Mikus has arrived

Juraj Mikus’ two-year, entry-level contract with the Kings has been completed.

The press release from the Kings:

Mikus, 22, recently participated in the Kings annual Development Camp. The 6-1, 200-pound native of Skalica, Slovakia, recorded 90 points (31-59=90), 52 penalty minutes and a plus-58 rating while appearing in all 56 regular season games with Skalica HK 36 of the Slovak Extraliga this past season. Mikus led his team in assists and finished second to teammate and former King Ziggy Palffy in both goals and total points.

Originally selected by Montreal in the fourth-round (121st overall) in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, Mikus recorded 43 points (21-22=43) and 52 penalty minutes in 54 regular season games with HK 36 during the 2007-08 season. In 2006-07, he skated with Chicoutimi of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), totaling 71 points (29-42=71) and 36 penalty minutes in 60 regular season games.

Mikus has also skated for his native Slovakia on an International stage on several occasions during his career. He last skated for his country at the 2009 World Championships, registering one point (0-1=1) and two penalty minutes in six games. He’s also skated with Slovakia at the 2008 World Championships (2 GP, 0-0=0), the 2007 World Junior Championships (6 GP, 5-1=6; his five goals led the tournament), the 2006 World Junior Championships (6 GP, 0-0=0) and the 2005 U-18 World Junior Championships (6 GP, 0-7=7).

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  • variable

    is the 15 minutes up…or has it just started…?

  • alma

    Goodness, I hope he has a sense of humour….

  • Stonewall

    All Hail the Mikus…!!

  • stevebone

    Another good signing by the Kings. GOOD JOB!!!
    I would like to see us lock up Radko Gudas, he looked real good in camp.


  • Jonny

    agree with stevebone about radko gudas

  • Marc Nathan

    Esa Magnificent Pirnes…

  • JDM

    boom goes the Mikus.

  • JB

    Rich- So what’s the deal on why he left QMJHL, went back home and never signed w/ Montreal?

  • stevebone

    Does anyone know, where do we stand with Brandon Kozun, is he under contract? If not he should be. He looked to be a step ahead of everyone else in camp.

  • number 6

    variable said:
    is the 15 minutes up…or has it just started…?

    Var…. I always did appreciate your sense of humor…. but there have been some belters on the blog for the last two days.
    btw….. I’m a bit confused…. is this guy a hockey player or our new trainer?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • number 6

    stevebone said:
    Does anyone know, where do we stand with Brandon Kozun, is he under contract?

    Stevebone, don’t you know it’s sacreligious to mention other hockey players on this site in this period of time?

  • Brian S

    Kozun has not yet signed. He is not old enough yet to play in the AHL the season, so unless he is signed and makes the Kings opening day roster, he will be playing in juniors again. He is 19 years old, and was not drafted in his first draft eligible year. He will be 20 in March, 2010.

    If I understand the rules correctly, the Kings have until he is 20 years old to sign Kozun to a 3 year entry level contract. Here are the rules for signing players that have been drafted.

    A player not signed by his NHL team within two years of being drafted can re-enter the draft, as long as he is 20 years old or younger at the time of the subsequent draft. Players over 20 become unrestricted free agents.

    NCAA players are an exception: NHL teams retain the rights to a college player until 30 days after the player has left college.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Good signing by the Kings. Mikus was very impressive in the development camp. I saw him lay a few good hits and he is a good skater. Seems to have some offensive skills too. I’d expect he’ll start in the AHL this year, but it wouldn’t shock me to see him make the Kings out of training camp if he played like he did during the development camp.

  • Cynic

    Juraj Mikus signed his new contract with a pen made from the thigh bone of the last defenseman he deked to go from +57 to +58. He used the d-man’s blood for ink.

    This is a 2 year deal as we all need at least one year to bask in his glory before we see him play.

  • Marko

    after seeing him at prospect camp – PLEASE DEAN, SIGN RADKO GUDAS!

    Rich, when you’re back from vacation, can you ask Dean about plans for Radko? also love to hear more about how he was found – thanks

  • jet

    Now, I wish I had made it to rookie camp.

  • JDM

    Me too Jet. Me too.

    But like I said, opening night, Mikus jerseys.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    I like this thread so much I may make a Bakersfield Condors Mikus jersey–not that he’d ever play in the ECHL, but I’m certain they plan to retire his number in his honor… just Because.

