Thursday Night Aftermath: Pasadena looks sloppy in 49-19 win vs. Hoover; South Pasadena beats Blair, 29-3.

Pasadena 49, Hoover 19: The final score indicates a blowout from the Pasadena High School football team, but the game within the game is where the Bulldogs came up on the wrong end. Brandon Cox threw for three touchdowns, Cleo Bates ran for two and Emmanuel Harris and CJ Collins each scored on special teams, leading Pasadena to a 49-19 win over Hoover in Pacific League play Thursday night. The biggest challenge Pasadena (5-3, 4-1) coach Randy Horton faced heading into this week’s game was for the Bulldogs to overlook the Tornadoes (0-8, 0-5). But that’s exactly what Pasadena did in a sloppy game that yielded three fumbles (one lost), defensive breakdowns and drive-extending penalties. Certainly this wasn’t the impression the Bulldogs wanted to give with Arcadia looming ahead next week before finishing the season against Muir at the Rose Bowl.

South Pasadena 29, Blair 3: One rolling punt is all it took. Blair High School’s Sheddrick Walker wisely let the South Pasadena kick roll to what he hoped would be into the end zone. But the Tigers made a diving grab to down the ball at the 1. It was all the difference in the world. South Pasadena, holding a 7-3 lead, took advantage of the field position to score two quick touchdowns en route to a 29-3 Rio Hondo League victory on a cold Thursday night at Muir. “We got the ball down there in their territory and punched it in,” South Pasadena coach Martin Konrad said. “It kind of got the momentum going.” Both teams moved the ball on their opening drives, but the Tigers went three-and-out on their second series. The punt was downed at the 1, much to the chagrin of the Blair coaching staff, who thought the defender had rolled with the ball into the end zone.

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  • rhl fan

    What happened to SP? Did they just have their second strings in all night? Or did they really just score 29 the entire game off this Blair team, and also allow a field goal?

  • PurdueAlum05

    Nope, Blair outplayed us.

  • GG

    Seems SP looked ahead to the game against SM. Tigers appeared too relaxed. Tigers should not look past SM. It will be hard for the Tigers to stop Do and the Titans Oline. Titans play pesky def. and score on turnovers. SM/SP Game – TITANS WIN

    Titans look to upset M-Town tonight. If the game is close, Titans will have the edge with special teams. SM has a kicker. A good K/P is a deadly weapon.

  • 6power

    Scoring 29 or 63 against Blair indicates something?
    The only important take away for South Pas is the win and the fact you get everyone back on the bus healthy.

    Their is no glory or pay off for pounding an additional 3 TD’s on the Vikes, kids who are already demoralized and have little to look forward to every Friday night. Blair will be lucky to keep their kids in the program long enough to finish out the season. To anyone who was there…how many kids were suited up for Blair?

    In general it seems people have little faith in South Pasadena. I think they make the playoffs this year.

    San Marino will have an intelligent game plan for Monrovia tonight and are at home. If M-town is still using that 4 wide out set, I can’t see San Marino defensing against the pass, other than going with a prevent type blanket coverage in hopes of stopping the long ball…and allowing the Cats to throw at will underneath that coverage. The Titans will have to gamble some, and how that works will tell alot about the outcome.
    A huge game in the shaping the RHL. In week zero, none would have believed the Titans even had a shot. If Monrovia plays defense like they are capable, the Cats get a fairly easy victory. The Titans need clock control and to win the field position battle to stay in this one until the 4th…and then take a shot at stealing a win.

  • BigCat

    It’s time for the ‘Cats to step up tonight! Monrovia has a lot of walking wounded, but they gotta get it done. GO ‘CATS!

  • 6power

    tc opponent records
    37 – 13
    south pas opponent records
    18 – 40
    In a normal year this might mean something.

    This year winning A game is all that matters for TC.

  • bigfatfan

    second stringers played 4th quarter for SP, but team was flat most of the night. One nice drive, the rest of the scores were set up by Blair meltdowns.

  • New York

    Is Coach Maloney back or something?

  • MonroVian

    Good Job Blair!
    Hey South Pasadena…. What happened, was Blair too hard on you? lol, they didnt let you score more points? Sheeeesh!!!!……
    Good Luck Tonight Cats… Lets get those Titans!!!!
    You dont want no Green and White!

  • viking_fan

    6power…we suited up 16 or 17 and had 2 out injured. I’m proud of the way our boys played. They didn’t give up throughout the whole game.

  • titan sports fan

    A win is a win regardless of how SP did it ugly or not! SP always brings its A game against SM regardless so we could careless about there score against blair.

    Ball control offense should be used tonight by SM and a defense trying to prevent quick strikes from the cats offense. Similar game plan as in 09 when this game had similar implications. The key is to withstand the storm and the emotions of the big game early and simply play football. Keep it close and give ourselves a chance to pull it out. Our team is not one lacking confidence and are looking forward to the game!

    Get work done Titans!!!

  • Anonymous

    you know what if the city of Pasadena was to cut out Blair high school and Marshall high school and was able to keep their talent at home then the PHS and Muir team would be dominate in whatever division. Think about it Marshall and Blair are terrible schools but they do have athletes and some good size split those kids up and send them to either Muir or PHS then lets say Steven Mitchell (alemany) and jeff ferrar (alemany) deshon holmes (alemany) Alif grays (alemany) and a boat load of big linemen thats also at Alemany and St. francis all underclassmen stayed home where would there be a weakness at those two programs. Pasadena would be dominating Alemany alone has built a dominate program around Pasadena talent St. Francis has stole a few Pasadena players also Deitrick Riley, Ryan jenkins and etc…if they just would had or would stay home Pasadena would run things.

  • Trojan coach

    Congrats to another Pasadena bred player, Tyler Foreman (11th grade) at Crespi HS! He was just offered a full-ride scholarship to Arizona State! Tyler, the Pasadena Trojans are proud of you!

    And to “anonymous” point, Tyler lives right across the street from Muir and Tyler used to wear his Muir shirt to practice all the time in Pop Warner! Lol. Good luck Tyler and make Pasadena proud!

  • Trojan coach

    Here’s the link to the LA Times article on Tyler, and I forgot to mention Boise State! Hopefully Kiffin is on the kid!

  • bigfatfan

    6Power, as i’ve stated before on this blog, I am hopeful that Coach Konrad and the SP AD take a long hard look at upgrading the preseason schedule. last time I looked, Hoover and Glendale had ONE combined win between the two schools. Not excatly the type of preseason rigors to get you ready for the regular season. I’d contend that San Gabriel, Alhambra and Maranatha are legit preseason foes. As for Blair…..then who was to know that LC and TC would be pretty bad this year.

    Getting Kepple off of the SP schedule last season was a move in the right direction. Now that Coach K has been in SP for a season, perhaps he can make some progress on a schedule upgrad.