To Boyle, or not to Boyle?


Given the lack of free agents on the Kings’ roster this summer, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of debate about which players should return, particularly among the restricted free agents. Jack Johnson will be back, unless his dad starts negotiating with a team in Outer Mongolia, and Teddy Purcell likely has done enough to at least earn a short-term contract.

Then there’s Brian Boyle. Perhaps no borderline NHL player in recent Kings history has generated more debate than Boyle. That’s because everyone seems to agree that Boyle has the physical attributes needed to be a NHL center. The questions seem to be whether Boyle will ever realize that potential and whether coaches are putting him in the correct positions needed to reach that potential.

So what would you do? The Kings have three established NHL centers in Kopitar, Handzus and Stoll. Then there’s a guy such as Trevor Lewis, waiting patiently for a spot. And there’s Andrei Loktionov, coming off a strong junior season. Do you give Boyle a shot, or move on?

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  • SuperSonic420

    I am very afraid that if the Kings let him walk, he’s going to turn into a monster power forward for somebody else, like the Ducks or Sharks. But if we sign him, he’s going to play the same mediocre style thats got us discussing this in the first place. Its not even about playing physical at this point, he needs to play with some emotion and heart or he’s just another first round bust for the Kings.

  • CanadianKing

    Sometimes you just have to know when to fold ’em.

  • Quisp

    Boyle’s got another 34 games of waiver-exemption, and it makes sense to use them. That could, if he’s up and down all year, last the whole season (at which point, in April 2010, his waiver exemption expires whether or not he’s reached the 70 total games played). Boyle had a disappointing season in 08-09, but it seems totally worth it (to me, anyway) to lock him up for a couple of years, and let next season play out. The reason I say sign him for two years instead of one year is that, then, if at the end of next season, it hasn’t worked out, DL will be able to deal him. There’s always going to be someone who wants to take a chance on Boyle; it’s not like he would be a bad investment. Whether he turns out to have been a bad investment of a late first round pick is another matter.

    I personally still hold out hope for him. Even though I thought in his late season “fights” he looked like he was going to burst into tears.

    Since you mentioned the Kings’ centers:

    Looking long term, Handzus won’t be around two years from now, though Stoll might be. Boyle appears to be one of those centers who doesn’t play wing, which obviously limits his versatility. Loktionov plays both center and wing, like Moller. Having watched Loktionov in the Memorial Cup (in which he appears to have underperformed — compared to his OHL season and playoffs — but still managed to be near the top of the tournament in points), he seems great but still awfully young. I would be surprised if he were to make the Kings this fall (though I was shocked that Moller made it, and I’m a huge Moller fan), although a move to Manchester wouldn’t be so shocking.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in camp this September, where Boyle will find himself bumping up against other big bodies, for example, Dwight King and Geordie Wudrick, who may be less resistant to throwing their weight around.

    (p.s. I don’t think Boyle’s performance last season was Terry Murray’s fault; Boyle needs to learn to play a two-way game; he needs to be consistent and he needs to play like he’s 6’7″ — to state the obvious, if you don’t play like you’re 6’7″, there’s no point to being 6’7″, other than changing lightbulbs)

  • TB

    Well said again Quisp…

    If I could add one small point…by signing him early on this offseason, it makes him playable in any kind of trade talks DL might have with prospective teams. For this reason alone I suggest we lock him up for 2 years as Quisp suggested.

    But with so many talented centers working their way up the ranks, he is quickly losing his window of opportunity. I too am a Boyle fan, but a realist as well. He needs to shape up, or ship out.

  • Daniel

    I think he should be given one more chance. If he doesn’t show anything by February, trade him to a team in need of centers. Although I have a feeling he will be packaged in some sort of draft-day deal. Why wasn’t ‘trade him’ an option?

  • PolarBearOne

    If Dean doesn’t do anything in terms of trades between now and after the first week of the free agency period, I would seriously consider signing Boyle to a two year deal, preferably, just for the depth aspect going into the season. Potentially, he could be added to an in-season trade, should Deano find the NEED to swing a deal, or as a piece to “sweeten” a possible WTF blockbuster-type deal.

    I’m just not wholly convinced that he hasn’t reached a higher potential with that hulking size he posesses. He may not turn out to be a Chara-type, but the curve to acclaimate to the pro game, historically, seems to be greater with guys that have a large frame. I would not fully give up on him yet.