  • Russ

    Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

  • stevebone

    Thanks Brian for the info. on Brandon Kozun.

    Any word on the Russian kids?

  • Ed Kao

    So with this signing, how many of the 50 contracts are filled?

  • Quisp

    Ed Kao, re contracts:

    Here’s my count. I think it’s right.

    Under contract (45):
    LOKTIONOV (in juniors, but DL said he thinks he’ll be in Manch this fall)
    ME KOOSH!!!

    No contract, may sign NHL or AHL contract (NHL counts, AHL-only doesn’t – for example, last year, Azevedo was signed by Manch, but not by the Kings; this year, he got his Kings contract — a couple of these guys will probably get NHL contracts; but some the Kings may let Manchester sign on their own, to save the space under the limit):

    Unsigned or signed but remaining in juniors (either way, don’t count):
    TEUBERT (although Murray made that weird comment about his juniors time being done…)

    Unsigned, Europe (I think they’re unsigned…):

    Unsigned, U.S. College (don’t count)

    But I’m tired and there may be mistakes here…

  • Quisp

    I see one mistake already. I think Vey is going back to juniors. So he should be on the next list down.

  • Oldthunder

    Cynic, is Mikus the spawn of Chuck Norris?

  • parineum

    Quisp, if I’m not mistaken, Teubert has complete 4 years of Junior and should be in Manchester next season. Didn’t he turn pro at the end of last season in the ECHL?

  • AK47

    Ya, Quisp, I thought that Teubert had finished his time in the WHL and is now heading to Manchester? I know Hickey for sure, but I thought Teubert too..

  • Quisp

    Teubert has NOT completed four years of junior, as his first season he played less than the required 25 games, and since he is not 20 until after the 1st of the year, he is eligible to play in juniors one more year; although Terry Murray seemed to think he had “finished his time in juniors” in a recent interview, I’m pretty sure he’s wrong about that. (actually I’m positive, but maybe Murray just can’t believe the kid is still 19 or else is hoping he’s ready for the big club).

    The reason Teubert played in the ECHL last spring is that junior players are allowed to do this upon the completion of their junior season. This is part of the agreement the OHL has with the AHL. It doesn’t affect whether or not the player will be returning to juniors the following season.

    Although, like I said, Terry Murray seems to have another opinion. So there may be something I’m missing. Maybe Rich can clarify. If not, ask ME KOOSH!

  • Quisp

    Rich –

    Maybe you can put this one in your pocket for the next open forum. I’m curious whether DL knew when he was negotiating with Hossa that Hossa was injured and might require surgery that would cause him to miss the first three months of the season and not be in game shape until February.

  • Cynic

    Oldthunder, Chuck Norris WISHES Juraj Mikus was his seed, but Mikus can become his offspring at any time he wishes. He has the power to change his genetics

    Speaking of people with powers…

    Superman once asked Juraj Mikus how to market himself

    Captain America was only corporate until knighted by Juraj Mikus

    Of course Wonder Woman was just a woman until dating Juraj Mikus, but did you know that her lasso of truth is actually made of strands of hair from Juraj Mikus while he was teaching Fabio how to pose for those romantic book covers? Wonder Woman is the one who cut his hair while he slept. Unlike Samson, Juraj Mikus got stronger.

    Aquaman is really Juraj Mikus. Who else could hold their breath that long underwater and make sea creatures do his bidding by simply staring and flirting with them? This works with women also.

    Batman is Bruce Wayne attempting to emulate Juraj Mikus. Even his name is 10 letters.

    Robin is some college freshman trying to emulate Dancing Boy, Matthew Barry. At least he has the outfit down.

    Lex Luthor is actually Pierre McGuire. When Juraj Mikus defeated him, he got him a job at TSN. Now you all know why you hate him so much.

    The Flash is just a normal guy in a neoprene red suit. Whenever he needs to travel, he touches a sensor in his thigh, Juraj Mikus appears and slap shots him to exactly where he needs to go.

    Green Lantern’s ring was just a Mood ring from San Francisco until Juraj Mikus wore it once. It stays green because Juraj Mikus likes green.

    Juraj Mikus invented In-n-Out Burger.
    Juraj Mikus invented The Tommy Burger.
    This is why you will NEVER be able to decide which is better because Juraj Mikus makes PERFECT Burgers. I have tried to choose. I failed. Miserably.

