Tonight’s lineups

Here’s how the Kings are expected to skate against the Islanders tonight in Kansas City:


Piskula Hickey


Quick is expected to play all three periods. Here is the Islanders’ lineup (No John Tavares):

FORWARDS: Trent Hunter, Nate Thompson, Josh Bailey, Jeff Tambellini, Jon Sim, Greg Moore, Tim Jackman, Tyler Haskins, Matt Martin, Tony Romano, Jesse Joensuu, Michael Haley.
DEFENSEMEN: Bruno Gervais, Andy Sutton, Jack Hillen, Brett Westgarth, Freddy Meyer, Dustin Kohn.
GOALIES: Dwayne Roloson, Nathan Lawson.

A couple Kings-Islanders ties… Jeff Tambellini, Jon Sim and Tim Jackman and former Kings, and the Westgarth brothers will be on opposite sides tonight…

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  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    That 3rd line is absolutely horrible.

  • iansez

    That’s a pretty thin Kings line up… Jon Sim is still playing?!

  • uknojata

    its too bad we won’t get a another look at Schenn tonight.

  • markisonfire

    Where has Brown been?

  • darko25o

    pretty sure this one wont be a sell-out!

  • Cricket

    Pretty interesting. The 3rd and 4th line offer a good look at candidates for the real 4th during the season.

    That said, no wonder Quick is playing.

  • Real7

    Rich, are you going to post this article?

    Healthy Williams Eager to Help KingsTuesday, 09.22.2009 / 2:21 PM / News
    Justin Williams is healthy and ready to shine in LA.

    As if he were charging full steam up ice, Justin Williams wants to move forward and not look back

  • kings2010

    Does anyone know if any of the preseason games are going to be televised?

  • Real7

    as we move forward, we have 8 players “on the bubble” tonight [at least]….

    forwards Lewis, Clune, Richardson, Cliche & Westgarth..
    defensemen Martinez, Hickey & Pistula…

    I note that Pistula played 5 games with Kings in ’06-’07….haven’t seen or heard anything of him, but his Manchester numbers suggest he’s good defensively, since he had a +7 last season, but that he’s no threat to score….I’ll still go with the other two guys….

    up front I favor Lewis, Clune & Richardson over the other two….

  • JonG

    As much as I love hockey, I wouldn’t attend this game unless the tickets and the beer were free.

    Obviously the two GMs are icing terrible lineups in order to dampen the attendance and reduce the likelihood of either team moving to Kansas City.

  • Nick in 318

    I think DL has a golden opportunity here…
    if Westgarth is nuts enough to lay the smack down against his own brother… beat him to a pulp… he should make the club over ivanans… that kind of reckless enforcer action… choosing Club over Blood-kin… we need that kind of guy… (personally i like westgarth more than Ivanans anyways)

  • JDM

    Yes JonG, I’m sure most people in Kansas City were waiting to base their ticket purchase on Rich’s posted line up the day off the game.

    But it is absurd that we are playing there.

  • KQ949

    That’s cool that the Westgarth’s are going to play against each other. A fight would be classic! Nice of the Kings to take him along for this one!

    GO KINGS!!

  • Bickle Wigglesworth III

    Exceedingly unimpressive by both teams. I’d maybe watch it if the Westgarth boys promised to beat the snot out of each other in all three periods, otherwise there’s no need to for anyone to see this mess.

  • Mr. Nuff


    Do you reeeeally think that’s what’s happening? Or is it possible that (at least from the King’s perspective) they still haven’t sorted out who will be playing on the fourth line? Hmmmmmmm…..

    PS-I would go to this game in a hearbeat if I was closer! There should be plenty of fights and chippy play, and I’m starved for Kings Hockey!

  • Brian S

    It will be a miracle if we score more that 2 goals tonight, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were shut out.

  • Cricket

    Come to think of it, this should be a very meaningful game for several players. I’d imagine by Frozen Fury, there’ll be a few more cuts, or will they just wait ’til the season starts for the final round?

  • B-Trizzle

    You’d think that AEG and the NHL would make both teams put out their best rosters for a game in KC. The NHL is dying to get a team in that building and their putting out two crap rosters. You think they’d pressure the teams to put a better product on the ice. If nothing else they’ll see a lot of fights.

  • JonG

    C’mon guys, I was just joking. The lineups certainly aren’t compelling, but I wasn’t seriously implying that there is an ulterior motive. Obviously we just want to get a good look at as many “bubble” guys as possible.

  • Cynic

    Jon Sim was an assistant captain with the Isles in one of the preseason games this year, but it must be rotating. Now Richard Park is one and Brendan Witt is another according to their website.

    But Sim was definitely an assistant captain about 2 preseason games ago. The highlights were on TSN and I had to do a double take.

  • dan

    @ Real7 – When DL signed Piskula as a free agent, he wrote a clause into the contract that if Piskula played 5 NHL games (or around that number), he would get a “bonus”. Pretty sure bonuses are not allowed in entry-level contracts, so DL was circumventing the CBA, and found a creative enticement to have Piskula sign with the Kings, because DL never intended him to be an NHL-regular at the time. IIRC, it caused mild agitation with some other GM’s that were trying to sign Piskula, but lost out to DL’s side-stepping.

  • Jim Jones

    Nice to see Frolov and Stoll healthy enough to play.

  • deadcatbounce

    I’m disappointed Tavares isn’t going to play.

  • Datacloud

    I can’t tell if NYI is playing prospects or their usual lineup of no-names and has-beens. Seriously. They are going to be worse than last season.

  • Jim

    Lots of auditions for the fourth line tonight. I like the look of the “middleweight” Clune-Harrold-Richardson line. Lots of speed and hustle there. Contrast that to the much slower but “break your face” line of Ivanans-Cliche-Westgarth. Imagine if Boyle would have had the attitude to work out here in LA to center that line… the way Steckel does in Washington! Major size advantage and total physical goon line that could have been iced against teams like Philly, Anaheim, Chicago, Dallas. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. Should be a real physical game tonight!

    I also hope that Matt Moulson makes the Islanders. It appears that he’s getting the night off along with his linemate John Tavares! JT assisted on Moulson’s PP goal the other night vs the Oilers. Good luck, Matt!

  • marc

    Both the Kings & Islanders have games tomorrow. That could be why the lineups are less than stellar. I don’t know. I imagine I’d be pretty pissed if I was in Kansas City & bought a ticket to this game. The only appeal in KC with either of these teams is seeing the star players and there’s no Kopitar, Brown, Smyth, or Tavares. Maybe there will be a lot of fights.

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