  • Quisp

    Matt Moulson is also a UFA (VI) this summer. I know people are tempted/inclined to write him off, given his uninspiring performance with the Kings last season. But I hold out as much hope for him as for Boyle. For one thing, he’s a LEFT WING. Which we have exactly one of (Frolov). Two, he’s one of those guys who isn’t especially fast or graceful, or physical, or especially ANYTHING, other than he has a knack for putting the puck in the net. You know, like that Luc guy. Now, I’m saying he’s Luc, or even 1/2 Luc, which I would take. But I think it’s just as likely that Moulson could score thirty goals for someone else than Boyle being the one to do it.

    The problem is, Moulson can sign anywhere he wants after 7/1, so DL would actually have to want him bad enough to stop him from shopping himself elsewhere. And there will be takers, because he’s a guy who can score.

  • Quisp

    Correction: uh, I meant to say, “I’m NOT saying he’s Luc.” Although that’s kind of obvious.

    Moulson’s a good passer, too. And although he’s not especially fast, he is faster than I made it sound. Call him, “fast-ish.”

  • Irish Pat

    What’s the adage… you can’t teach size?

    Guys like this don’t grow on trees, but it appears that the Kings are trying way too hard to turn this guy into something that he isn’t. He had to endure that switch to defense and now they’re asking him to be mean and nasty and if it’s not in his character then they should trade him to a team that can utilize the skill set he already has.

    I’m not down on Boyle. I am down on the Kings for the way they’ve handled his development. I sincerely hope he has a future in the NHL with the Kings or any team for that matter.

  • khanon81

    If I were DL, I would really try hard to get rid of Handzus. I don’t like having two third line centers, unless one of them plays on the fourth line. But, Stoll and Handzus are too good to be fourth line centers. So trade Handzus. If the Kings don’t acquire Vinny, then play Boyle on the second line as center; if the kings do acquire Vinny, then put Boyle on the fourth line with centering Westgarth and Clune… Regardless, it’s too damn early to give up on him, he seems like he could turn into a Keith Premieu type of player. At the worst, he would be a very solid third or fourth line center…

  • JDM

    Sign an trade. I’d rather see Lewis centering the 4th line.

    Lewis looked like he wanted it more and is better suited to playing a tough NHL game.

    I have slim hopes for Boyle in the dark recesses of my mind, but I just don’t think he’ll ever work out for us. He’s probably one of those guys that will break out when he is 30. We don’t have the luxury of time or roster spots to just keep playing him and wait for that time. Sign him, trade him in the offseason if there is a big deal on the line. If there isn’t a deal then let him fight it out in camp and see what happens. Couldn’t hurt.

    If by next trade deadline he hasn’t shown marked improvement in the mental and emotional aspects of the game, then there really is no point in keeping him around.

    Poor Boyle. I like guy, and I want him to succeed, but when a player is given chance after chance and NHL ice time (regardless of the line he’s playing on), and that player doesn’t ever reach out and take that ice time and say with his play “Play me more coach!”, then you have to wonder if professional hockey is really in the cards for him.

    Regardless of what Dean does with him at this point, I won’t lament. If he gets traded, not signed, whatever. If he stays and succeeds, great.

    Bring in Vinny.

  • iansez

    Trading Handzus would be totally insane, he was the teams glue this past year.. Boyle just has to figure it out and work his arse off, he’s right there, how bad does he want it?

  • Irish Pat

    Yeah, trading Handzus is nuts unless the Kings need to make room for a Lecavalier or some other scoring center. Either Handzus or Stoll may have to go if the Kings go this route, but if they bring in a scoring winger or just stand pat instead then having these 2 veterans will be very important this season as the Kings take a stab at the playoffs.

  • uknojata

    three reasons why we should keep boyle.

    1.) irish already said it, “you can’t teach size.” most titanic size players lack skill, but this guys got that.

    2.) he was never really given a fair look last season. yes, at the end of the season he was given a chance, and i thought he stepped up and gave the coaches everything they were asking of him. (even if he looked like he might cry after dropping the gloves).

    3.) if playing uninspired hockey means that you loose your roster spot , then we have 80% of our roster to fill by next october.

