Tony DiThomas not done after stepping down at Arroyo Valley

I wasn’t able to talk to Tony DiThomas yesterday (Tuesday) after he stepped down at Arroyo Valley, but he called me back today, so here is some added information.
DiThomas confirmed that after his wife took the job as president at Barstow College, the two of them didn’t see each other much during the week. “It was stressful,” he said.
Now that DiThomas, 60,  is retiring from teaching at Arroyo Valley, he can spend more time with his wife in Barstow and he intends to coach next season, but only as an assistant.
“I want to help out somewhere,” he said.
He said that place does not need to be in the High Desert, closer to Barstow.
“I want it to be with a good, cohesive staff,” he said. “Wherever that happens to be.”
And he said regardless, since he won’t be teaching and he won’t be a head coach, he’ll be able to spend more time with his wife.

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