  • Cynic


    Juraj Mikus says you are correct about Colten Teubert, but only because Juraj Mikus told you.

    Juraj also wants me to tell you that he is NOT named after that cute, squeamish vinyl/plastic/rubber hairy ball you spell his name like….although he invented it and named it as you say so inferior humans could learn to pronounce his last name correctly. ME (pointing to himself) KOOSH (Shows you the ball). THen he throws the ball and you fetch it……or DIE!

  • tantrum4

    Just want to clarify a couple things…

    Brian S –

    From what you posted, the Kings have 2 years from now to sign Kozun and it has no bearing on him turning 20. It says a player not signed by his NHL team within two years “of being drafted” can re-enter the draft.

    Quisp –

    Isn’t Brady Murray still under contract with the Kings? I know he’s playing in Europe but I think he’s still on a Kings contract and can come back to play for us at any time if he wanted to? Not totally sure but just wondering.

    Quisp –

    You are correct regarding Teubert. He is eligible for one more year in the WHL. The Team Canada World Junior team is already expecting big things from him this year, and he was invited to the summer evaluation camp. If he is no longer eligible to play in juniors, he couldn’t be invited to camp. Maybe Murray was just saying that he thinks he should be playing in the AHL when he said his junior days are done, and didn’t mean it in a literal manner.

  • Quisp

    trantrum4 –

    Brady Murray: yeah, he’s on the list right above ME KOOSH. I believe exactly what you believe.

    Teubert: I prefer to imagine that Murray just can’t f-ing believe this kid is only 19. But you’re probably right.

  • jason_bort

    I wonder if Juraj Mikus is the same person as “The most interesting man in the world” from the Dos Equis commercials. They seem to be one in the same. Hmmm…

  • Jorgen

    jason_bort said:
    I wonder if Juraj Mikus is the same person as “The most interesting man in the world” from the Dos Equis commercials. They seem to be one in the same. Hmmm…

    It’s actually his father in the commercials. I know, it’s hard to tell them a part because of their binary fusion capabilities. This feat should satisfy Lombardi immensly, he can now field an entire team made out of Juraj’s and only pay one salary!

  • Oldthunder

    Cynic well said… now Mikus has to cry so his tears can cure cancer. After saving the world lets see if he can actually play hockey…

  • Quisp

    At the very least, Manchester is going to be awesome this year.

  • jet

    But great with the senior players aged 25 and 26 (other then MM). This is much more powerful than having a playoff team with a bunch of 30 year olds that will never contribute to the big squad. It took DL 3 years to get this squad together. I just do not see how it could have been accomplished any faster.

  • Quisp

    At the risk of incurring the WRATH OF ME KOOSH (which was a Star Trek movie, wasn’t it?), change of subject:

    Detroit. In a bit of a cap crunch. Held sorta hostage by the Hudler situation till it resolves. Is probably looking for cap relief. The players that appear vulnerable (to me) are Stuart and Holmstrom. Stuart is attractive but expensive and with the cap coming down next summer, blah blah blah.

    Holmstrom. He’s 36. But he’s Holmstrom. He’s a left wing. He only makes $2.25. And he’s in the last year of his contract, which is attractive now because of next year’s cap situation.

    Detroit may be looking to dump him for pure cap relief, i.e. picks, or prospects and picks.

    Basically, that would be sorta like a free-agent signing.

    And we would be left with:


    or, for that matter,


    I’m really not too sure what I think about this, due to Holmstrom’s age and the fact that he’s been injured a bit lately (DL?? Mmmmm??). But really, for one year? That’s a pretty scary left side, with Frolov, Smyth, Holmstrom and maybe Simmonds.


    I know, I know. Leave room for Me Koosh…

  • variable

    here’s a nice article on holmstrom from a couple of weeks ago…:


    i don’t think he’s worth the risk…and i think he works perfectly on a team like detroit…he’d be hard-pressed to ever get 20 goals again on another team….

  • Quisp

    variable –

    I think I might agree. Not sure. However, it’s not the 20 goals, it’s the ass in the crease. The blue paint. I was just reading an Edmonton blog where they were musing that Holmstrom could give them what they lost when Smyth left. He wouldn’t be called upon to be a star, but a gritty, veteran presence and screen.