  • nykingfan

    You’re right Irish Pat…you can’t teach size…but can you teach heart and desire? He seems to lack both.
    Maybe I’m missing something…but to survive in the NHL at 6’7″ you need to play down low and physical…not on the perimeter..where he likes to play.
    The coaches have asked him to play hard every night….you would think that’s easy, but apparently not for him. I don’t get it.
    The only think he has in common with guys like Primeau and Otto is size. Nothing else at this point in his career.

    I’m like the rest of you…I see his size and his hand skills and think what could be….but in the NHL, that’s not enough.
    I voted to get rid of him….only because the 2nd choice didn’t make sense…sign him and expect the same soft play as before? that’s just not going to cut it.

  • petey

    I say keep him and give him a shot. Or should I say another shot. We’ve all seen what he can do when played in the right situation. I know there is a log jam at center with Kopitar, Stoll and Handzus being the top 3, but IF he pans out, then having that extra trading chip to deal for more depth on the wings is not a bad thing.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    With Boyle’s size and offensive talent, you have to give him 1 more year to see if he continues to develop. His slow development thus far is partly the Kings fault as they wasted almost a year trying to get him to play defense. He’s a power forward. Play him like one.

  • Ersberg

    He’ll get this season to figure it out or he’s done.

  • KingzzFan

    I say resign him, give him to Zues this year to mentor and show him how to play strong in front of the net. Boyle has the size and skill to play in the NHL, but as was mentioned earlier he needs the heart to pull it all off. I think with Zues as a mentor, Boyle will rise to the ocasion and become that 2nd line center we all want him to be.

  • Dan H.

    I haven’t voted yet because I’m unsure.

    YOu can’t teach size and he wasn’t used fairly. They’re trying to turn him into something he’s not. If he develops right he could be like an Allison that can hold off players and make plays but I don’t see him as a crashing the boards power forward.

  • mrbrett7

    Keep him…but I’m still not expecting too much at this point.

    I believe in the Kings development program, and people should when you consider how many kids have made the jump from Juniors and Manchester over the last few seasons, BUT, they have really botched Boyle’s development.

    Others have said it as well. You can’t teach size, but you can’t teach desire as well.

  • tron

    Boyle is 6-7 250, can play center or defense, and is only 24 years old!
    Also, scored 4 goals in first 4 games with Kings! Get rid of him? Get a clue!
    Handzeus was 24 when he broke in the NHL with the Blues (4-12-16 in 66gms).
    Following year had career high 25 goals. Stoll was 20 his first year 0 goals in handful games, then at age 23,got career high 22 goals. I also think the Kings are to blame with the way they handle him. And you can’t tell me the guy has no heart,he sticks up for teammates and gets in fights I think he would rather not get into. As for his fighting skills, give him to McSorley for a few weeks this summer.

  • CanadianKing

    I’m blown away by the amount of support you guys have for this guy. Sorry to say but he has been passed by on the depth chart and there is simply no room for him.

    I’m tired of hearing the “he hasn’t been given a chance” argument because he has, twice. If the coaches saw hard work and great play, he would have been promoted from the fourth line already. Clearly his inability to learn and grow is his downfall and there’s plenty of other guys waiting in the wing who are more than happy to take his spot (enter Lewis).

    Also what I can’t understand is why everyone thinks Boyle has trade value. Let’s take off the homer-goggles and understand that no other team wants/needs a 25 year old “prospect” who can’t even make the Kings roster.

    He may be a giant but he’s got no heart, and that, like many before him, will be the reason he never makes it in the NHL.

  • deadcatbounce

    I wonder how much Boyle’s development was hindered by his insistance, like somebody else, to use up his collegiate eligibility? The Kings tried to sign him while he was still in school. Wonder if we can get Brian’s dad to get him to play more physical???

  • gb

    I think its nuts to give up on him.
    His whole life he wasn’t allow to use his size.
    Then in college He was a number 1 or 2 center.
    then his first year with the monarch they wasted a year with his experiment on defense.
    now they have it right and are teaching him to be a very talented numbeer 3 center…and I think it is finally sinking in that he has to be tough. But has it
    taken time to learn how to be tough without being stupid about it…if they lose him in 2 years we are going to regret it big time..
    He has loads more talent then steckel and look at him as he matured and finally figured out how to play as a big guy….

