Lakers to financially benefit from Cleveland hiring Mike Brown as head coach

One unintended benefit of the Cleveland Cavaliers planning to hire Mike Brown as their coach will involve the Lakers saving a relatively small amount of money.

The Lakers will receive “some relief” from the $6 million to $7 million they owe Brown over the next two years after firing him five games into this season, according to a source familiar with the situation but not authorized to discuss it publicly.

The source indicated both sides will know how much the Lakers will save once Brown’s contract with Cleveland is finalized.

The Lakers also owe coach Mike D’Antoni $8 million over the next two years, which are guaranteed. The Lakers hold a team option on him for the 2015-16 season. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said last week that D’Antoni will return next season.

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  • Rob Jr.

    No D Antonio needs to go!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    This means they have the cap space to fire D’antoni and bring back Phil which is what they should have done all along!!!

  • Angrymann

    Please get rid off Ass’toni

  • Joe

    We want Phil

  • Laker Season seat holder

    Get rid of D’anDummy

  • Paul Robinson

    Hey Jerry West. What’s D. Antoni’s playoff record, as a head coach? That is critical speaking, on its own. What is Phil Jackson’s play off record? D. Antoni, set himself up for this. He knew who, the other coach was that the Lakers were talking to. If I were D. Antoni, I would have conceded to the other coach, with the better record, if I were D. Antoni. Every Laker coach goes through the same thing from Lakers fans.(even Magic Johnson) D Antoni is nothing special to be treated any differently period.