  • Dan H.

    You don’t need to leave room for ME KOOSH. He makes his own…or it’s just allotted for him.

    As for Holmstrom, I don’t think the Kings want to get into a rental situation….YET but who knows.

    We need to make the playoffs before we pick up those type of players to push for the cup.

  • variable


    he’s a great addition for a team that needs a veteran presence heading into the playoffs…

    unfortunately…the way the salary cap has changed, where holmstrom is at and how much he will cost, he’s simply a one-year deal type of player that can be used as a movable asset at the deadline by a team that thinks they can challenge early and surprise…

    that’s why, theoretically, he makes sense for us…but, we would be going under the assumption that we would keep him the whole year…and do we want to limit cap flexibility on a risk like holmstrom…?

    that’s a tough sell for me…

  • Quisp

    Dan H

    no argument there. it’s just the lull in the wake of the mikus singing that has me grasping at hypothetical straws…

  • gsanderson

    Any veteran wh ocan do the job that Smyth and Holmstrom do in front of the net could be nothing but a good thing. Let’s face it, last season the only butts in front of the net most of the time were Handzus and Brown. Smyth and Holmstrom are both tops in the league at taking up space in the paint especially on the PP which again was a weak area. Their example alone would be priceless for training the younger guys. On a different rant, Quisp have you heard anything on the signing of Schenn? Thanks.

  • Dan H.

    I hear you Quisp. I just hope we’re not all getting ahead of ourselves. I find myself salivating at the thought of SOMEONE geting in front of the net on a regular basis. We haven’t had that since Craig Johnson killed off Deadmarsh for us.

    We also have 6 potential 30 goal scorers, a goalie that’s solid, and a defense that doesn’t look like an escort service!

  • Stonewall

    I’m for anything that would give us a line of:


    Even if we have to skate one line a man short while waiting for the Mikus. I want Brown on a checking line! I love making the other team’s scorers:

    #1 Work in the defensive zone
    #2 Keep thier heads up (I want Brown runnin’ all those small, shifty forwards)

  • mrbrett7


    How exactly did this team struggle on the PP? If they were ranked around the bottom of the league…say 25th or lower, sure, I wouldn’t say a word…but I believe they finished somewhere around 15th, and on a team that struggled to score goals, period, that’s pretty good, and improving.

    Is your definition of not struggling on the PP top 5 in the league? If so…well…I think you may need to re-evaluate the importance of the PP. It’s important, yes, but a top 10 to top 15 team on the PP is more than adequate.

    As for Homer…it all depends upon the asking price. I’m not willing to give up any…I mean ANY of the kids, periods for a 36 year old broken down winger.

  • Ed Kao

    Slow day at the office. I was thinking. Shouldn’t Mikus be a fifth round pick? He is the 121st pick. 30 picks per round? You do the math. Again. Slow day at the farm.

  • WTF

    Schenn????? What’s the word?? Seems a little suspect that he is not signed.

  • Lilcarp

    Sorry to go way off topic here, Rich, but I thought this was an interesting story on the Kings’ news coverage (or lack thereof) in LA’s other newspaper. I have to strongly disagree with the writer’s claim that the Kings’ website offers “exponentially more content than either the Times or the Los Angeles Daily News” when they’re on the road. For me, this blog and the Daily News’ stories are almost the only sources I check for Kings news.


  • Quisp

    Ed Kao –

    In 2005, a compensatory pick was added in the 2nd round, and four were added in the fourth, so that the first four rounds comprised 125 picks, instead of 30×4 120.

  • variable

    where do you guys think heatley will go….my picks are nowhere and/or the oilers…?


  • Quisp

    heatley stays in ott, is my guess. edm, after throwing an idiotic 3.?? at Grebeshkov, has no cap space left, so they would have to give salary back, which helps nobody.

    Nobody wants that contract and nobody wants that attitude, especially not long term.

  • ModrysGhost

    Sooo.. At what point can we begin to vote Mikus in for the 2010 NHL All-Star game?

  • jet

    ModrysGhost — now that would be funny.

  • Cynic

    You don’t vote Juraj Mikus into the NHL All-Star game, he IS the All-Star game. Infact, he’s already played it, by himself. Nobody else could measure up. Needless to say, he won and was named MVP. Juraj Mikus can stop and fast-forward time, which he did to play this game.

    pffhhhhht!…..Voting for Juraj Mikus. You don’t vote for perfection, it just exists! That’s as ridiculous as peanut butter without peanuts……or butter….or something like that….