  • Buster

    Boyle has the size but doesn’t use it that much. It’s almost like he takes up less space than Theo Fleury did in his career. Let’s trade him and just get this failed project off our hands.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Sorry for the re-post guys, but this one overlaps the earlier DL quote question:

    This one’s simple.

    DL has made it clear to the players that they will be gone if they do not play playoff-level hockey. This year, DL expects playoff-level performance from the players. There will be no more woulda-shoulda-coulda without being released or traded.


    Take, for example, Brian Boyle. Sign him or don’t sign him, if he is again around to be judged, he will not be given any slack. There will be player accountability, period.

    It’s about time. At the beginning of last year the Kings didn’t play that badly, considering the opponents. But in all those games the Kings lost in the 3rd period or overtime, they seemed to be standing around waiting for someone to do something.

    Do that next year, and you will be gone.

    About time/Good riddance to whomever this will apply.

    Like DL or not, there has been a progression to the Kings’ development. This is simply the next step.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    So who do you want as Kings’ 4th line center is really the question. Do DL & TM want brawlers there? If so Boyle’s not your guy, but then again, I don’t see anyone in our system who gives us that. I swear to god, it all gets screwed up by Ivanans, cuz if TM remains devoted to this guy, the 4th line is a mess no matter who else is there. I wish they would ditch the 4th-line brawler notion, go with skill and youth, sign Boyle and let him fight it out with Azevedo. Loktionov isn’t ready yet.

  • stang

    Boyle deserves another shot and the Kings need to let the guy do what he does best and work with him from there. They’re screwing with his head too much and blame him for it no wonder he lacks confidence you can’t expect players to grow when you flip flop him back and forth from defense to offense then drop him on different lines cause the coach doesn’t know the player.

    Good coaches conform their coaching style to the players strengths that’s how you get guys confidence up and win them over to buy into your system.

  • K 4 L

    Sign Boyle expecting 3rd line production at best…

    Best case scenario in my opinion, would be boyle being a very useful 4th line grinder with some bonus offensive skill for 10 to 15 goals, would he be happy with that spot for his career? doubt it, but i dont know his attitude.

  • Boyle22

    Keep Boyle for one more go around with the team. It would be a mistake to let him go after investing so much time and money in developing him. No question, he was a disappointment last season. But his upside keeps me hoping that maybe he can wake up and play like we think he can. I hope DL is considering this fact.



    Some people forget what kind of sniper and player Boyle really is.

    He’s huge, and he can score…This is the kinda guy u need in the playoffs.

    Lets get rid of all our tough guys, Boyle, Jack

    and keep Gauthier

    Who p****es off people and they other team retaliates against our best players and look at poor broken LA in the playoffs with no energy.

  • variable

    reading all the comments, everyone seems to be saying almost the exact same thing…something like:
    (use yr own vocal impression here)
    “i know he hasn’t played well, but….he’s 6’7″…we should keep him…”
    “let’s keep him and give him another chance ’cause i don’t wanna have him burn us on another team”
    the development argument…(sorry, my imaginary voice is tired)…
    no one should be given a extra year or two on the basis of “just because”…that’s not a very goody way to establish a winning identity/expectation as an organization, in regards to work ethic (among other things) between the player, management and the team…

    PRO – he’s 6’7”, 250+lbs…
    CON – does he know this? is he afraid of mirrors?

    PRO – in the system for six years/seven seasons…time, money, coaching, etc. has been spent in his development…
    CON – in the system for six years/seven seasons…he had only 36 games of NHL experience…8G, 2A, 10PTS 46PIMS, -5…either because he wasn’t ready, deserve it and/or management didn’t bring him up soon enough, boyle,(now 24), hasn’t had enough NHL experience to be completely judged at this level…and there lies the dilemma…

    PRO – shows glimpses of aggressive forechecking that have led to direct goals…good stick handling for his size…excellent reach…
    CON – have you’ve ever seen someone that size completely disappear on the ice during a game(s) for stretches longer than the sahara…?

    the kings have sooooo many marginal players or players on the cusp of level jumping that boyle can stand in the middle-back row for the class picture…

    but QUISP is right…for whatever the reasons are/were, d.l. and the kings are here at this point and have to sign him to a 2-year deal…the kings have no leverage w/boyle and the only way to hedge the bets on him is to make him a valuable commodity and not let him just walk away for nothing, regardless of whatever his destiny shall be…

    and that’s that…you have to sign him for this reason…period…

    i agree…he probably hasn’t earned it…but d.l. is somewhat of a gambler and now he is forced to see the blackjack hand through w/his 22 showing…:)

  • variable

    “either because he wasn’t ready, deserve it and/or management didn’t bring him up soon enough, boyle,(now 24), hasn’t had enough NHL experience to be completely judged at this level…and there lies the dilemma…”

    i realize college had a lot do to with this…so maybe this is somewhat unfair…

    just for the record…

  • CanadianKing


    “He’s huge, and he can score…This is the kinda guy u need in the playoffs.”

