First dominos: Bouwmeester and Gomez

As you’ve already seen tonight, Calgary rolled the dice with Jay Bouwmeester and won, with a five-year contract, and Montreal got Scott Gomez from the Rangers for a package that includes Chris Higgins. Neither move should be a big surprise, although it will be interesting to see if the Gomez deal starts any trends. It’s been known, since the trade deadline, that players such as Gomez, Smyth and Briere are there for the taking, by teams that want to take on enormous contracts, but will other guys get moved?

A quick communication with Dean Lombardi didn’t yield much tonight. When I jokingly asked what big deal he had in the works, he said that he and his staff were “just preparing our fall backs” tonight,” which is pretty standard. Should be a fun day tomorrow. I’ll do my best to stay on top of things, starting in the morning.

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  • jet

    off topic, but interesting last line
    RLR on Clifford
    Clifford didn’t bloom until the second half of his second season in the OHL, but he’s blossomed into a power winger who can skate, drop the gloves and pop the occasional goal. He’s a legitimate tough guy who skates quite well for a big man and has enough skill to play a regular shift. Lots of teams are laying in the weeds on this kid and somebody will get an itchy trigger finger early in the second round for fear that another club will jump up and grab him.

  • mike

    Apparently Edmonton has just won the Heatley sweepatakes

  • PaulCat1969

    How about this…apparently form Gaborik’s Twitter account (yes I know it’s Twitter):

    “back at hotel. big news tomorrow. big news for LA fans. not for #10. MH is a good man.”

    Hossa or Havlat???? You make the call!

  • josh e.

    where did u read that?

  • maraudking

    It’s on TSN, but Heatley needs to approve the deal since he has a No-Trade Clause.

    Man this stuff is almost better than Xmas

  • jleung

    I cannot believe the return the Rangers got for Gomez. Are the Habs really that desperate for a top-line center? Higgins is a solid player, but on top of that they get McDonagh and Valentenko, two of the Habs’ best prospects? Crazy.

  • mike


    I’d rather have hossa over havlat as i believe havlat is just a playmaker and we already have one of those in Kopitar so hossa would be a better fit with kopitar as he finishes

  • Trant

    Hossa to Anaheim! Anaheim is still in Los Angeles, right?

    But seriously, Hossa is Gaborik’s fellow countryman, so I have to lean towards him instead of Havlat. Could be huge for LA indeed, but I’m not holding my breath after seeing people ready to purchase their Chara jerseys just a few years ago.

  • josh e.

    havlat is also from the czech…fyi

  • LBlocal

    HMMMMMM??? (Havlat to Anaheim, e5)

    Go Kings!

  • RealDrew

    That’s interesting Paulcat. Gaborik made a new post saying that he was advised to shut up.

    In related news…Hossa turned down the Redwings offer.

    Hossa to LA?? I will be a happy man if Hossa is in a King’s uni tomorrow.

    I will be a very unhappy man if he is in a Duck uni tomorrow.

  • Trant

    I half expect to wake up tomorrow to the news that Mike Hoffman or Matt Hendricks have signed with the Kings.

    And Havlat may be from the Czech Republic, but both Hossa and Gaborik (as well as Handzus) represent Slovakia, and I don’t think you could convince a Slovakian that it’s the same country still.

  • mike

    Also from gaborik’s twitter he loves LA he was here last week and wants to play here. also said he would love to play with “MH” in LA. Hmmm going to be a fun day tomorrow by 12:15 PM EST kings will have signed either MH or MG !

  • josh e.

    true true…you are absolutely correct…and i hope your right…p.s…that twitter of havlat is most likely him signing an extension with the hawks as he says in his most recent post thanks to his TEAMMATES…

  • variable

    i hope for the best scenario(s) to take place…but don’t expect us to do anything major…

    i’m pretty anxious…

  • KevinWestgarth


    Is that twitter account really Gaborik’s?? I hope DL isn’t going to sign Havlat, I’d rather have Hossa instead. Hossa would look nice in a King jersey…

    DL is the man!

  • Quisp

    re twitter:

    The Havlat twitter account is real. The Gaborik one is fake. Notice that fake Gaborik tweets @havlat but not the other way around. and havlat doesn’t follow fake gaborik, though he follows the other real NHL-ers on twitter, e.g. Dan Boyle.

  • Moondoggie

    Rumors, rumors but….very interesting and making for what could be a very exciting day for LA tomorrow….

    Quispie, waiting for you to jump in, c’mon dude!

  • Quisp

    p.s. Havlat is here because his agent is here. Not (necessarily) because the Kings are here.

  • Trant

    From Havlat’s twitter “Everyone should know I am only thinking about signing with Chicago. It’s where I want to be.”

    In addition to thanking his teammates as you said.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I would be sad either way, but I’m rooting for Hossa at the moment. I guess we’ll know for sure in a little over 12 hours.

  • darko25o

    …we’re getting Mike Hoffman from Atlanta?!….

  • Trant
  • Cynic

    This is so frikking insane.

    Nasty, Muggy night, no sleep, I hope to hell Hossa’s in a Kings jersey tomorrow. That Detroit article made my day!


  • Quisp

    Guys, listen NOT to the tweets. They are fakes. You can tell the real ones, because they are f’ing BORING.

    However, there are rumblings that Heatley is rejecting the trade to EDM. How f’ed up would that be?

  • KevinWestgarth

    You know where KevinWestgarth will be from 11+: Watching NHL Network!

  • Trant

    “Trencin10 cat is out of case. people message me that im fake. so here it is. MHavlat and I sign in LA tomorrow.this ones for the fans”

    Haha, that magnificent bastard. And the second twitter Marian did a much worse job picking who to follow than the first one did.

  • JDM


    oh god… I just don’t have the words.

    twit and twat will do.

  • jason_bort

    You heard it here first!
    John Druce, Dmitri Kristich, Nathan LaFeyette, and Aki Berg all signed by the Kings tonight!!!


  • LBlocal

    Ian Laperriere says goodbye to Denver.

    Please, Deano, bring back Lappy!!!

    Go Kings!

  • jason_bort

    I just heard that Denis Tsygurov, Shane Churla and Doug Zmolek just signed with the Kings too! Now we’re on a roll!
    Who needs Hossa!

    *I think the pressure is getting to me a bit.*

  • darko25o

    oooooooow, I’d take Lappy in a heartbeat!

  • Quisp

    Roman Vopat
    Kai Nurminen
    my personal favorite
    Mikko Makela

    (p.s. since some people seem to think I love every prospect, these are three that I hated from day one — so there)

  • jason_bort

    Roman Vopat! Nice Quisp! I forgot about that one.

  • JDM

    If we’re going for a Mikko, I prefer Eloranta.

  • -J

    i saw vopat and started wondering about whether his bro, Jan, is still with the kings scouting dept, which he’s not. I did find this interesting story about him:

  • KevinWestgarth

    Roman was Gretzky worthy, right?

  • Cynic

    Just a ‘Matter of Fact’ moment I discovered reading the account.

    2 hours ago, he was following 3 teams:

    Vancouver, Minnesota and LA

    Now He’s only following 2:

    Vancouver & Minnesota.


    Really, a strange thing to notice, but so seemingly important at this moment….