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hate to change the subject…

    How ’bout this article, class of ’09 out of a job…


    ‘Capped out of a job?

  • Quisp

    Bako re capped out of a job –

    Yeah, but it’s not like any team is fielding a less good team because they can’t sign those guys. There is nothing stopping Shanahan from signing a deal at $750,000 or whatever. He can. Maybe he will. The new crop always pushes out the old crop, and this has been happening since before the cap. As for some of the names on that list, I can see someone taking a chance on Peca or Sydor for a low salary, goalies like Legace obviously get more valuable as the season wears on. Maybe he’ll land somewhere.

    On the other hand, I do hope players will start to question the wisdom of its union constantly pushing the driving up-up-up of player salaries, like whenever there’s a giant deal announced that’s good for everyone. It’s not. I don’t even think it’s good for the player. Ask LaCavalier/Zetterberg/Hossa/Franzen/etc. in a few years when they’re being pressured to retire to get the cap hit off the books.

    That’s forced retirement. This is just the free market. There are better younger faster cheaper players.

  • jet

    Forced suckage is much worse than forced retirement. Forced suckage will occur next year when the hawks put Campbell in the minors for the following 5 years to make the cap. Pressing had a small taste, maybe forced s.

  • 32Pete Norway


  • Paul from Oxnard

    @Quisp re: Hossa’s torn rotator cuff
    I’m betting Dean didn’t know about Hossa’s torn rotator cuff since apparently Chicago didn’t know. I don’t understand how a team can invest a 12 year contract in a player without discovering he has a bum shoulder, but I’m sure glad the Kings weren’t suckered into that deal. Apparently Detroit knew about the shoulder. You have to wonder if this contributed to Dale Tallon’s firing?

  • darko25o


  • Harry

    Does any one know why the Kings play at 11AM on a Monday VS NY ISLANDERS??

  • mrbrett7

    Darko…I would LOVE that…I doubt Shanahan would even pick up the phone if Dean called.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Foreced suckage=team punishment for stupid contracts.

  • alma

    @Harry – Columbus Day in US; Thanksgiving in CA – some people actually get the day off in the US for it. I don’t.

  • Harry

    Team LA Sale July 24-26
    Up to 90% off

  • Stonewall

    “32Pete Norway said:


    Rock ‘n roll!!

  • TB

    …What ever happened to the Q and A session with Jim Fox?

  • JB

    Not to be a pest but what is the deal on Mikus and why he never signed and went back home after one season in North America?

  • anonandonanon

    Bertuzzi might also fit into that Holmstrom, Shannahan mold. He might have a tad more hockey left in him. Nice flanking Handzus with Simmonds. Cheaper, size, tough, skilled. There are some guys still out there that don’t force the team to grow the kids too fast. Richardson and Zeiler are just too borderline to really help. One more guy and we’d start getting taken very seriousl

  • jet

    Harry — the league is testing how good “the Kids” draw is.

    Bako — are you talking about the contract of 4M+ for a pretty good regular season goalie, the contract of 7+M for a #4 defenseman, or the 12 year contract for a guy with a bum shoulder? 9 months ago that former GM was a genius.

  • TB

    anonandonanon….agreed. I haven’t put even a thought into Bertuzzi, but you know…its a great idea.

    The reality is that Shanny will demand playing on the east coast, and Holmstrom being moved is about as likely as safely ditching a commercial airliner in the Hudson…wait that happened. Bad analogy…but really, he’s a wing for life.

    Bertuzzi though…think about it…

    toughness/size: check
    low cost/short term deal: check
    capable of at least 20 goals: check
    playoff experience: check

    I also think its worth not doing anything yet. Wayne Simmonds shocked us all by being a bonafide corernstone player last season. Who’s to say we don’t have another Simmonds in the mix ready to hatch? I’d assume DL is going to hold off on any new additions until after training camp.

