Quote, unquote (part II)

Kings coach Darryl Sutter blamed himself and his coaching staff for neglecting goaltenders Jonathan Quick and Jonathan Bernier during practice earlier this season. He said he was determined to pay more attention to them during workouts this past week, after replacing Quick with backup Bernier for wins Monday over the St. Louis Blues and Friday over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

“First time since I’ve been here that’s he’s started two in a row,” Sutter said. “We’ve got to get them both sharp. He’s a really good week. Quite honestly, a lot of his issues come from our coaching staff not doing a good enough job with them. Meaning, starting with me. When you have limited practice time, you need more quality from your goaltenders. You should pay more attention to them during practice. That’s probably … If you look at when I was disappointed in our goalies in Anaheim. One guy wasn’t mentally ready to come off the bench. One guy wasn’t mentally ready to start the game. Hopefully, we made some progress in that in the last week or so.”

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