Steve Nash makes cameo in Jeremy Lin’s YouTube video parody

Underneath Steve Nash’s down-to-earth personality and zeal to make his teammates comfortable stands a man with an incredibly dry and goofy sense of humor.

He made an appearance on Jeremy Lin’s recent YouTube video that parodies how the fame stemmed from “Linsanity” forever changed the young Houston Rockets guard, sparking laughs for numerous reasons.

One, he’s wearing a Team USA track and field sport despite being a Canadian citizen and general manager of the country’s basketball team. Second, Nash tells Lin’s apparent middle school basketball friend to “take a hike” after the 39-year-old and 17-year NBA veteran was dismissively described as “grandpa.” Third, one can only imagine that Howard’s name had to come up between cuts considering Nash hardly enjoyed playing with him and Lin will ear the same uniform next season.

Nash has become well suited in appearing in these types of videos.

Nashtarred in a series of parodies that he wrote and directed himself through NOC, including Batman, The Godfather and Star Wars, among others. In 2008, Nash and Baron Davis filmed a “Step Brothers” parody together.

Add them all up, and you have Nash embracing self-deprecation, acting goofy and showing off his creativity in front of the camera.


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