    Umm no. In the playoffs, you need gritty, two way players who leave their heart out on the ice after each shift. This is the very opposite of what Boyle is.

  • Irish Pat

    Nice post variable. You make an excellent point that Boyle is a commodity that shouldn’t be wasted. As long as his attitude is good (I’m prety sure he’s well liked by the players and coaches in Manchester), the salary demand isn’t too absurd, he doesn’t shun a two-way contract and he is still productive on the ice- hey, why not sign the guy?

    There is always going to be a GM out there that will be salivating over the potential of acquiring a big body- look at the Oilers and Sabres, they’re small clubs that could use a guy like Boyle if Boyle would only play to his potential. There are also coaches that will always want as much size up the middle as they can have and I’m sure they would love to have Boyle for this reason and because they believe they can turn this kid around.

    Commodity? Yes. Is he likely to be traded down the road if he’s re-signed? I’d also say yes to that too.

  • vicarious

    Maybe its smart for players not to comment, but I’d really like to know what Brown and Frolov think about playing with Boyle.

    If Boyle can upgrade his game he still might develop to be the 2nd center the kings need.

    IMO, Boyle’s still learning his place. When Boyle 1st came up and potted a couple of goals against Detroit, Fox commented he thought Boyle would end up playing left wing.

    Seems to me Boyle plays hard and certainly tried even harder the last few games.

  • khanon81

    Assuming Frolov will be a King next season:

    2nd line: Someone-Boyle-Frolov


    4th line: Westgarth-Boyle-Clune

  • nykingfan

    Nice post variable…hard to disagree with your pros and cons…
    The goal next year is the playoffs…can you afford to use cap space ( year cap drops $2.5 mil)
    on a player with so many negatives? One variable (no pun intended) that nobody has taken into account is what value does Boyle and his agent place on him? We see a ton of negatives with him…I’m sure his agent doesn’t. I don’t think he’s accepting a 2 way contract.
    His agent is counting on those other teams salivating over his size.
    I’m sure as fans we would slot his salary into a #4 center slot…He’s probably looking for #2 center money. Lets say you settle on #3 center salary…does anyone want to pay him Zeus or Stoll money? Even if the money is less, it will significantly impact the cap.

    If you wanted to trade would probably be because of poor production..How easy will it be to trade that kind of salary…with a 26 yr old never-was former prospect?

    Now, taking the salary issue into account…could that change peoples votes?

    Not only could this impact the roster over the next 2 years, but DL must realize that he can’t be asking Anshitz to eat much more salary in Manchester.

    This is what DL has to deal with…This is one choice I’m glad he has to make and not me.

  • Buster

    The one player I want OFF the team is Gauthier. He does more harm than good. He’s at his best in the press box and on suspension. Other than that, he’s worthless to any team in the NHL.

  • LBlocal

    Put Boyle on LW. The Kings have enough center men, he tried valiantly to learn how to play defense (not so well).. Why not try him on a wing?

    He’s strong down low, has soft hands, and knows how to distribute the puck. Most importantly, he’s only 24 with character, one of the biggest players in the league, and can be “the mucker” in front of the net.

    BTW.. My vote was to sign him and keep him in the NHL for sure.

    This kid is ready for and going to have a breakout year next year. As a king (or not).

  • AK47

    Keep him and let him battle for the 4th line center spot with Trevor Lewis.. Of course I want Trev to win it, because I’m simply in love with him, but let him earn it first..

  • khanon81


    Why the hell would you be in love with Trevor Lewis?? He’s a wannabe Glenn Murray…

  • JDM


    I don’t understand the ‘wannabe Glen Murray’ references. I think its derogatory, but you’ve called several players of different sorts this, and I just have no idea what you mean. Unless you mean, ‘wannabe goal scorer’.

