More and more Mikus

I was able to get some further information about the Juraj Mikus situation, particularly in terms of the “option” he would have to return to Europe. From what I’m told, that “option” is very common, and a standard part of a contract for a player with European experience. It’s a mutual thing, because the player and the team, in case both sides think it’s best for a player to be assigned overseas. It’s very similar to the situation with Brady Murray, in which the Kings retain his rights even though he is now playing in Switzerland. By all indications, Mikus is dedicated to staying here and further learning the North American game.

Mikus’ contract has not been finalized yet, but apparently it’s going through the typical NHL red tape when it comes to international players.

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  • Crash Davis

    Thanks for the update, Rich. This blog site and your previous two great items on Juraj have been quoted, attributed and posted on the new Facebook page dedicated (for fun) to Mikus.

    Believe Brady Murray has 3 more years on his European deal with Lugano in the Swiss league, thru 2012. They pay former NHL players well, with added apartment and car. Not a bad living. And Lake Lugano is gorgeous!

  • variable

    juraj mikus will play for two teams simultaneously, if needed…

  • HBfan13

    Juraj will not play for the NHL. The NHL will play for him.

  • Bluliner

    If juraj has time, he could help beckham win back the fans and media in Los Angeles with his knowledge and understanding of world sports.

  • alma

    Juraj will play for two teams simultaneously, just so that he can see what it’s like to check himself…

  • number 6

    Yes, I was just wondering if it’s true what I heard, that Juraj was drafted in the 11th round of his draft year, and that that round was added exclusively as a supplemental round so that he could be drafted as the world would be a poorer place without him in the NHL?… I also understand that there was only one team allowed to draft in this supplemental round and somehow the Kings won the supplemental lottery. I checked it out on Wikipedia but have found nothing at all to substantiate this information.

  • maz


    Any chance on a comment from the Kings (Futa, etc.)? What do they see for this guy–another Manchester center?

  • gsanderson

    This question doesn’t exactly fit this post but I was curious about the status of signing Schenn is? I noticed the four selected before him have all been signed. Has anybody heard anything or have the Kings been to preoccupied dealing with Juraj?

  • JDM


    I was wondering the same thing. I think the Kings are in no hurry to sign Schenn, since Schenn’s chances to make the Kings roster are next to nil. The 4 teams ahead of us will most likely be leaning on their freshly drafted players like we leaned on Doughty last year. But this year we don’t need our top pick to jump in and help, so really, there is no need to sign him anytime soon.

    Someone help me out on this part, the Kings have what, 2 years to sign him before losing his ELC rights?

  • LB

    Have Juraj Mikus and Keyser Sze ever been seen together in the same place?

  • mrbrett7


    I’m sure Quisp knows for sure, but I believe that was the old CBA your thinking of.

    I think the way it is now is they can sign him (and should), yet the contract doesn’t start until he begins play with the Kings in the NHL.

    But, I do believe you are right in that if he doesn’t sign within 2 years of being drafted, he re-enters the draft and the Kings receive some sort of compensation.

  • 4thlinechecker

    red tape?????? Mikus writes his own contracts!

  • 4thlinechecker

    Red tape??? Mikus writes his own contracts!!

  • Kevin

    the greatest trick Mikus ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that…. (breathe)…. he’s gone.