20 goals per year, while JW, at the worst will score at least 20 goals per year and will be a leader. Who the hell wants a wimpy, small, slow, weak player like POS that occupies a spot on the first two lines who doesn’t contribute in any way possible?

    The only bad decision DL made was trading Gleason for JJ. Gleason is a better version of Matt Greene and he would fit very nicely on the blue line in LA. However, JJ can be excellent trade bait to bring a star back to LA finally…

    All in all, I think besides Brian Burke, DL is the best GM out there and the real hockey/king fans realize this…

  • number 6

    khanon81 said:
    All in all, I think besides Brian Burke, DL is the best GM out there and the real hockey/king fans realize this…

    Khanon, I’m a real Kings fan and as stated in earlier posts I think DL has done an outstanding job of creating a prospect base for the Kings. He’s still working with a group of players on the Kings that were drafted under the DT regime. That being said, can I honestly say he’s the best out there? I’m sorry but Lou Lamoriello in New Jersey has won 3 Stanley Cups. Under Ken Holland in Detroit they have found superstars in the late rounds of the draft (more than 1… check Johan Franzen’s record in the playoffs) and won I believe so far 4 Stanley Cups and counting…. so I’m afraid it’s a bit premature to say DL is the best GM out there.

  • anthonyy

    28 Kings,
    This win now mentality worked pretty well with Bruce Mcnall. He even went as far as saying that building for the future is stupid.
    You do whatever it takes to win the cup now. Trades, free agent signings, mortgaging your future, etc…
    And it was under his watch that the kings went all the way to the cup finals.
    I’m not saying that building for the future is not good strategy. But I am saying that DL is the wrong person to build a team. Anther GM is needed.

    Justin Williams will not regain his old form. He’s to slow and broken down. POS had a hiccup last season because that old fart TM was playing with his head – moving him up and down the line-up.
    If Wlliams outscores POS, I’ll leave this site for good.

  • anthonyy

    And Khanon, that comment – besides Brian Burke, DL is the best GM out there, makes me wonder if you’re typing in your sleep.

  • khanon81

    anthonyy said:

    “because that old fart TM was playing with his head…”

    Not only is TM a wonderful coach and mentor, he’s a gentleman, he has experience, comes from the old school hockey mentality. You really can’t go wrong with him. Whats the alternative to TM? Furthermore, you show a lack of respect by calling TM such immature names, such as “old fart.” Respect the TM!

  • anthonyy

    Yeah Khanon81, I’ll sure put that on top of my list.
    Good night.

  • Ciccarelli

    Anthonyy said:
    “If Wlliams outscores POS, I’ll leave this site for good.”

    You know I’m going to hold you to this, Anthony.

  • Cricket


    “If Wlliams outscores POS, I’ll leave this site for good.”

    Then what, come back as anthonyyy?

    just joking

  • anthonyy

    Hold me to it.
    If Williams scores more goals, NOT POINTS, than POS, I will leave this site.
    Because Williams an ex-flyer, TM is gonna play fovortism and play Williams more than 30 minutes a game, on a line with Kopitar – So there’s a chance Williams might squeak out more points.
    But no way in hell will Williams get more goals than POS. Of he does, I’ll leave this site.
    Just like I said I would if the Kings signed that fool Robl Blake. But didn’t.

  • JDM

    It would be a big loss for the site if anthony left, especially over something not only trivial, but GOOD for the Kings.

    This site, like the best hockey games, is a struggle.

    I like it that way.

    On that note, I miss cristobal. I’d love to hear his thoughts on the whole Johnson thing and the memorial cup.

  • David

    Very interesting M. Hammond..J. Johnson and his family remind me a bit about the eric and bonnie lindros saga!
    Is he a fan favourite in L.A??? I don’t think so!
    About Lecavalier, all hearings (including his own family) from the Quebec Province said that the deal with the Canadiens is done and will be announced during the draft in june.
    What do you think?
    David from Montreal

  • khanon81


    JJ does remind me of the Lindros situation. DL should have known better by acquiring JJ since he had problems with the Hurricanes. Seems like JJ is going to be a problem, so DL might as well deal him before he infects the rest of the “core…”

    Tampa would much rather deal Lecavalier to LA since LA actually has the assets, i.e., 5th overall pick, JJ, Frolov, Handzus, Hickey, and all the other young Glenn Murray rejects… If DL wants him, hes coming here!

  • Quisp

    Which team is better in 2009?

    Team Vinny:

    [2nd tier UFA LW]/Kopitar/Williams
    [Wudrick or Moulson]/Boyle/Moller



    Team Hossa:



  • Quisp

    IN case, it’s not clear from the above, Team Vinny has traded Johnson, Hickey, Frolov, Handzus and our 1st to TB for Vinny. Team Hossa traded no-one, and probably I should have included MSP on the Left side. So make Team Hossa:

    Team Hossa (revised):


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  • Excellent job.

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  • Simon Cowell is fun I wish he wasn’t leaving American Idol