    It makes no sense. Care to explain?

  • deadcatbounce

    Someone could do a lot worse than being the next Glen Murray. He was good in his day, but injuries and the new post lockout NHL left him behind. I hope he’s doing okay these days.

  • Dan H.

    I think he means Glen Murray with the Kings was super soft and sucked. I thought he was kissing guys in the corner instead of smashing them.

    When he went to Boston though…dude could score. Another one that gets good when he leaves.

  • mrbrett7

    Actually, Variable, he has only been in the system for 2 years. He spent 4 years in Boston College, playing in a system where he wasn’t allowed to use his size (a rule they have there at BC…no fighting allowed).

    I remember his first 2 years at BC, and he was SO bad, it was crazy.

    Zdeno Charra really didn’t come into his own until he was about 26 years old. Guys this size don’t know they are this size. It take time.

  • vicarious

    As far as Boyle being tough or physical enough for the NHL, IMO it seems like Boyle was a big guy, not afraid to fight, but not a bully. As opposed to say Pronger who IMO is a great player and a classic bully. Boyle needs to find his way. O’Sullivan made a comment that all the players need to make adjustments when they get to the NHL level. I see no reason Boyle would be any different and adjustments take some time. So give the kid some time. The Kings staff knows more and knows all this so we gotta trust their judgment anyway. Now, if Boyle wants too much money and shows up at camp 50 lbs overweight wearing a ducks jersey, i reserve the right to change my uninformed opinion.

  • khanon81


    Dan H has it right. While in LA, Glenn Murray was soft, would hit the post with an open net, etc… I wasn’t fond of Glenn when he went to Boston and had 40 goal seasons. He just never did it for me and those type of players never perform when it comes down to playoff hockey. I’m certain that Brian Boyle would hold his own in the playoffs and would do very nice parked in front of the net, not to mention punishing the opposing D-men in the corners. Lewis is a dime a dozen, and is no better then the rest of soft King “prospects”: Purcell, Moulson, Acevedo, Cliche, Murray, Lotkitov, etc, etc, and etc…

  • nykingfan


    What makes you believe that in the playoffs Boyle would respond differently than he has during the regular season?
    During his time with the Kings, he’s never parked himself in front of the net and he’s never punished opposing D’me in the corners regularly. If he did, he’d be getting playing time instead of either healthy scratch or the trip to manchester.

    Also MR Brett…it takes more time for D’men (other than Doughty) to come into their own as opposed to forwards.
    Chara was a nasty SOB early in his career…he would constantly get burned on D, but I don’t recall anyone complaining about his compete level the way they do with Boyle.

  • stepa

    Let him play with good players .

  • mrbrett7

    I know that NYKings…Chara was also AWFUL for the first few years of his career. It took him time to match his size with ability.

    Boyle is now 2 seasons removed from college. Spent half a season trying to learn to be a defensemen in the AHL, and that experiment failed. When given 1st line minutes in the AHL, he dominated, scored and led that team to the playoffs.

    I’m all for trying to get the guy to play more physical, in fact, I’d like to see many of the Kings play up to their size (Anze…your 6’4″ 225lbs…act like it). BUT…people need to remember, he has not had much development time at all.

    Most guys don’t develop in college, unless they are just uber talented (Kariya).

    We could have this same discussion about Jack Johnson…he dominated in college. I would say he would dominate in the AHL, but in the NHL, he looks like a lost puppy that I wouldn’t give a dime to play for me. It’s called patience…we all need to have some.

  • khanon81

    This whole conversation is going too far.

    Should we keep him? Yes.

    Will he become a force to be reckoned with? Maybe.

    What is the worst case scenario? Fourth line center with good hands.

    Best case scenario? Second line center, 25-35 goals per year.

    What do we have to lose? He’s not going to demand a big contract, nor will he get one.

    There, I’m glad we settled it, now move on knowledgeable king fans…

  • DeEstie

    If AK47 is in love with Lewis and that’s why he should be given a look, then I’m in love with Boyle and he should continously be given a look.

    Boyle hasn’t had the easiest time in hockey. He was the biggest in high school, so of course he was good. He learned and improved every year that he was in college, icluding the time he volunteered to play defence because they were lacking. Then with the Monarchs, he did get them to the playoffs two years ago, with Teddy’s help, and they didn’t get out of the first round because he got injured.

