Monrovia and Rio Hondo Prep will try to go the distance

Above: De’Shawn Ramirez & Co. ran past Paraclete in the semifinals. Can Monrovia do it again Saturday night when it hosts Whittier Christian?

It’s going to be a busy week. The winter sports are well under way and some big basketball tournaments get underway today. While I concentrate on that today I will leave you with the chance to ask as many questions as you want regarding Monrovia and Whittier Christian in the Mid Valley Division and Rio Hondo Prep and Salesian in the Northeast Division. What do you want to know about your teams? What do you want to know about the opposing teams? Rio Hondo Prep’s Mike Collins already asked why it is Salesian forfeited four of its games, and when I call the Salesian coach it’s something I will definitely ask and hope to have for you in Tuesday’s paper. There may also be some questions you want answered regarding the second round game, such as Ryan Maddox’s thought process when he opted to punt on third down in the Wildcats’ first series against Paraclete. What about Rio Hondo Prep’s Cody Cowell and how he’s feeling after returning since separating his shoulder in the first round game. How many of you are going to attend the other semifinals Friday night? I’m sure Monrovia’s making the trip to San Dimas and Rio Hondo Prep’s probably making the trip to Temecula to watch No. 2 seed Linfield Christian take on Chadwick. We will devote daily coverage of both teams leading up to what promises to be an action packed Saturday when Monrovia, the undefeated top-seeded team in the Mid Valley Division, and Rio Hondo Prep, the unbeaten, top-seeded and defending Northeast Division champions, try to keep its season alive and get closer to the promised land that is the championship game.


Whittier Christian (9-3, Olympic League 3) at No. 1 Monrovia (12-0, Rio Hondo League 1)

Salesian (6-6, Santa Fe 1) at No. 1 Rio Hondo Prep (12-0, Prep League 1)
PREDICTION: Rio Hondo Prep

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  • Goldenarm

    ask Maddox how much sleep he had the week of the Paraclete game…..

    Excepting San Dimas, the Valle Vista this year, is not much stronger and maybe weaker than the RHL. TC, SM, and La Canada would do fine with the competition. Sad to see Northview in the cellar 0-5, after fielding such a good team last year. This is why I believe Azusa has a legitimate shot at beating SD, if their line can man up and stop the run game of SD. I think Azusa can score on SD, making for a respectable game.

    Monrovia just needs to get healthy.

  • Anonymous


    Rumor mill is Salesian’s standout WR/RB/LB Gilbert Dominguez will be suiting up for the Oregon Ducks next year. If this is true, Oregon is picking up a stud under everybody’s radar.


    Sadly this is all thats left to see in the WSGV, so I’ll gladly travel to see some high level D1 football. PAC-5, LA CITY, etc. D Ranch & CO are still alive, I might go see them too.

  • Just Observing

    SD has the ability to throw the ball as well. Azusa will not be able to defend both. Teams that try to stop the run and pack the box get beat with the pass. They might not have alot of attempts but the QB has 12 TD’s and about 1100 yds w/limited passing. I believe the only game they didn’t pass was Monrovia, (starting QB was injured that game I think)…. SD will have there weapons ready…

  • Anonymous

    HOT ROD,
    Have a safe trip!!

  • Observantcat

    Just Observing: Your QB did play the entire game with 2 of 5 passing attempts and net 2yds and 1 int.

  • Cat Fan

    a big question for Maddox is the health status of some of the key Monrovia players. Several had limited play in the Paraclete game.

  • SD Fan

    Observant Cat,
    he did not play the entire game, he was out i believe the first series of the 3rd Qtr w/an ankle sprain. he did not return.

  • Philly B

    San Dimas’s RUN Game will be too much for Azusa, San Marino had a powerful running back in Hung, who would grind out 4-6 yards a run. San Dimas will try and get 9-10yds, and break for the big play. Monrovia was able to clamp down on that, but they still were effective in the run! I hope that Monrovia can get healthy but I really think more than I ever thought that we have enough depth on our team, that others will be ready to step up!!!! Maddox for Coach of the Year!!!!!

  • Goldenarm

    I hope Lowden can go, and is close to 100%.
    He was on Ruckle like a cheap suit on screens and draws when we played the Cats this season. The year prior, he had the famous “chase down” on Ruckle where he came flying 200mph at an angle and snared Max from behind.
    Look up “nucleus” in the dictionary – find a picture of Lowden with that post-game smile on his face. From what I heard he has a shoulder (sep) or injury of some type.
    Actually, I think M-towns D line was better last year.
    It is hard to judge from an O-line perspective, because though we had 4 returnees on the TC Oline – the line never got challenged to play physical head butt football this year. Too bad. I kept hoping to see an I with a fullback leading the way – because we had two or 3 great candidates for bruising fullback, that never saw a carry. When it came to 4th and short – our conversion rate was maybe 20%.
    anyway, hang tough M-town…you have come to far.

    Maddox would be my choice.
    Yoder and McFarland improved things in their barrio, great first years.

  • Goldenarm

    blog censor – set me free!

    I am starting to feel like Nelson Mandela.

    Or Richard Pryor’s album entitled “Was it Something I Said?”

  • Goldenarm

    Off the track, but Cathedral went up north last week and won.
    Their reward – Oaks Christian this Friday.

    Calpreps has it 46-21 for the Montana/Smith/Gretzky crew. Apparently Wil Smith’s private security and entourage are pissing off the average fan lately.

    should be a good game – not sure if Cathedral can hang, but possibly….

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