• variable

    i think i would rather have a “grateful deadmarsh” shirt…even if it’s tie-dye…than a jar of old, rusty pickles…

    deader was one of my favorite players of all-time…even before he became a king…
    he might have not been the greatest, but he was a helluva entertaining player to watch and cheer for, as deader never gave less than a full effort every time he skated…

    thanks for the story lead, rich…

  • KingFan4ever

    It’s still a damn shame his career ended so abruptly. What a difference maker he was and the heart and soul of a team that needed that extra offensive punch. I’ve often wondered what the Kings could have done with a few more years of Allison-Ziggy-Deadmarsh scoring at will against the best in the west.

    When they where on the ice, it really scared teams. The kings where never out of it in games where those guys could skate together, grind and work their magic.

    The Kings should really think about bringing him in to coach these young players. I’m sure they could learn a great deal from someone who played the game with grit and determination.

  • Harry

    Lets sign him for a long term 5 year deal!!!


    Good story Rich, thanks for the link

    Anyone know which King player accidently kicked him and ended his career? This is news to me.

  • Quisp

    I want to say it was Craig Johnson, but my memory is faulty. In any case, it wasn’t just one concussion, it was a succession of several compounded ones.

  • Nick

    Craig Johnson ended Adams career, just as he was coming back strong. Beginning of the end for playoffs and good seasons, and fun and…man I miss those days!

  • Tornado12

    it was craig johnson..but i dont think you can blame him. Quispy was right, i think most of his problems started after getting knocked out in a fight with ed jovanovski when ed was with vancouver and deader an av.

  • cristobal

    Wasn’t it Aki berg?
    Of course it all began from a fight a/ Jovonoski.

  • Duckhunter

    Deadmarsh and Nordstrom are by far my two favorite Kings. No matter how you spell their names it always translates, “WARRIOR”.

    It is a awful shame his career was on the not fulfilled list, because as stated above, he was one hell of a fun player to watch.

    Glad to see he’s getting past the negatives and starting to welcome back the game of hockey. People like Adam are only positives for the game, no matter the capacity.

    Welcome back Deadmarsh!

  • 28 KINGS

    The Jovo fight was the first known concussion, but Deader’s bad concussion as a King started in a game against the Leafs. Craig Johnson somehow found a way to kick him in the head while fighting for a puck. As time went by while on the IR, the headaches went away and he was cleared to skate. Then while doing a skating drill (while wearing the RED “DON’T HIT ME” jersey), Stumpel finds a way to run right into him, and Deader skates off the ice pretty much for the last time. Someone who saw it happened said Deader skated off shaking his head, almost knowing he was done as a hockey player.

  • Brian M

    Adam was one of my favorite players with the Kings and Avs. If he is interested I hope the King offer a position within the organization so he can get back into the game he loves so much. His heart and desire was infectious. All the best Adam.

  • vicarious

    Concussion syndrome usually comes from repeated blows to the head. The last blow can be like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. There was an interview with a football player, I think the great receiver Al Toon, where he could not remember which blow caused his very serious medical problem. I think he said something about having to spend two years at home in the dark after retiring early due to concussion syndrome.

    I was at Deadmarsh’s last game playing for the Kings at home and saw the last “hit” that did him in. It was not actually a hit. Deader came in to hit a defenseman, decided to stop, lost his balance, and went head first into the end wall. It was not that hard a blow, but Deader went down. My seats were near the Kings bench at the time and when he came off the ice you could see his eyes were glazed and something was very wrong with him.

    Maybe the practice hit was another blow. But its usually not just one that causes the severe problems like Deader’s got. Part of why Colorado traded him was his past injury history; he was damaged when he got to the kings and as hard as Deader played it was not surprising to me at least he did not last long with the Kings. Helluva a player when healthy, though.

  • mrbrett7

    No, it was Craig Johnson. Oddly enough, it was the only thing he hit all year. He also ran into Stumpel during practice soon after that.

    The fight with Jovo started it. Then he fell head first into the boards in Game 6 againt Colorado trying to check Adam Foote. I remember this because it was right in front of me, and I remember how woosy he was trying to get back to the bench.

  • Dan H.

    If NORSTROM was your favorite please spell it right. Not being a smartass but after years of opposing announcers mispronouncing it (HELLO HAYWARD), it’s a raw nerve.

    Deadmarsh was a great player that always gave 110% and never took a shift off. Anyone remember the big fight in Ottawa? He skates by the penalty box after fighting one guy, points to another and says “you’re f’ing next!”. The guy was money.

    I have the autographed picture in my office here at work of him skating away after scoring the big goal against Detroit in the playoffs with Osgood on his back looking up at him skating by.

    classic and one of the all time great Kings even if he was only here a few years.

  • Duckhunter

    Dan H.

    You can call me an idiot if you wish because it’s well deserved for spelling one of my favorite players name wrong, but putting me in the same category as “Hayward the Clown” is a low blow. That one hurt Dan. Anyway, I will spell his name correct from this point on, I promise, because I don’t want to be associated in any way with that guy. My apologies to all. No Dan not him….ugh!

  • Dan H.

    I don’t think I called you an idiot Duckhunter…just asked you to spell it right šŸ˜‰

  • Duckhunter

    I know you didn’t Dan. I was just messing around saying you could have and I would have laughed and agreed with you. It’s all good.

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