    Give the guy a break for last year, he was on a plane between here and Manchester so much he didn’t have much time to develop, or even know where he would be the next week. That has to mess with a guys game. I think we need to keep him, he’s used to playing Kopi’s spot, so let himbecome resigned to the fact that that’s not his role here, put him with some other good players and he’ll have at least two point games more often.

  • TB

    khanon81…If you are annoyed by the length of this conversation please refrain from telling us ‘posters’ to stop talking about it. Simply turn a cheek. No one is telling you to be involved if you don’t want to be. If someone has something to say, let them say it without discouraging them from speaking their mind. If you don’t want to participate any more, move on knowledgeable kings fan.

    Truthfully, your posts have encouraged the reactions you are currently complaining about (about 7 or 8 posts since your Glen Murray comment). So chose your words more wisely if you don’t want as much of a response on the topic. This is an OPEN forum. So as you have the right to post your thoughts, we all have the right to rebuttle.

  • nykingfan

    I hope you’re all right and Boyle turns out to be the next Joel otto or Keith Primeau…but if you’re wrong…welcome to the 6’7″ albatross that will hang around the Kings neck for the length of his contract.
    (obviously it’s DL’s decision)

    Khanon….What makes you believe he won’t ask for a large contract? We all agree he doesn’t deserve one, but when did you get any inclination that he’s willing to settle for little? Remember..the guys a 1st round pick.
    I remember the reaction when Sully’s contract demands became public….most of us were shocked that he would ask for the kind of $$ he did, when he hadn’t done anything in his career except show potential.
    So to emphatically state that he’s not going to ask for a big contract is somewhat premature.

  • Ari

    I think a big change needed in Boyle and similiar players is a change in attitude and perception.

    Cammelleri, Brad Stuart, Huet, Corvo… all made use of the Kings as a stepping stone to their careers.

    Boyle is probably not that driven because he, like many other past players like him, knows that the making it in the Kings is not do or die for an NHL career.

    His agent can always spin the blame away from him and place it on the Kings being a young team that failed to provide him a foundation for success and did not unlock his potential or something.

  • JDM

    Thanks for clearing that up khanon.

    I liked Muzz when he was here and was sad to see him go at first. Could just be that we share a last name, but I see what you mean.

    I don’t get how you can call Lewis soft though. We’ve barely seen him and all he did was hustle his ass off. I thought he was pretty strong on the puck.

    And while I agree with your best case scenario for Boyle, I have to say the worst case is not a 4th line center with soft hands, but rather the worst case if you want to be realistic is a wasted roster spot and a big liability in his own zone because he gets knocked off the puck easier than Moiller. If Boyle doesn’t find the proper drive, that is what we’ll end up with, a big ‘-‘ without the points to make up for it.

    Worth the risk for another year, but after that we can only hope that there are better options in both leagues if Boyle doesn’t start to put it together.

    If Boyle plays like he did last year and he’s on the Kings roster, we have depth problems.

  • Quisp

    I agree with JDM. The worst case for Boyle is that he bounces around the league (like Steve McKenna, say) for a few years before everyone’s seen enough.

    As far as his contract goes, Boyle doesn’t have any leverage to seek a big contract. First of all, he’s an RFA. What’s he going to do? Hold out? He’s played 36 games. POS , by comparison had 70-something points in his 1.5 seasons with the Kings, at the time of his RFA contract negotiation. Boyle has 10 points. Boyle has taken exactly 55 shots in his esteemed NHL career. He might get a raise to around $1MM for a couple of seasons. Whatever his contract is, it won’t be any kind of burden against our cap figures, it will be a bargain. Unless he sucks. In which case, he’ll be in the minors, and he won’t count against the cap at all. (and, no, he hasn’t done enough to warrant a one-way contract.)

  • variable


    just a suggestion…

    would you mind to put up a finals thread so that those who want to can discuss the play and the stories surrounding it…?

    there are a few former kings playing for the cup…again…lilja, stuart, boucher, garon and bylsma are all former players…babcock and kunitz having peripheral los angeles significance…

    thanks for listening…!

  • Steve Soldo

    After thinking about this, and reading the above, I think DL should sign him and be a little more patient. It is not like there are other competitors for center on the Kings that are that much better than he is.

