FINAL: Kings 5, Avalanche 3

Anze Kopitar scored on a penalty shot with 6:35 remaining, apparently after a Colorado player covered the puck in the crease, and Wayne Simmonds scored an empty-net goal with one second remaining for the final margin.

I doubt that we’ll hear anything more about Rich Clune until the morning.

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  • Tornado12

    Is it me, or is Simmonds seems like a completely different player this year?
    Kopi seemed strong tonight offensively..JJ and DD continue their strong play at the blueline.
    I cant wait to actually see these guys in action next weekend!

  • darko25o

    giving up 3 goals to the AVS, with what is most likely our opening nite roster, is reason for concern
    -After destroying Chuck Norris in hand to hand combat, Mikus has now been promoted to official jockstrap transporter for Wayne Simmonds

  • wavesinair

    Simmonds is going to be an absolute monster.

  • Crownme87

    Hey Rich,

    any chance Kings vision will have highlights of tonights game?

  • darko25o

    Its you.
    This guy has been a gamer from day 1

  • uknojata

    Congrats to Simmonds for the Gordie Howe hat trick. What an f-ing stud! This kid is for real and our 3rd line is gonna dominate.

  • Kris

    On The way out I had to jump between a Kings and Avs fan who tried to fight. Cone on guys! It’s per-season. So what if a dumbass said an Avs player had only one spleen? I’m not doctor but don’t we all? Hay fellow Kings fans, lets be good winners and not pick on the losers fans after the game! GO KINGS GO!

  • Sam

    I think our third line is actually better than our second line. I bet they outscore them. Purcell is an anchor on the second line. They need to either move Frolov up or better yet, find someone else to take the other second line wing spot.

  • Kris

    Wow my comment came out so drunk! lol Well I am but I live here in Vegas and didn’t drive so… What I said still stands. Let’s all show class!!! Please

  • Harry

    Los Angeles Kings’ decision to hire beat writer a new angle for hockey team, media,0,545299.column

  • jason_bort

    Harry –
    That was a good read. It really puts into perspective what Rich is accomplishing. Rich, I can’t wait for the your first words from
    Best wishes!

  • nykingfan

    Kris..Funny sh**

    Simmer’s the man…Great description Rich…He messed up his face.
    He showed it last year. There was never a point in the season where he wasn’t playing at that same high level he started with.
    It makes you wonder with a little more experience, how high is his ceiling?
    Hopefully Clune’s ok.

    Now all that’s left are still huge roster decisions….Anyone see how Martinez looked on D?

  • KellyHrudey

    Folks — Please provide deatils…

    Go kings!

  • wavesinair

    Good stuff Harry, thanks for the link. There’s also a great interview with Rich by Gann Matsuda on his site

    The one insight in the Chicago article I found interesting is how obvious the la times is reeling from this move. The sports editor says he would match up their Kings coverage, “against that of any other outlet.” Now THAT is hilarious. They don’t even have a “Kings” link at the top of the sports page. It’s buried under “more topics” …AND the Ducks link is AHEAD of it!!! Unbelievable.

    On another reporting note, it will be so nice to visit the Kings site and read a game summary NOT written by the Associated Press. Those generic reports can’t come to an end soon enough. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us fans. I’m friggin psyched.

    I’m sure you will get many suggestions and ideas, in addition to your own Rich, so here’s one. Put “mobile” coverage on your list. An iphone app would be awesome (I’d pay for it in a heartbeat) or at the very least a mobile friendly website/blog is a MUST. How the content is delivered should be taken into account. Loading this site on my iphone, for instance, isn’t ideal to say the least. And I don’t even try to load the Kings site on my phone.

  • Hat Trick

    Here’s hoping this trend continues: Kopitar 4 games played “+” 6 (not sure if it includes the penalty shot), Smyth “+” 5…………on the other hand Purcell “-” 5.
    Rich, I had the pleasure of congratulating and thanking you in person at the Toyota Center on Friday amongst the “standing room only” crowd. We as KINGS’ fans are priviledged to be part of what could be a trend setting decision for individual team reporting.

    Thanks again!!

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