  • dan butler

    i really think that Mikus is the love child of “The Hockey God” Lonnie Loach

  • Danny Bizzler

    line combos are all wrong


  • Model 62

    I hope Cynic is saving all of his MeKoosh paeans somewhere. They’d look good on a TShirt. All of them. On one shirt. Printed inside and out, in script so tiny that only MeKoosh can read it. To the rest of us the shirt is merely gray, and yet despite its abundance, it remains the merest hint of a sketch of the multitudes MeKoosh contains.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    I believe that any contract in the twelve year range is INSANE.

    You are going into debt with your Cap credit card…


  • jet

    There is no such thing as bankruptcy in the United States. You just have to hide your bad investments.

  • tantrum4

    Bertuzzi?? Really??

    Why would we want an over the hill band-aid that hasn’t played more than 68 games or scored more than 15 goals in a season for the past 3 years, who’s also one of the biggest a-holes in the league according to a lot of his former teammates?

    Too old.
    Too injured.
    Too crappy.


  • Howe 9

    Has anyone been to the Team Store blow out sale? They say 90% off selected items. I assume those are crappy items but has anybody gotten any good stuff from there in the past? Thanks.

  • jet

    The “Majestic New York Rangers 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs 16 Wins To Glory T-shirt” seems like it would be a hard to find item.

  • anonandonanon

    Really? A-hole?

    Googled lotsa articles. They are mostly on the Moore incident. Is Todd rumored to be difficult? No references to that piece of anatomy in any article. He’s got kids. He’s got a dog.

    Seems like all the guys that had been discussed were over-the hill and played fewer and fewer games. Shannahan is old. Holmstrom has a bad back. But Todd was 7th in scoring on the loaded Flames. Sure his plus/minus was crappy. I’m pretty sure he will stand up for team mates. It isn’t like I wanted Rob Blake back.

    Maybe I should just shrug and move on. Maybe you should have too. Really.

  • mrbrett7

    Flames? Loaded? hahahahahahaha…that was good.

    Bert’s best days are not only behind him, he hasn’t been anywhere near the player he once was, and that includes being “mean”, ever since the Moore hit.

    Loaded Flames…so loaded, they struggle to score every year, and need to make deals to upgrade their scoring on a yearly basis.

  • Krystoff

    Does anyone know if Radko Gudas is going to be signed to a contract?

  • anonandonanon

    Iggy 89
    Camm 82
    OJ 57 (FLA-CAL)
    Lank 49
    CC 48
    DP 47
    Todd 44

    Of the ilk… my opinion…is this really that hard?
    Go argue with your room mate.

  • Cynic

    Model 62-

    Not even Juraj Mikus could come up with an idea THAT good….or maybe he did and simply thought we were not worthy enough to know about it.

    A webpage needs to be started at the very least.

    My only fear is that the t-shirts would be SO great, the only one who could wear them would be Juraj Mikus. That wouldn’t be too good for business….

  • number 6

    RICH, maybe it’s time for another lead so we can change the subject. I know you’re into Chicago baseball (though it’s the Cubs) but how about something on Dwayne Wise’s catch to save a perfect game. Whatever it is that Juraj Mikus is rumored to be able to do, Dwayne actually did it. If you guys want to say it was Juraj in another uniform doing his part time gig when not playing hockey…. well that’s up to you.

  • BringBackKingston

    Sorry about the paste job.

    I don’t believe the Kings can sign Gudas (still draft eligible and didn’t play NA hockey last year).

    from the CBA:

    Draft Related Unrestricted Free Agents.

    (i) Any Player not eligible for claim in any future Entry Draft pursuant to this Agreement and not on a Club’s Reserve List shall be an unrestricted free agent.

    Further, any player eligible for claim in the Entry draft but who was unclaimed shall be an unrestricted free agent subject to the provisions of Section 8.9(b).

    8.9. Eligibility for Play in the League. No player shall be
    eligible for play in the League unless he:

    (b) had been eligible for claim in the last Entry Draft but
    was unclaimed, and:

    (ii) had played hockey in North America the
    prior season and was under age 20 at the time of the last Entry
    Draft, and signed a Player Contract which was signed and
    registered with the League between the conclusion of the Entry
    Draft and commencement of the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League
    season (except that if such player had signed an NHL Try-Out
    Form, which was signed and registered with the League during the
    aforesaid time period, then the deadline for signing and
    registering with the League a Player Contract with such Try-Out
    club shall be the commencement of the NHL season).

  • JDM

    Bertuzzi sucks. I hate him. He isn’t worthy of any eloquence. That is all.