    There are a lot of marginal offensive players. Letting him walk may translate into lost potential.

    Give him some more time. If he continues to be a dissappointment, well then he’ll have to move on.

  • jpkelly

    My take on Boyle is that we have a commodity that few teams in the league have – A huge center(or wing if you like) that could be very difficult for teams to play against. Imagine Pronger trying to move someone his own size or bigger from the front of the net. He may not be ready for Pronger yet, but in time this could be very fun to watch. Might be even more frustrating for Pronger(or any other big dmen) to play the Kings. He may need some more time to come into his own, but from what i’ve seen he has the potential to be a threat the Kings haven’t had in a long time. The upside far outweighs just letting him go for nothing. We don’t have any issues at the moment with the salary cap(this is a pretty weak argument at the moment). Let’s give him a legitimate shot at showing what he can do and see if he can pull it off. The Kings may not be much better next year anyway! At worst we trade him and perhaps get something in return. Lets not give him up for nothing so that he ends up on a rival and bites us in the ass for the next ten years. Lets give him a chance to succeed and hope that he becomes what we are all waiting for. I know as a longtime Kings fan I am hoping that he works out and that i’ll be rootting for him to succeed……

  • khanon81


    Well said. Even if Boyle doesn’t turn out to be an offensive threat, as I have said in the past, he would fit in very nicely on the fourth line. He does have soft hands. I have a lot of faith in him that if he centers the second line next season, he will produce around 20-25 goals and be a tough player to play against, in addition to giving his linemates more room on the ice…

  • khanon81

    JJ, Moller, 5th overall pick for NASH!

  • nykingfan

    lets hope you’re right and it is a weak argument….

    As’s easy for us to say…lets sign him and make him the 4th line center….just because that’s the plan doesn’t mean he’s ready to accept being paid like a 4th line center. It would be just as easy for him to holdout as it was for Sully (well aware he was asked not to show..same would be for Boyle). That would also go a long way in his development. He can’t afford to be missing training camp time.

    I just go back to Sully’s contract demands. Yes he did have a little more leverage than Boyle….but in the end, he was looking for $ that normally would go to established players. Sully has basically the same contract as Justin Williams. One guy won a cup…the other hasn’t sniffed the playoffs with 2 teams….Does that sound logical?

    Also, we’re all hoping that DL signs or trades for a big name player….If you take that + JJ’s new contract + Fro’s new deal…and the reduction in the cap…we’re not as comfortably under the cap as we’re used to being.

    I’m not against bringing back Boyle….but their are other things to look at other than potential. It seems some of you guys are missing that.

  • TweenerSongs

    I just can’t seem to figure some of you.
    Now, I did not read every post, so this may have been resolved/mentioned previously, and for that I apologize, but:
    First you say it has little to do with Terry Murray (or previous coaches). How incorrect could a person be? If there’s ever been a misused player – that I’ve seen, anyway, in too many years to mention – it’s Boyle. The guy is not a bruiser. Get it through your coaches’ heads, and you’ll find that Brian has a great deal to offer.
    At the same time, it’s not as though he ever shies away from contact. He may not be a banger, but he takes the body as often as most other players on this team, and most others in the game.
    Next, somebody mentioned that he “needs to play like he’s 6’7″, or what’s the point?” or something to that effect. Are you kidding? So you’re saying that the only benefit to being a big body is toughness? The ability to fight? The ability to check? What? Because I just did not understand that statement. Hey, maybe my bad, but Boyle utilizes his large frame on nearly every shift he plays. His reach, his ability to block a goaltender’s view, etc. There are many ways to use a God-given big body like his, and again, it’s not as though he is afraid of contact. Come on, people.
    This guy is massive. He’s not a wimp. Sure, he’s not a great fighter, but you cannot count the number of guys who have been terrific scorers, and have NOT been excessively physical players, with atypical size.

    Boyle is exceptional with the puck, has some of the softest hands of any big man to come along in a very long time, is good in the room, and has been a winner at several levels (for some strange reason), and MUST be given the opportunity to play HIS game. Write this down: Brian Boyle will score 40 goals in this league, if given free reign to play like a skilled player, rather than a third or fourth-line grinder. Letting him walk would be one of the biggest mistakes this franchise has ever made.

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