    I may just hate Holmstrom more though.

    Shannan I would take in a heartbeat, but there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of him coming out west.

    We’re good. That 3rd line LW spot everyone is so concerned about will be filled by one of several prospects. Someone (like Purcell) will play on his off-wing, or a guy like Moller or Lewis will be converted to LW. Or who knows, King might dominate camp and earn that spot. I don’t think we need to sign anyone.

  • JDM

    derp… ShannaHAn

  • mrbrett7


    First of all…grow up.

    Secondly. How in the world is that loaded? To begin with, Cammy isn’t EVEN THERE ANYMORE!!!!

  • AK47

    What do you guys think of Patty Eaves? I think his contract was bought out by Boston right after he got traded.. I’ve seen the kid play in Ottawa and he has tons of skills, only problem is he can’t stay healthy.. Would love to see him in a Kings jersey, that’s for sure

    Frolov – Kopitar – Williams
    Smyth – Stoll – Brown
    Eaves – Handzus – Simmonds
    Clune – Lewis – Ivanans/Harrold

  • Oldthunder

    Well Hossa is done for the next 4 months. It is possible he had no points in the finals because he was seriously hurt not just because he folded under pressure. I hope we play Chicago with him in the DL. Its interesting that Chicago knew about the injury and signed him 12 years anyways. These 10-12 year contracts really scare me, i can’t see how they are a good thing if your player gets injured like DiPietro.

    Hey Rich… When do we get our “What Would Mikus Do” T-shirts?

  • mrbrett7

    No AK…we don’t need anyone for that 3rd line LW until after training camp. Let the kids and current roster battle for that spot. You have to give them the opportunity.

  • jet

    mrbrett has a good point. Training camp could be ultra competitive this year with a couple of spots open.

  • mrbrett7

    Believe me, there will be plenty of people out there to go and get if need be, without overpaying too much.

    What first must be determined is do you want your third line to be strictly a defensive stopper line, or one that can pitch in with the scoring?

    Personally, I’d rather see them score, with Handzus center, Simmonds on one wing, and Moller on the other.

  • jet

    mrbrett, can we ask for both? A shut down line that can pick up 45G.

    On a seperate topic, is it just me or has anyone else seeing a negative tilt to Helene Elliott’s stories since the end of the season?

    In the latest King’s story, she states “Having reaped the benefits of selecting early in the last half-dozen NHL entry drafts, the Kings’ general manager decided to keep those benefits to himself for a few days before unveiling them to the world.” But, DL has actually only selected players in the last four drafts (not six)and that is counting the first year when he probably had little input.

    Here’s the link: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-elliott13-2009jul13,0,4503483.column

  • Quisp

    jet, re helene elliott –

    I haven’t read that one, as I am sick and medicated, but will follow your link. I will say that I find her writing to be consistently negative and for lack of a better way to put it, pouty about the Kings not being better, like somehow she’s entitled to something. I know I am in the minority. She’s in the hall of fame.

    old thundred re hossa:

    he was injured all year though. it didn’t get worse. at least that’s how the wings are reporting it. it was from 07-08, not 08-09. the guy isn’t going to be in game shape until after the all-star break. we dodged a bullet there, I have to say (and I was a big proponent of signing him, I know — more later, I have to go pass out — YOU EYE ME KOOSH!..)

  • tantrum4

    I’ve always hated Helene Elliot’s articles since I started reading them about 3 or 4 years ago. She’s always cutting down the Kings and acts like she knows something about hockey or how to run a team but really her stuff is just tired and boring. I haven’t read one of her acrticles now for about a year and a half and probably won’t for as long as she writes about the Kings….

  • Quisp

    Jet –

    Checked out the article. I didn’t realize it was the one from a couple of weeks ago. I would say that, for me, that article wasn’t as bad as others of hers recently, although the bar is set pretty low. I do think you’re right that she has an attitude about the Kings and every article she writes is infected with it. The attitude is:

    1) The Kings have sucked for a very long time, more or less since day one.
    2) The fans deserve better.
    3) Ownership is either malicious, incompetent, or only interested in money.
    4) Lombardi is either a liar, spiteful or a fool.
    5) People don’t want to play here because of 1-4 above.
    6) Because of 3 and 4 above, great, cute players always leave or get dealt when the Kings refuse to pay them what they deserve.
    7) She and/or the fans are tired of waiting and want to win already. (thus the “lombardi is finally getting serious” thing in the article you linked to.)

    Now, is there truth to some of this? Sure. Let’s run it down.

    1) Yeah, we know. Not exactly going out on a limb.
    2) That’s true as far as it goes. But really, do the fans really in some deep way “deserve better”? Why? Because the Kings usually aren’t very good? Is every sports fan entitled to win periodically? Ask a Cubs fan, or a Bosox fan, or a Leafs or Blackhawks fan, how long you have to wait sometime… I would never hold it against a fan for being upset that his/her team sucks. But I don’t get the entitlement. Frankly, I think she’s just pandering to the fans, like she “speaks for them” or something. I would prefer she not speak for me.
    3) True, but true of all ownership everywhere. Again, not going out on a limb. The thing that especially irritates me about this one is, remember the op-ed piece she wrote a few months ago calling out AEG to “do something”… in the article she was basically saying “do something because Lombardi is f***ing up.” Fans of course rallied behind the “do something/make us a winner” meme, and let the “get rid of Lombardi” part sneak by, like that wouldn’t basically be the worst thing for this franchise.
    4) Mostly this came out of the accusation or insinuation that Lombardi got vengeful and punished POS and Cammalleri for daring to cross him in negotiations. It’s like she’s never heard of the frigging salary cap and refuses to think even a year down the line in terms of how one deal or another affects the overall picture.
    5) players want to play for contenders. it’s so pathetic (not to mention circular) to complain that good players don’t want to play here because we’re losers and we’re losers because good players don’t want to play here. Whatever — they’ll want to play here when we have a chance of winning.
    6) I guess I just responded to that in 4 above.
    7) I guess this is another thing that bothers me about “the fans deserve more” and are “tired” of empty promises. The implication is that, to pick a name, Lombardi is personally and willfully doing something to her or to the fans, when in fact for every reason in the book all he’s doing is trying to build a f-ing winner. It also conveniently lumps the present group of people (DL, Hextall, the scouts) with all previous regimes, when obviously they’re not the same and obviously there’s no reason to blame these people for four decades of losing.

    All that said, I wish that reporters would, um, report. There is so little written in newspapers about the Kings, it’s annoying that such a high % of them are these bitchy op-eds. And since she basically says the same thing no matter what the occasion, it occurs to me that in that sense she’s just a really-accomplished troll.

    That may be a little harsh, but not by much. I’ll have to think more about it. I know there are many, many people whose opinions about hockey I respect, some of them are right here on this blog and many are out there on other blogs (writing about teams I hate, even). And there a still a number of good old fashioned newspaper writers who make following hockey fun and worth it.

    Frankly, I’m more interested in Anthony’s opinion than Helene Elliott’s and in both cases I know pretty much what they’re going to say. At least I know Anthony is a fan. And when the Kings win the cup, I know he’ll be happy.

  • jet

    Thanks for the input folks. I havent read the times for a couple of years, so it is frustrating to hear you say this is ongoing. I thought maybe I was a little sensitive. But it sounds like it is personal, so I wonder if DL snubbed her for an interview at some point. Once upon a time, she use to write concise, informative articles without editorializing. Maybe you have to sell out to stay in the business these days?

  • jet

    I feel even more fortunate that we have Rich. Hasn’t he been gone close to 3 weeks now?

  • jimbo1007

    we should do a poll during these dog days of summer on which uniform from the 42years of Kings history do we like the best. personally i like the purple ones from the 72-80 seasons and the 98-02 seasons, and i wish they would move back to having primarily purple. no other team has purple in its color scheme, and at least half the teams have black home and/or 3rd jerseys.
    shows the jerseys through the years.

  • mrbrett7

    Yes Jet…we can! Actually…a line of Handzus centering Simmonds and Moller, in my opinion, gives you both.

    Moller is capable, at this age, of 15-20 goals (realistically), and Simmonds is capable of the same, although in my opinion, that IS his ceiling. Handzus can and will anchor the line. All three are defensively responsible, and I’ve always felt the best defense is a good offense. A team can’t score when they are defending you.

    One more thing…Helene Eliot is the worst writer in the history of hockey. I place her up there with Eklund. I’ve made my opinions of her pretty clear. Until she actually writes something with fact, I refuse to read any of her articles.

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